6 Best Air Purifier for Bird Owners In 2022

As a bird owner, you will want the absolute best for your chirpy companion. Unfortunately, our indoor air is nothing compared with the outdoor nature air quality. Bird respiratory systems are very sensitive to indoor chemicals like VOCs, perfumes, and aerosols. We as an owner could also be allergic to bird dust, fungus from bird droppings, bird dander and so much more. An air purifier can help protect the feathered friend from succumbing to diseases while keeping the pet allergens away from us. So what is the best air purifier for birds? Let's find out.

What Is Bird Dander and Dust?

Bird dander AKA bird dust, feather dust, parrot dandruff or wing dust is a by-product, white powder produced by the feathers closest to the skin. The sheath of a new feather is covered with fine keratin that will dry off as the feather grows. The keratin will then break into powdery form. The function of the powder is to keep the bird’s feathers soft, silky and waterproof. Bird dander is more frequently released during molting periods and when birds preen. A simple flapping of the wings can spread the dust particles all over the room.

Who is this for?

Air purifiers are suitable for all kinds of pets and their owners. If you have asthma or are hyper-allergic to pets, you're in for a treat. For people with compromised respiratory systems like COPD, a HEPA air purifier is a must. Newborns and babies with developing immune systems would greatly benefit from it as well.

Quick Summary

GermGuardian AC5250PT Air Purifier ReviewRabbit Air MinusA2 Air Purifier Review
GermGuardian AC5250PT Air PurifierAustin Air HealthMate HM400 Air PurifierRabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-780A Air Purifier
Recommended Room Size
180 sq. ft. (17 m2)1500 sq. ft. (139 m2)815 sq. ft. (76 m2)
4.5out of 55out of 54.5out of 5
Amazon Price

How Do We Measure?

Pre-filterPre-filter Specific bird sheds too. They will release particles called feather dust to keep their feathers shining. A good pre-filter will capture all the dust particles to protect the bird and the owner from inhaling it. While our preferences is still a permanent, reusable filter, if a 2-in-1 carbon pre-filter would be able to do the job, so be it.
HEPA filterHEPA filter Bird dander could also trigger an asthma attack if is not properly handled. A HEPA filter will be able to remove bird dander plus germs, parasites, and other tiny microbes. Whether it is HEPA-type or True HEPA filter, As long as it has the HEPA filter characteristic, we are fine with it.
Carbon filterActivated Carbon filter Indoor pollutants like asbestos, lead, radon, carbon health are detrimental to all pets. Even simple things like perfume, pesticides, air fresheners can deadly to breathe into a bird. The carbon filter will remove all the toxic gases and foul odors from birds dropping. We are not very particular about the filter quality but it must be decent enough for normal use.
Coverage/ Room Size Coverage/ Room Size Since we are unlikely to place the air purifier close to the birdcage due to the high position, the device must have reasonable coverage. That means the air changes per hour must be sufficient to cater for an entire room. Unless the price point is very low, we would prefer the air purifier coverage to be on the higher side.

Many people don’t realize is that the tiny bird’s dander can cause many allergic reactions. To tackle that, GermGuardian AC5250PT is perhaps the best tower air purifier for bird. With a 5-stage filtration in its slim body, the permanent mesh filter plus charcoal pre-filter will trap the initial feather dust. Continue that is the True HEPA Fresh filter that will remove dander and other allergens. Pet Pure treatment will halt microorganism growth in the filters while the UV-C Light will destroy airborne germs.

GermGuardian AC5250PT is a well-made tower air purifier that barely takes up any space. It even comes with a highly adjustable programmable timer for you to play around with. However, its purifying coverage is not the widest nor is the airflow delivery rate. Still, the all-in-one HEPA filtration is capable of trapping any airborne transmitted diseases.

online price**
±229.99 $$$/ 7

(annual filter cost ±53-80)


When your Cockatiels are not cheeping, chirping as they used to, their respiratory systems might be compromised. You will need a powerful air purifier that works on all types of house pets. Austin Air HealthMate is a dated air cleaner that is been around for ages. Don't let the age fool you though, its 5-stage filtration is nothing to scoff at. It comes with an outer mesh, inner pre-filter, medium filter, HEPA filter, and 15 lbs carbon filter. No dust, hair, bird dander, or germs would be too difficult to capture.

Austin Air HealthMate is not the best air purifier to start with as it is very expensive. The filtration and airflow performance depth will make up for the price tag. Not to mention the super low maintenance cost thanks to the long-life 5 years filter lifespan. If you don't need all the autonomous purifying and fancy tech, this air purifier will suit you well.

online price**
±539 $$$$$$$/ 7

(annual filter cost ±43)

online price**
±599.95 $$$$$$$/ 7

(annual filter cost ±43-85)


Hamilton Beach TrueAir Compact Pet is a good tabletop air cleaner that you can place next to your birdcage. It is inexpensive, compact yet fitted with the exact 3-stage filtration needed in this scenario. The pre-filter, HEPA-type and carbon filter sheet may not be the best in class, it will still protect your pet from harmful pollutants. In return, you and your family members are also spare from bird allergens.

Let's be realistic here. Hamilton Beach TrueAir Compact Pet is a budget model so the filtration quality has to be compromised. Airflow performance and coverage are also limited due to the many limitations. There are also no add-on features to support the purifying. So consider this if you only want to cover a small purifying radius.

online price**
±79.00 $$/ 7

(annual filter cost ±10)


Need a dedicated bird air purifier? Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier is your answer. Its wide 300 square feet coverage is perfect for people that send a lot of time with their avian friend. There is also a significantly bumped on airflow delivery rate compared with the previous models. If you own WAC9500 and are looking for an upgrade, this is definitely worth the change.

Let's explore into Winix HR900 filtration. The first stage pre-filter plus pet filter will trap hair, bird dandruff, and debris. The second stage True HEPA filter will then remove associated bird allergens that can be harmful to humans. Third, the CD Carbon Filter will remove common indoor chemicals that will be damaging to a bird's respiratory system. Last, PlasmaWave Technology will neutralize any incoming airborne germs.

online price**
±349.00 $$$$/ 7

(annual filter cost ±100-120)


Winix 5500-2 PlasmaWave is everyone go-to air purifier. It has good airflow performance, comprehensive coverage, awesome filtration within an affordable price. The 4-stage filtration comes with a permanent pre-filter, True HEPA filter, carbon filter, and PlasmaWave. Any particulate matters that are dangerous to you or your pet bird will be dealt with by the air purifier.

Whether it is Cockatiels, African Grey Parrots, Budgerigars, or Cockatoos, an air purifier is here to help. Winix 5500-2 is very easy to live with thanks to the autonomous purifying, timer, and air quality indicators. If you want to ensure your pet has the best indoor living environment, Winix 5500-2 will be able to do that.

online price**
±249.99 $$$/ 7

(annual filter cost ±80)

** MRSP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price)/ RSP (Retail selling price) is provided by cleanairprice.com. Accurate at the time of posting.
^ Annual filter cost is calculated based on filter price and 12 hours of usage. Pricing could vary depending on air quality, usage frequency, and speed.


What Bird Species Produce Less Dust and Dander?

Pet dander is limited to your typical furry animals. Bird dander and wing dust can pose respiratory issues for everyone in the household. If you are hypersensitive to allergens, have children or asthma, go with hypoallergenic birds and stay clear of powder down birds.

Below is the list of species that produce the highest and lowest bird dander.

High Dander Birds
Low Dander Birds (hypoallergenic)
  • Cockatoos
  • African Greys
  • Cockatiels
  • Pigeons
  • Parakeets/ Budgerigar
  • Toucans
  • Eclectus Parrots
  • Macaws
  • Pionus Parrots
  • Finches and Canaries

Common Bird Dander Allergy Symptoms

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), there are 6 million pet birds in the United States. Most birds will produce dander that typically will not cause any allergic reactions due to the low concentration level. However, in an enclosed area, the bird dust will only disperse in the room that will lead to a huge build-up. Over time, the dander concentration level will be significantly higher and will likely trigger allergies to family members. If you are an allergy-prone bird lover, do look out for the following bird dander allergy allergic reactions.

  • Sneezing
  • Itchiness
  • Watery/ red eyes
  • Fever
  • Sore throat/ dry cough
  • Rashes
  • Shortness of breath
  • Postnasal drip

Can Birds Cause Respiratory Problems in Humans?

People who are frequently in contact with birds are at increased risk of respiratory conditions. Diseases include Psittacosis, a disease caused by bacteria (Chylamydia psittaci) that can be found on droppings and respiratory secretions of infected birds. Another common disease includes Bird fancier's lung (BFL) AKA bird keepers lung disease. A type of hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP) that is triggered by exposure to avian proteins found in dust powder of feathers and birds waste. When inhaled, tiny dander particles will accumulate in your lungs over a long period of time. As a result, Bird fancier's lung can cause permanent lung scarring that is irreversible. Fortunately, if the diseases are an early stage, is it curable and preventable. The chances of getting the diseases from a healthy bird are also very rare especially if you bathe and clean the birdcage regularly.

Are Air Purifiers Good for Birds?

Bird’s respiratory systems are very delicate to indoor pollutants. HEPA air purifiers are safe to use around birds and will help your avian to breathe better and live healthier. The air cleaner will remove contaminants like dust powdered, mold, and chemicals e.g. VOCs, cigarette smoke that is not good for all parties. If the bird inhales any of these harmful substances, it can cause fluid to accumulate in their lungs and ultimately death.

How to Get Rid Of Bird Dander and Dust?

Most indoor birds will generate a modest amount of dust. Inhaling to the dust can lead to respiratory complications to the bird and the owner. While an air purifier is no doubt the best way of removing airborne bird dander, there are other much cheaper, equivalent ways of you can consider. Some of the steps below are preventive measures that will work better in conjunction with an air purifier.

  1. Clean your room regularly with a HEPA vacuum cleaner and a wet rag. That way there will be less dust in a room that could trigger allergies. Wear a mask if needed.
  2. Birdcage requires constant cleaning as it is filled with bird dander, droppings, and germs. Wipes all cage surfaces thoroughly and replace birdcage liners when necessary.
  3. Try not to place a birdcage in a room with carpets because it is harder to clean and will stain the floor. Instead, choose a room that has tiles or floorboards.
  4. Choose a hypoallergenic species like Budgerigar, Eclectus or Canaries that produces low bird dander. Also, avoid having more than 1 pet in a room.
  5. There are many non-toxic, natural dander remover spray that is good at neutralizing airborne allergens.
  6. Go with leather goods and rather than upholstery furniture. Perforated items like the sofa, mat can cause microscopic bird dust and dust mite to build up and is almost impossible to clean.
  7. Provide bird baths in your cage so your bird can wash by itself. Bathing is important to keep their feathers and skin healthy, it is not vital to all types of birds.

2022 Best Air Purifier for Birds

NoImageAir PurifierOnline Price (Amazon)FiltrationCoverageScore
1GermGuardian AC5250PT Air Purifier ReviewGermGuardian AC5250PT Air Purifier


5-stage180 sq. ft. (17 m2)4.5
2Austin Air HealthMate HM400 Air Purifier


4-stage1500 sq. ft. (139 m2)5
3Rabbit Air MinusA2 Air Purifier ReviewRabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-780A Air Purifier


6-stage815 sq. ft. (76 m2)4.5
4Hamilton Beach TrueAir Compact Pet Air Purifier 04384 ReviewHamilton Beach 04384 TrueAir Compact Pet Air Purifier


3-stage140 sq. ft. (13 m2)3.5
5Winix HR900 Air Purifier ReviewWinix HR900 Air Purifier


5-stage300 sq. ft. (28 m2)4.5
6Winix 5500-2 ReviewWinix 5500-2 Air Purifier


4-stage360 sq. ft. (33 m2)5

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