Do I Need An Air Purifier? Are Air Purifier Worth It?

Do I Need An Air Purifier? Are Air Purifier Worth It?

Do Air Purifiers Work? YES, no question about it. An air purifier will capture airborne particles and smokes in a designated area. With fewer contaminants in the air, it will reduce asthma, sneezing, and other allergic reactions. Note the keyword is AIRBORNE as anything from dust, hair, to pet dander that falls to the ground […]

Most Polluted City in The World

9 Most Polluted City in The World That You Shouldn’t Visit in 2019

Image by Imgur 1 Dzerzhinsk, Russia Pollution Level – (Sulfur dioxide) Population – (238,327) Numbers of Death – Type of Pollutants – Chemicals, Sari, VX gases, phenol, lead Industries – Chemical manufacturing When your city won The Guinness Book of World Records for the most chemically polluted city on Earth, you know you are living […]

Air Purifier Safety Tips: Do's and Don'ts

Air Purifier Safety Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

Do not place air purifier outdoor or expose to direct sunlight as the excessive heat would damage the machine. Operate air purifier in indoor only. Do not use an air purifier in excessively humid areas or wet floor where it is at risk of short circuit when in contact with water. Air purifier uses a […]