10 Benefits Of a Dehumidifier

There are certainly health benefits of using a dehumidifier. While most of us are familiar with the humidity management part, there are many hidden advantages that you didn't know it exists. Things, like changing your mood, better sleep, and lower your home electricity bills are some of the perks that we will touch on. So without you hanging, let's jump straight to our list of the day.


1. Destroy mold, mildew, dust mite living habitats

Microbes like mold, mildew and dust mites thrive on warm and humid environments. With the ideal conditions, they will multiply and spread frantically through airborne. Household members would be at risk of breathing into the allergens and aggravating their health. A dehumidifier can help maintain the surrounding dampness level below 55 percent. Without sufficient humidity, the growth of mold and mildew will be hinder effectively.

2. Remove musty mold and damp smell

If your home is experiencing the classic musty mold mildew smell, a dehumidifier will be able to clear it out…… eventually. The unpleasant odors are typically caused foul gasses from mold and mildew build-up. Other common damp smells include leaky faucets, pipes, or drainage that can be managed with a dehumidifier. It is still recommended that you hire a plumber or repairman to get the leakage sorted.

3. Healthier breathing space

High humidity can be hard to breathe into especially for people with sinusitis. Newborn, baby, and children are also one of the biggest sufferers as poor air quality can create an uncomfortable breathing space for them. Without sufficient sleep, it may affect their development growth which is very crucial at this stage. A dehumidifier will reduce dampness so there is no compromisation on the breathing quality. With less moisture in the air, there will be fewer allergens in the air that would result in poorer air quality. An air purifier would complement the dehumidifier efforts by removing airborne contaminants.

4. Prevent cockroaches, millipedes, rodents infestation

Like microorganisms, indoor pests also like to hang out in a warm and humid environment. Having the pest in your home can lead to all kinds of diseases pass through their saliva, urine, feces, and germs. A dehumidifier may not be able to stop the diseases from spreading, it can create undesirable living conditions that no pest would want to live here.

5. Stop aggravating indoor allergies particularly asthma

Again pairs well with an air purifier, a dehumidifier will stop existing allergens from continue developing. High humidity can trigger many allergies like cough, sinus, red eyes, itchiness, and breathing difficulty. It is also notorious for causing joint pain, especially arthritis to the elderly. This is because the fluid inside joints grows thicker from the changing weather. An asthmatic person will be less likely to suffer from an asthma attack.

6. Protect household items from dampness

There are so many things that are vulnerable to excessive moisture. From wooden closet, door, cupboard, kitchen cabinet to your furniture. Personal belongings like clothes, undergarments, documents, and books, are very prone to water vapor. Lastly, expose food like breads, noodles, and biscuits would not sustain long on a high humidity environment.

7. Safeguard your home from water damage

A dehumidifier can protect a house structure from high dampness and save you a lot on repair fees. Home is the most noticeable place to spot mold infection due to high humidity. Look out for water stains on the wall, ceiling board, floors, and even hard to see places like insulation. Take swift action immediately to prevent water vapor from further damaging your home. Once the mold patches have gone into porous materials, there is nothing much you can do other than performing full mold remediation.

8. Stop rust from happening

Excessive moisture can lead to rusting on windows hinges, electronic devices, and uncoated metal. It may impact the usability of objects or completely damage your valuable electronics like computers. So rather than leaving metal parts continue to be exposed to moisture, A $200 bucks dehumidifier doesn’t sound too bad now eh.

9. Helps You Sleep Better At Night

A dehumidifier will also play a role in improving your sleep quality (deep sleep). First, it lowers the room temperature by keeping the air dry. Second, it makes breathing more comfortable that can be especially important if you have a baby at home. Third, it prevents irritants from growth that in return reduces the chance of you suffering from sleep choke. Combined with an air purifier, you will feel refresh, more focus, and less agitated from throughout the day.

10. Save on Electricity Bills For Folks with Air Conditioner

That’s right, this is in spite of dehumidifier is a notorious electronic hogger. Having a dehumidifier around in an air-conditioned room will actually save you quite a bit in electricity bills. This is because air-con can cool the air faster when the air is dry. This reduces the cooler operational time thus less energy will be used and passes the saving to the consumer.

Before we touched on the benefits of a dehumidifier besides maintaining the ideal humidity level, let's explore the common reasons why many people would consider one. The ever-growing of mold and mildew spots are the most telltale signs. Follow closely is the damp, stuffy, nauseating stench in a poor ventilation room. It creates an uncomfortable breathing space for anyone in the household. Lastly, water stains can be seen everywhere from the ceiling, walls. floors and even built-in cabinet. You will also start noticing decay, cracks everywhere, and peeling on the wallpaper. For a cheap assurance that dampness is the root cause, get a moisture meter/ humidity meter that will cost you less than 10 dollars.



Max Fernandez

A loving father and a dedicated reviewer for airfuji.com with more than 1000 air purifiers under his belt. Max Fernandez is also one of the million patients currently suffering from asthma. Feel free to nudge him if you have any questions.