Air Purifier Do’s and Don’ts
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Air Purifier Do’s and Don’ts

99% of us will never open an air purifier’s owner manual like with every other product we owned. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but there is some valuable information that we missed out in doing so. Safety tips like what to do and what not is some of the things we fail to acknowledge that resulted our air purifier unexpectedly malfunction due to some unintentional mistakes. Filtration efficiency also dropped as days go by because of the lack of care rather than the usage volume. To uphold the air purifier functionality and purifying efficiency, most of these careless habits can be avoided with a little bit of common sense. In this post, we will give you the heads up on what can you do and can’t do with an air purifier, along with many common tips most people often neglected.

  1. Do not place air purifier outdoor or expose to direct sunlight as the excessive heat would damage the machine. Operate air purifier in indoor only.
  2. Do not use air purifier in excessively humid areas or wet floor where it is at risk of short circuit when in contact with water.
  3. Air purifier use a lot of power therefore never use a boost converter/ transformer to step up or step down air purifier's power voltage. Only use local power voltage and dedicated socket outlet.
  4. Do not plug air purifier to a damaged electrical socket to prevent short circuit.
  5. If the air purifier's power cord or plug that is damaged, contact the manufacturer for replacement or get a qualified technician to look into it.
  6. Never operate, insert or pull out air purifier's plug with wet hands to avoid electric shock.
  7. Always turn off air purifier before moving or unplugging to avoid damaging the electric board.
  8. When unplugging the air purifier, grasp the plug and pull instead of pulling on the power cord.
  9. Do not obstruct, place fingers or foreign objects into the air purifier ventilation intake or outlet.
  10. Keep an eye on children to ensure they do not play or go near an air purifier.
  11. Never spray insecticides, fragrance or other flammable materials around an air purifier.
  12. Do not modify, disassemble or fix an air purifier by yourself unless specifically recommended in the manual.

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