Best Air Purifier for Pollen, Mold, Mildew and Spores

Best Air Purifier for Mold, Pollen, Mildew and Spores (2018 EDITION)

The nature allergens as people would call it, pollen is a very fine powder produced by trees or plants which incidentally is one of the most common cause of allergies in United States. In this best list post, we will look into the cause of an allergy, the many symptoms, who is this for and what can be done. What is in our considering list is the air purifier pollen CADR figures (if available), its HEPA filter effectiveness against mold, pollen, mildew, spores and room size coverage that the air purifier can support. At the end of the day, there is bound to be one pollen/ mold air purifier that would assist in alleviating your long-term allergies troubles.

What is pollen allergies?

People that is allergic to pollen due to the body mistreated pollen as a harmful particle thus produce chemicals to counter it. Also known as disorder immune system, our body would react with common symptoms such as sneezing, stuffy nose, itchy skin, watery eyes, cough, scratchy throat to the more serious hay fever (Allergic Rhinitis) or triggering an asthma attack. Pollen allergies usually occurred on a seasonal basis (spring, summer, and fall) where microscopic particles are released from trees, weeds, and plants as part of the reproduction process. There are many ways to alleviate pollen allergy ranging from allergy shots, natural home remedies or simply by staying indoor. What we will be focusing on is the air purifier method that helps protect you from airborne pollen, mold, mildew and spores so you would not have to disrupt of your daily routine.

How do we measure?

Pollen CADR The higher CADR scores the better it is. Measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute) on the amount of clean air that flows out of the air purifier. While Pollen CADR is an industry standard measurement by AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers), the test is conducted at the highest fanspeed and not all manufacturers participate in their machines. Nevertheless, we would greatly consider it as part of our evaluation plan IF is available.
HEPA filter Pollen, spore, mold and mildew are all microscopic particles that in single cell, is hard to be seen through our naked eyes. Only a true HEPA filter would have the capacity in capturing these micron size allergens and that is precisely what we are looking for. Not only the HEPA filter has to great against pollen and similar type allergens, it also must play well with other filters in order to maximize the filter efficiency and lifespan.
Room size/ Coverage Pollen is mostly airborne and cause by external environmental factor. A substantial purifying coverage air purifier would have no problem covering an entire room from pollen and other allergens intrusion. While the wider purifying coverage the bigger room size it can support, that cannot be the sole factor. We judge the air purifier based on its intended category thus size, airflow speed, pricing would also play a big part as well.

Who is this for?

First and foremost people that has been officially diagnosed with pollen allergies by a doctor or allergist. Secondly a person that is suspected to be allergic to pollen/ mold with seasonal symptoms as above mainly on runny nose. Staying close to nature or has lots of tree/ plant with open windows all the time. Asthmatic person especially on children or elderly people that is at higher risk in triggering an asthma attack. Lastly anyone that needs clean air throughout the day free from pesky pollen, mold, spores and mildew.
For specialize asthma air purifiers that is excellent against asthma triggered allergens, please visit Best Air Purifier for Asthma and Allergies list.

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Pollen CADR
Pollen CADR
900 cfm (1529 m3/h)
HEPA filter
Blueair Pro Particle Filter (x3)
1180 sq. ft. (110 m2)

As any of the Blueair Pro air purifier would also work, let's stay focus on Blueair Pro XL instead. Bypassing the hefty price tag,  this is probably the ultimate pollen eliminator you can get your hands to. It has the highest Pollen CADR to date, super-wide purifying coverage for any room size and undisputed powerful patented filter that traps all micron size particles including pollen, mold and mildew. Together with  the excellent HEPASilent Technology , Blueair Pro XL HEPASilent will remove virtually all known airborne pollutants.

Blueair Pro XL does have it downside and is "gigantic" literally. The bulky and heavy size does not fit well in constraint spaces, pricing wise is not favorable either.  If the excessive filtration is not needed, downgrading your choice is arguably the more sensible way to model such as Blueair Pro L or even the smaller Blueair Pro M. Alternatively Blueair Classic model would also do a bang up job as the next item list below.
  • The best dust, pollen and smoke CADR return from an air purifier.
  • Very powerful airflow performance cover by wide purifying coverage.
  • The same reliable HEPASilent Technology that electrostatically charge all inflow particles.
  • Uses 3 high grade Pro Particle filter and 3 Pro SmokeStop Filter.
  • Reasonable noise level for a 3 fan powered air purifier.
  • Comes bundled with Air Intelligence Module where is optional purchase for Pro M and L.
  • Up to 5 years warranty.
  • The most expensive Blueair ever made.
  • High cost of ownership with 3 pairs of filters to maintain.
  • No timer, no Wi-Fi pairing and no remote control.
  • No permanent pre-filter that protect and extend the particle filter lifespan.
+- 2399.99
     Annual filter ^    
+- 540 - 1080
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Pollen CADR
Pollen CADR
640 cfm (1087 m3/h)
HEPA filter
Blueair Classic 500/600 Series Particle Filter
775 sq. ft. (72 m2)

Blueair Classic 605 is the equivalent of iPhone 7 to Blueair Pro as iPhone 7 Plus. It loses out to Blueair Pro in terms of airflow  CADR but by no means is an inferior machine. What you will get from this classic machine or in fact any Blueair purifier is the same HEPA Silent Technology that works its charm even against the finest airborne particles. Pollen, spore and mold that has been absorbed by the air purifier would have to go through a series of filtration thus eliminating any chance of airborne pollutants from getting out. Adding the best room size purifying coverage in its classic series, Blueair Classic 605 is unquestionably a very capable air purifier.

As a premium selection air purifier, Blueair Classic 605 is also very expensive both in cost and filter replacement. Depending  on your purifying needs, you could opt for the smaller purifying range version in its series that in return comes with a reduced body size and price.
  • Widest purifying coverage and strongest airflow in its Classic series.
  • HEPASilent Technology that electrostatically charge particles before passing to filter media.
  • Highly effective gradient structured particle filter and SmokeStop Filter.
  • Very impressive dust, pollen and smoke CADR return.
  • Top-notch build quality with its durable galvanized steel body.
  • Wi-Fi connects easily and works well with the intuitive Blueair Friend app or Amazon Alexa.
  • Up to 5 years warranty.
  • The most expensive model in Blueair Classic series.
  • Very high annual filter replacement cost.
  • Lacks stand-alone pre-filter that would capture large particles from other filters.
  • Lacks integrated air sensors for air quality monitoring and Auto mode. Requires the addon purchase Blueair Aware monitor to enable the feature.
  • Bulky and heavy although we expect no less.
+- 749.99
     Annual filter ^    
+- 230 - 460
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HEPA filter
HyperHEPA Filter H12/13 (L)
1098 sq. ft. (102 m2)

While many site did not include IQAir HealthPro Plus  in their "Best list" as it is not an online hot-selling model (psst is expensive), that certainly does not justify IQAir HealthPro Plus capacity. The latest version comes with an improve 25% more clean air,  32% more silent operation and 38% longer filter lifespan. What's unchanged is the remarkable HyperHEPA filtration that effectively tackles micron size allergens as small as 0.003 microns let alone Pollen, mold and mildew. Top it off with a leading 6 fanspeed mode and one of the widest purifying coverage for any room size, you can never go wrong with IQAir HealthPro Plus.

That is of course if you have the budget for the machine and future filter replacement. One good thing is the cost of ownership is way less than Blueair Pro XL. Consider the next air purifier if you want an air purifier that is more feature oriented and cost much less.
  • Made in Switzerland craftsmanship with strong impact resistant ABS plastic and zero-leak triple-seal technology.
  • PreMax pre-filter that is capable of capturing both large and micro-particles such as pollen, spores, mold.
  • Effective V5-Cell MG Granular activated Carbon filter that absorb and eradicate all types smoke and odor.
  • HyperHEPA is the best True HEPA filter we reviewed that is capable of trapping ultra-particles down to 0.003 microns.
  • Long-lasting filter. True HEPA filter has 4 years lifespan, Carbon filter has 2 years lifespan and even pre-filter has a 18 months lifespan.
  • Certified quality and performance. Each air purifier are individually tested to ensure the air purifier meets the strict specifications.
  • Noise level is considerably low in its segment given the air purifier airflow strength and speed.
  • Powerful 320 degree airflow distribution that provides one of the widest purifying coverage.
  • Up to 6 selectable fanspeed that can also be adjusted via remote control.
  • Built-in programmable timer that allows specific fanspeed, time, day or week scheduling.
  • Easy layer filter replacement that slides out individually instead of conventional front cover style.
  • Industrial leading 10 years warranty.
  • Very expensive (3 times of standard air purifier price).
  • No dust & odor sensors = no automatic fan speed setting and air quality indicator.
  • Bulky and heavy that is difficult to move around even with carrying handle and casters.
+- 899
     Annual filter ^    
+- 152
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Pollen CADR
Pollen CADR
300 cfm (510 m3/h)
HEPA filter
HEPA-Silver Filter
1100 sq. ft. (102 m2)

Alen BreatheSmart air purifier is another popular one that has high pollen figures and cost much less than the above list models. While the basic HEPA- Pure filter is good enough to cover for standard allergens, you will have to  upgrade to at least HEPA-Silver to fully take advantage of the air purifier effectiveness against pollen, spores and mildew. With 3 different  BreatheSmart models to  go for, we reckon this highest trim model that has the best room size purifying coverage. Also in the feature list is the air quality sensor plus Auto mode where you will appreciate the convenience and practicality Alen BreathSmart brings.

As a pollen/ mold air purifier, nothing much negative could you associate with Alen BreatheSmart as it is a well-balanced air purifier in performance, spec and price. The closest alternate model that would give it a fight would probably be Winix HR1000 which is next in our list.
  • Plenty of swappable wood trim front cover design.
  • Wide purifying coverage, superior airflow delivery rate and highly adjustable (up to 4 speed).
  • Up to 3 optional filter upgrade to choose from depending on your needs.
  • Ionizer could be turn on or off.
  • Longer lasting filters (up to 18 months) depending on usage volume/ air quality.
  • Accurate Smart Filter Light replacement indicator that calculates based on usage/ fanspeed/ environment.
  • Abundance of features - SmartSensor (air quality sensor), auto mode, filter life timer, pre-set timer.
  • Child friendly machine with locking control panel and safe vent guard.
  • Alen unique Lifetime Limited Warranty.
  • Lacks odor filtration on bundled HEPA-Pure filter (Optional filter upgrade required).
  • No dedicated odor carbon filter which could come in handy as filter replacement can be done separately.
  • Noisy at highest speed nevertheless Auto mode does come to rescue.
+- 599
     Annual filter ^    
+- 46 - 138
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Pollen CADR
Pollen CADR
301 cfm (511 m3/h)
HEPA filter
True-HEPA filter
400 sq. ft. (37 m2)

As the matter of fact, either Winix HR950 or Winix U450 would also do the job but lets stay with Winix HR1000. Its considerably cheap compare with above options, comes with respectable pollen CADR, strong airflow delivery rate and ideal for large room size and coverage. Protecting you from all pollen link  allergens is a 5-stage filtration that includes a highly dependable True-HEPA filter similar to Winix HR950. Adding PlasmaWave technology, sensor plus Auto mode and Wi-Fi enabled in the bag,  you have yourself a very well-equipped air purifier.

It's not the smallest, cheapest and most silent air purifier in the market however, unless you absolutely need the highest-end model for the ultimate pollen eradication, we reckon Winix HR1000 would  best fitted for most residential use as with Alen BreathSmart.
  • 5-stage filtration with PlasmaWave™ Technology.
  • Permanent washable pre-filter.
  • True HEPA filter with Anti-microbial coating that prevents bacteria growth.
  • Coated Deodorization (CD) carbon filter that is equally effective against odors and smokes.
  • Punchy airflow with 5 fanspeed and Auto mode/ Sleep mode.
  • Dual sensors (Particle, VOC) with air quality indicator.
  • Works with Winix SMART app that allow distant control and advanced scheduling (multiple fanspeed on any specific hours and day).
  • Child lock feature that prevent children from meddling on the setting.
  • Built-in timer.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Expensive bundled filter replacement with yearly replacing needed.
  • In sleep mode, indicator light still glare up slightly that may or may not disturb your sleep.
  • Pairing with WiFi enabled devices is not as straightforward as it requires pressing on the WiFi button to enable the link up.
+- 379.99
     Annual filter ^    
+- 100
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Pollen CADR
Pollen CADR
300 cfm (510 m3/h)
HEPA filter
True-HEPA filter
465 sq. ft. (43 m2)

Need something a little bit more affordable? Again and again Honeywell HPA300 is your answer. It has great Pollen CADR return, remarkable purifying coverage, a reliable (3 to be exact) HEPA filter and all at a much smaller framework. Without being pull down by the price,  Honeywell HPA300 is as effective as above air purifier in removing pollen, spores, mold and mildew. Not to mention the 5 years manufacturer warranty and great after-service support, once again Honeywell HPA300 is picked as the most budget-friendly pollen air purifier.

What you will not get in Honeywell HPA300 is the best in class CADR, widest purifying coverage and all the bells and whistle features in above model. Filter replacement cost is not the cheapest either but that is expected given Honeywell HPA300 low starting price.
  • Very reasonable price with exceptional purifying coverage and CADR.
  • 4 fanspeed including Turbo mode.
  • Dual combination Carbon Pre-filter that is good against dust and gas based particles.
  • Proven and effective True-HEPA filter against smaller airborne particles.
  • Light dimming option for night use.
  • 3 option pre-set timer.
  • 5 years warranty.
  • Lacks air quality sensor therefore no Auto mode and air quality display.
  • Slightly expensive annual filter replacement cost.
+- 299.95
     Annual filter ^    
+- 108
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Honorable mention

Not what you are looking for? Below are some honorable mentions that would also do well against your seasonal allergies battle.
  • Airgle AG800 is a very expensive choice (to own and maintain) that is excellent against the pollen, spores and mold.
  • In general Whirlpool air purifiers are great in tackling the spread of airborne pollen and spores.
  • Also consider Holmes air purifiers if you need something cheaper yet capable of doing the job.

Best Comparison Table

More Information

Mold Poisoning Symptoms and Health Effects

There are signs that you should never neglect, mold poisoning can be a serious issue if is not dealt with proper care. From the mild irritant symptoms like flu, watery eyes that is hard to call, to your allergy triggering symptoms like asthma, eczema to severe illness like migraine, chronic cough, nausea and diarrhea. The toxic released from mold can also lead to health risks like mental disorder, autoimmune disease, respiratory and liver failure, reduce eye sights, neurological damage and even reproductive capability. It's always better to be safe than sorry with Mold. See below for the full list of mold poisoning symptoms and health effects.

    Common symptoms from mold illness
    1. Stuffy nose, Runny nose, Excessive sneezing
    2. Postnasal drip coughing
    3. Redness, Bloodshot eyes, Watery eyes
    4. Dry, Sore throat, Itchiness on throat
    5. Rashness, Itchy scaly skin, Blister
    6. Headache, Dizziness, Confusion
    Other known symptoms
    1. Chronic fatigue, Loss of interest
    2. Forgetfulness, Poor memory, Difficult to concentrate, Shorter attention span
    3. Mood swings, Easily agitated
    4. Rheumatoid arthritis, Muscle ache, Joint pain, Abdominal cramps
    5. Coughing, Wheezing, Chest tightness, Breathing Difficulty
    6. Night sweats, Abnormal body temperature
    7. Irregular heartbeat, vomit blood, heart pain, heartburn
    8. Increase static shocks
    9. Increase thirst from dehydration, Frequent urination
    10. Loss of appetite, Bloated, Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomit
    11. Bad metallic taste, Burning sensation in mouth
    Short-term health effects
    1. Chronic coughing and Sneezing, Epistaxis
    2. Sinusitis, Sinus headache
    3. Migraine, Vertigo
    4. Dermatitis, Skin inflammation, Jaundice
    5. Trigger or worsen asthma, COPD
    Long-term health effects
    1. Weaken immune system, Autoimmune disease, Rheumatoid arthritis
    2. Conjunctivitis, Uveitis, Eye damage, Blurry vision
    3. Heart inflammation, Irregular heartbeat
    4. Hemorrhage, Low blood pressure, Blood clotting, Bone marrow disruption
    5. Pulmonary edema, Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis, Respiratory tract damage
    6. Abnormal liver, Liver failure
    7. Disorientation, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Hallucinations, Malaise
    8. Partial or complete paralysis, Epilepsy, Stroke, Parkinson's disease
    9. Infertility, Impotence, Fetal development problems, Miscarriage, SIDS
    10. Weight loss, Hair loss, Hearing loss, Anorexia
    11. Lung, Liver cancer
    12. Coma, Death

    Mold Facts and Statistics

    There are a lot of damning statistics on the World Wide Web about the danger of Mold. Not only is a cross-region issue, inhaling or exposing mold would have short to long-term health impact to our body and potentially lead to devastating result. Data also shown that the increase numbers of mold relate illness and insurance claims along with the inevitable uprising medical bill/ home repair cost. To give you a clearer picture on what mold brings to the table, below is the compiled list of mold facts and statistics provided by universities, non-profit organization, government and insurance companies.

    1. 93% of Chronic sinusitis (inflammation of the air cavities) is link with mold infection. 1
    2. About 5% of us will experience mold related allergies such as sneezing, nasal congestion or running nose in our lifetime. 2
    3. A study done in Australia concluded that 50% of the indoor mold concentrations were attributable to outdoor factors. 2
    4. Brown University’s analysis data study from nearly 6,000 European adults concluded mold would indirectly affects mental health and elevating the risk for depression. 5
    5. Mold is a type of fungus that can found literally everywhere and makes up an approximately 25% of the Earth’s biomass. 2
    6. Institute reported that an estimated 10,000 mold-related lawsuits (300% percent increase) pending nationwide since 1999. 2
    7. Mold related claims also have skyrocketed to over 500% since 2001. 2
    8. In Texas, almost one-third of water damage claims is linked with mold contamination and repair cost surged from the average $3,000 to an upwards of $90,000. 2
    9. On similar note, data from Farmers Insurance shows mold damage claims increased 1,100 over the past 10 years. 4
    10. 40% of European are likely to have asthma as they are staying in a poor home condition that is either damp or infested with mold. The same report also finds that 2.2 million Europeans have asthma as a result of the poor living conditions. 3
    11. A Finland report also presented clinical evidence that poor indoor air quality from mold infestation can cause severe morbidity and is not limited to asthma. 6

    Types of Mold in Homes

    From your typical Alternaria, Aspergillus, Cladosporium, Penicillium to your slightly less common Stachybotrys (black mold), there are 14 types of in home mold that you probably encounter before. Each type of mold varies in size, shape, color and also characteristic alignment (Good, Bad, Worst). Unfortunately, most mold that can survive the harshest condition is bad to our body when exposed or inhaled. Extra precautionary steps must be taken when dealing with particular type of in home molds.

      Common types
      1. Alternaria
      2. Aspergillus
      3. Cladosporium
      4. Penicillium
      5. Stachybotrys
      Other in home types
      1. Acremonium
      2. Aureobasidium
      3. Chaetomium
      4. Fusarium
      5. Mucor
      6. Trichoderma
      7. Ulocladium
      8. Serpula Lacrymans

      Getting Rid of Mold In House Effectively or Naturally

      You seen the signs, the horrifying stats, the many different types of mold and ultimately the health risks it can bring. It’s time to begin with the mold elimination project. First, identify the source of the mold contamination. If is concentrated on piping area, it could be due to water leakage. If is all over the wall, it might be because of the high humidity level. Second, rectify the problem before it starts spreading. If is just a tiny bit of mold spot, simple scrubbing with detergent and water will do the trick. If is a catastrophe situation that is out of your control, do not hesitate to request help from industry expert or licensed contractor to perform a complete clean up or mold remediation. Third, prevent the same old issue from recurring. Whether is replacing the entire HVAC system, using an air purifier or dehumidifier, ensure the mold troubles can be halted for good. See below for more proven tips and tricks that works in all kinds of scenario.

        The Easy Ways
        1. Dispose mold contaminated items in your home such as plastic containers, paper boxes, picture frames
        2. Vacuum with HEPA vacuum cleaner to remove non-airborne mold stuck on wall, carpet or floor
        3. Kill mold with Detergent and water
        4. Kill mold with Chlorine Bleach
        5. Kill mold with Hydrogen Peroxide
        6. Kill mold with Ammonia
        7. Kill mold with Talcum powder
        8. Kill mold with Borax
        The Natural Ways
        1. Kill mold with Vinegar
        2. Kill mold with Baking Soda
        3. Kill mold with Grapefruit Seed Extract
        4. Kill mold with Tea Tree Oil
        5. Kill mold with Cinnamon essential oil
        6. Kill mold with Oregano essential oil
        7. Kill mold with Thyme essential oil
        8. Kill mold with Clove essential oil
        9. Kill mold with Lemon Juice
        10. Kill mold with Vodka
        The Professional Ways
        1. Hire mold remediation specialist or certified mold contractor for mold remediation and cleanup
        2. Separately hire HVAC technician, carpenter, plumber or painter for dedicated task

        How to Stop Mold From Growing and Coming Back

        1. Schedule for routine heating/ air conditioning/ HVAC maintenance to prevent mold contamination on the intake system
        2. Increase room ventilation simply by leaving window/ door open or running a fan
        3. Frequent house cleaning can significantly reduce mold from recurring
        4. Use air purifier to capture airborne mold and other allergens from further spreading
        5. Dehumidifier can be use to manage home humidity level
        6. Rectified any plumbing leaks or any water related problems ASAP

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