8 Best Large Room Air Purifiers In 2022 (Suitable For Mansion!)

There are a lot of reasons to go with a large air purifier. It usually has the best filtration system, highest CADR ratings, and higher airflow output. It also solves one of the common mistakes where people underestimating the room size needed. But which is the best large room air purifier to deal with airborne impurities? Will it be overwhelming if I use it in a small room? What other features do I need to look out for? Every question shall be answered plus our thoroughly researched and reviewed list. Let's begin.

Quick Summary

Levoit Vital 100 HEPA Air Purifier ReviewCoway Airmega 400S Air Purifier ReviewAlen BreatheSmart 75i Air Purifier Review
Levoit Vital 100 Air PurifierCoway Airmega 400S Air PurifierAlen BreatheSmart 75i Air Purifier
Room Size
500 square feet1,560 square feet1,100 square feet
Recommended Room Size
500 sq. ft. (46 m2)1,560 sq. ft. (145 m2)1,300 sq. ft. (121 m2)
4.5out of 54.5out of 54.6out of 5
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** MRSP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price)/ RSP (Retail selling price) is accurate at the time of posting.
^ Annual filter cost is calculated based on filter price and 12 hours of usage. Pricing could vary depending on air quality, usage frequency, and speed.
` The indicated online price guides as follows: $ = under $50, $$ = $50-100, $$$ = $101-200, $$$$ = 201-300, $$$$$ = $301-400, $$$$$$ = 401-500, $$$$$$$ = over $500.

How Do We Measure?

Most people focus only on airflow circulation when buying a large room air purifier for an office or home. In reality, there are more things that dictate how an air purifier works in a large room space. Neglecting these few factors will hinder the overall efficiency of the purification. To help you choose the right size model regardless of the ceiling height, interior design, and room size, look out for the features below:

  • Room size - Measure the room size that needs air cleaning. With the square footage of the room, compare air purifiers that can cater to the room space in CADR or ACH. Opt for an AHAM Verifide seal model and go above the manufacturer's recommended room size as the numbers are set in the most ideal environment.
  • Airflow delivery rate - Correlate with the recommended room size, the higher the air changes an hour (ACH), the quicker an air purifier can deliver clean air. 2 ACH or clean air every 30 minutes is the standard number of air changes per hour used by most manufacturers. For an allergenic person, opt for a 5 ACH or clean air cycle every 12 minutes. All large air purifiers have at least 300 cfm max airflow output.
  • CADR - Clean Air Delivery Rate is an AHAM verified metrics that measure the air purifier filtration efficiency in cubic feet per minute (cfm). To get the CADR ratings, multiply the CFM capacity of the device and the air filtration efficiency. For example, a 300 CFM with an 80% filtration efficiency will return 240 CADR ratings.
  • Cost of ownership - A large air purifier can be very costly to own due to a bigger fan motor and filters. It is estimated around 500 to more than 2000 dollars for a full-size machine. There is also the high filter replacement cost that will add another few hundred dollars annually. Consider all this when buying one.
  • Size and weight - All large air purifiers have a big dimension in order to accommodate the large motor fan and filters. The extra rigidity and sealed framework also pushed the weight beyond 20 lb. Pick something that can fit into the home decor seamlessly.
  • Pre-filter - The first-stage filtration that blocks out dust, fur, debris, and hair. Most pre-filter are washable so the filter can be reused over and over again by washing away the captured dust particulates.
  • HEPA filter - The most important filter in the filtration setup. A HEPA filter can trap 99.97% of harmful particles like dust mites, mold, pollen, and pet dander. Stay away from an uncertified HEPA-type filter and only go with a certified True HEPA filter.
  • Activated Carbon filter - Another key filter that targets specifically on smoke and odors. A good carbon filter will trap all types of smoke particles from cooking, cigarette, to chemicals like VOCs, CO, radon.
  • Optional filtration - Ultraviolet light that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet light to kill germs by damaging the nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA. The ionizer release millions of negative ions to merge with positive ions contaminants in the air.
  • Power consumption - Look for an energy-efficient unit with an Energy Star certification. Expect an annual electricity bill between $30-100 depending on the operational hours. Most air purifiers catered for a large room will use more electricity due to the high power output.
  • Noise level - On average, a large air purifier will produce a noise level between the range of 20 dB to 60 dB. To subdue loud noise, keep it at a low speed or move the air purifier further away.
  • Auto mode - Via in built-in sensor, automatically adjusts the fan speed based on surrounding air quality. Help save electricity and keep the noise level down to reduce distraction.
  • Sleep mode - Set the air purifier to the lowest speed and dim the display light. For those that come with a light sensor, Sleep mode will activate automatically when the room turns dark.
  • Warranty - Most large air purifiers offer comprehensive protection on parts and labor. Consider the brand reputation, the air purifier's durability, and after-sales service. If the brand has a poor record in servicing its products, it is best to avoid them to avoid future headaches.

Let's start with the most affordable large room air purifier that you should. Levoit Vital 100 air purifier is a reputable brand known for making quality air purifying products at an accessible price point. This HEPA machine delivers a powerful airflow output that no competitors in its segment could compete. At a size of 12.8 inches width, 16.1 inches height, 6.4 inches depth, and 9.3 pounds weight, it is considerably small compared with other models here. You will have no issue with placement or carrying it for room to room purifying.

An affordable H13 air purifier that is designed for 1 bedroom apartment or a standard median size American single-family home.

Available in black or white, Levoit Vital 100 simple and clean exterior looks stunning at every angle. You have hidden air inlets and a large air outlet at the top. Controls are fairly basic with 3 adjustable fan speeds, 2/ 4/ 8 hours preset timers, and on/ off indicator light. Adding to that is the filter change indicator and LED display to ease usability.

LEVOIT Vital 100 air purifier does not compromise on reliability and durability. It is ETL listed, FCC Certified, CARB, and CA PROP 65 approved within the ozone-safe limits. Warranty is standard 1-year which can be further extended to another year with cost. You can safely run LEVOIT Vital 100 all day without having to shut down as intended.

Here is Levoit Vital 100 air purifier main specification:

  • Room Coverage - 500 sq. ft.
  • Air Filtration - Washable Pre-Filter, H13 HEPA filter, Activated Carbon Filter
  • Fan Speed - 3
  • Auto Mode - No
  • Warranty - 2 years

Here's why LEVOIT Vital 100 True HEPA air purifier is perfectly suited for large room air cleaning. At max speed, it can cover 500 square footage of space with 2 air changes per hour or every 30 minutes. Ideal for living room, bedroom, workspace, kitchen, basement, and playroom. The combined 3-stage HEPA filtration outputs a modest 130 cfm (cubic feet per minute). Dust mites, pet dander, tobacco smoke, odors, mold, pollen, and germs will all be removed from the air as long as the pollutants are within the cleaning zone.

LEVOIT Vital 100 uses a familiar 3-stage filtration that is 100% ozone-free. The outer pre-filter traps large particles and protects the HEPA filter from getting clogged. The medical-grade H13 HEPA filter capture 99.97% of microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns. The granular activated carbon filter neutralizes smoke and smelly odors e.g. cooking, pets, cigarettes, radon, volatile organic compounds (VOCs). All that's left is to keep the air purifier running continuously for clean indoor air.

Another strong suit of Levoit Vital 100 is the whisper-quiet operation. It has a low 23 decibels noise level that runs anonymously while you watch TV, work, or sleep even when placed close to you. At max speed. the noise level is audible but understandably so given the stronger output. Power consumption is low aligned with LEVOIT Vital 100 True HEPA air purifier Energy Star certification. Anticipate a low 55 wattages of energy usage hourly.

Something has to give it for the low 100+ price tag and there are quite a few. First off, it does not have the widest purifying coverage compared with other large models here. This is not the model for those that stay in a giant mansion or villa. The HEPA and carbon filtration are on the smaller side so less surface area to capture pollutants. Also, you will have to replace it more frequently at every 6 to 8 months. The lack of auto mode, remote control, and air quality indicator is expected as this price range. Overall, the drawbacks will not detract Levoit Vital 100 air cleaning performance and usability in large spaces.

In short: An affordable H13 air purifier that is designed for 1 bedroom apartment or a standard median size American single-family home.

online price (US)**
±119.99 $$/ 7

(annual filter cost ±54.99)


Airmega 400/ 400S is the king for extra-large room air purifier. It offers superior air cleaning coverage with ample supportive features. At a modern design with seamless air inlets, the 14.8 x 22.8 x 14.8 inches dimension and 24.7 pounds weight is just the right size for most homes. You can easily lift and move it with both hands by grabbing on the side handles. Highlighting at the front is an air quality ring that illuminates blue/ green when air quality is good to pink/ red when air is unhealthy.

A modern, functional HEPA air purifier that can cover all types of large room sizes. Drop the Wi-Fi support for a cheaper variant.

Airmega 400S multi-functional controls might be overwhelming at first glance, you will get the hang of it in a matter of minutes. Starting with the left, you have the light button that turns on/ off the AQ indicator light. Next is the separate Pre Wash filter lifetime and Max2 indicator that reminds you to clean or replace the filter. Moving to the right, you have the curved fan speed control that can be controlled by touching or swiping. Instead of doing it manually, use the Smart mode that enabled autonomous mode via the pollution and light sensor. Airmega 400S will only use higher fan speed when the air quality drops. Sleep mode activates automatically the room is pitch black for 3 minutes.

Unique in the "S" variant, Airmega 400S is Wi-Fi enabled where you can pair it with your smartphone as a remote. You will gain access to features like timer/ scheduler, fan speed, real-time indoor and outdoor air quality reports. Airmega also supports Alexa voice command actions such as on/ off, fan speed, timer, check filter life, and air quality monitor. We're particularly impressed with the voice recognition that can recognize our command even from a distance.

Overall, the fitting is tight with high-quality materials that will not off-gas chemicals, ozone, or air by-pass. The manufacturer 5 years warranty is a good assurance of its long-term durability and reliability.

Here is Airmega 400S air purifier key specification:

  • Room Coverage - 1,560 sq. ft.
  • Air Filtration - Pre-filter, Green True HEPA filter, Activated carbon filter
  • Fan Speed - 3
  • Auto Mode - Yes
  • Warranty - 5 years

The must-have HEPA air purifier for your luxury mansion or villa. Airmega 400S air purifier supports a wide room space coverage of 1560 square footage at 2 air changes per hour or every 30 minutes. You can increase the clean air frequency by 4 air changes or every 15 minutes with a smaller 780 square footage cleaning radius. In any case, you can use it in any large room size e.g. living hall, lounge, playroom, dry/ wet kitchen, home office, and basement. No surprise with the CADR output with dust, pollen, and smoke hitting 350 cubic feet per minute.

Airmega 400S air purifier 100% ozone-free setup that relies purely on mechanical filters. The dual side pre-filters capture initial large particles like dust, hair, lint from passing through. The protected Green True HEPA traps 99.97% of microparticles down to 0.3 microns like mold, pollen, pet dander, and germs. For smoke particles, the activated carbon filter absorbs gas pollutants including cigarettes, pet odors, VOCs, toilet smell, radon, CO. Again, no ionizer or UV light is included in the filtration.

Airmega 400S air purifier noise level is at a silent 22 dB to a quiet suburb equivalent 52 dB. Suitable for work, study, and bedroom use at all speeds. As an Energy Star certified mode, power consumption is low between 6 to 66 wattages per hour. You can maximize its energy efficiency by leaving it in Smart mode or let Eco mode kick in when room air quality level is ideal for 10 minutes.

There are 3 more variants in the Airmega series: 400, 300S, and 300. Obviously, the 400 series would be the best pick for a large air purifier as it can cover more areas. The cheaper non-S version comes without Wi-Fi support. Regardless of which version you go for, the bulky size and noise level are relatively similar so take that into consideration.

Airmega 400S has every functionality you need to support your home air cleaning, the steep price tag could be its biggest stumble block. You're looking at around 500 dollars after discount which is still a premium range for most people. The 100+ MAX22 filter set cost is also on the higher side but not unreachable for most people. If you can afford Airmega 400S, the maintenance cost is unlikely a stumbling block. Lastly, the ionizer is missing that can be quite useful for large room air purification.

In short: A modern, functional HEPA air purifier that can cover all types of large room sizes. Drop the Wi-Fi support for a cheaper variant.

online price (US)**
±749.00 $$$$$$$/ 7

(annual filter cost ±130)


The large room air purifier that you can rely on for life. Alen BreatheSmart 75i air purifier wide coverage is the main reason we pick this over the other variant. The design holds true to its origin with hidden air inlets and personalizable front panels when you need to jazz it up. Despite the highest performance, not much difference in size at 18.5 x 27 x 11.5 inches in dimension and 27 pounds in weight. With the back grabbing slot, moving around Alen BreatheSmart 75i for room to room purifying is an effortless task. The base stand adds to its stability and prevents it from toppling over.

The most livable large room air purifier that is not overly bulky or expensive to maintain. Filter upgrade is a must for a fresher, odor-free home.

Continue with the exterior walk-through. Alen BreatheSmart 75i advanced control panel might be intimidating for first-timer, give it a day or two and you will be fine. Starting with the adjustable 5 fan speeds including Turbo mode that you can tinker around. Auto mode is available for those that prefer everything to be done autonomously. The timer button allows you to set either 2, 4, 12 hours to shut down the machine to converse energy. Surrounding the power button is an air quality indicator ring that illuminates in blue when the air is clean and purple when air is unhealthy. There is also a dedicated button for ionizer activation and child lock to prevent children from playing with the setting. Rounding up the feature is a filter reset indicator that is used after you have replaced the filter.

All Alen BreatheSmart 75i air purifiers come standard with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind protection. Critical as most air purifiers will last for ages even when used on a daily basis. It is also safe for family use with a child-safe vent guard, UL listed, and CARB approved.

Here is Alen BreatheSmart 75i air purifier main specification:

  • Room Coverage - 1,100 sq. ft.
  • Air Filtration - Washable Pre-filter, HEPA-Pure Filter BF35, Ionizer
  • Fan Speed - 5
  • Auto Mode - Yes
  • Warranty - Lifetime

With 150-286 cfm of airflow delivery rate, Alen BreatheSmart 75i can cover a large room size of up to 1,100 square footage. Ideal for home with ample spaces like kitchen, basement bedroom, garage, living room, dining area, and offices. The Clean air delivery rate (CADR) is also excellent at 347 cubic feet per minute. Perhaps the best news of all, the strong airflow performance does not hamper the noise and power usage. Noise level is between a quiet 25 to 39 decibels while the Energy Star certified ratings is only at 45 wattages hourly.

A proven, medical-grade HEPA filtration that is used across Alen's lineup. The HEPA-pure filter removes 99.99% of airborne particles down to 0.1 microns including mold, mildew, pollen, pet dander, and germs. Adding to that is an antimicrobial layer that prevents captured microbes from multiplying. Note that no carbon filter is included in the default package unless you top up another 10-30 dollars. With the customizable filters, you can upgrade the classic HEPA-pure to either HEPA-Silver that is perfect for asthma, HEPA-FreshPlus that specializes in chemicals, VOCs, and HEPA-OdorCell that focus on smoke, pet, diaper odors. There is also an optional ionizer that emits negative ions to attract and bond positive ion pollutants in the air. This causes the particles to fall from the heavier weight and Alen's filter will be able to pick it up.

For an air purifier that is meant for a large room, there are little faults you can find in Alen BreatheSmart. The pricing might be on the expensive side around 600+ dollars. For the high price you paid, you will still need to opt for the filter upgrade for additional deodorization. The noise level is also not subtle and the dimension is not the smallest that can be tricky in tight spaces. Overall, you can easily look aside all that as it has zero impact on its performance in big spaces. For those that need something a little bit cheaper, go with the classic BreatheSmart, Fit50, or Flex.

In short: The most livable large room air purifier that is not overly bulky or expensive to maintain. Filter upgrade is a must for a fresher, odor-free home.

online price (US)**
±749.00 $$$$$$$/ 7

(annual filter cost ±66-99)


Rabbit Air MinusA2 is our best large room air purifier that takes up the least amount of space. Despite being wall-mountable, it comes with a comprehensive 6-stage filtration that no other competitor models can mimic. At a boxy 21.4 x 20 x 7 in size, MnusA2 fits seamlessly on any wall and you do not have to worry children or pets tripping over the wire. Air inlets are located at the bottom and sides for all-around airflow circulation with zero obstructions. You can further enhance the looks with customizable panels and a front spectrum color mood light bar.

A space-saving, wall-mountable 6-stage HEPA air purifier that goes well in any home décor. As long as there's a solid wall, Rabbit Air MinusA2 will fit right in.

Relies heavily on the remote control, operating Rabbit MinusA2 air purifier is easy and can be done at a comfortable distance. You can cycle between the 5 fan speeds, pollen mode, and sleep mode with indicator lights off. You can also activate the auto mode that monitors surrounding air quality and make auto fan speed adjustments accordingly. A digital display, filter change alert, and LED colored air quality indicator light are also present in the control panel.

On the whole, Rabbit Air MinusA2 is very well-made with top-grade materials. It is UL listed, CARB approved, Energy Star certified, and Child Proof Safety Design that stops operation when the panel is not installed correctly. There are 3 variants you could opt for: the cheaper but lower-spec SPA-700A, the wider coverage SPA-780A, or the premium Wi-Fi enabled. All variants come with the same 5 years manufacturing warranty.

Here is Rabbit Air MinusA2 air purifier key specification:

  • Room Coverage - 815 sq. ft.
  • Air Filtration - Pre-filter, HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Negative Ion Generator, Medium Filter, Customized Filter
  • Fan Speed - 5
  • Auto Mode - Yes
  • Warranty - 5 years

With a brushless direct current motor that outputs 58 to 218 cfm of airflow, Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-780A air purifier covers a room size of up to 815 square feet at 2 air changes per hour. For a hypersensitive person, you can increase to 4 air changes per hour or clean air every 15 minutes. Ideal for living room, bedroom, kitchen, basement, meeting room, nursery home, or school that requires constants flow of clean air. CADR is decent but not outstanding at dust 193 cfm, pollen 200 cfm, and smoke 180 cfm. If you have an extra-large room size of over 815 sq. ft. of space, you'll need multiple units to effectively cover the room air space.

Rabbit Air MinusA2 runs silently at most speeds. In sleep mode, noise output is at a low 25.6 dBA to a max 51.3 dBA at turbo speed. Great for everyday use with minimal noise distraction. Energy usage is reasonable averaging at 61 wattages per hour. You can further save power consumption by disabling the mood light and ionizer.

When settle with 3 when you can have a 6-stage filtration packed in a tiny box? The air cleaning journey begins when air is drawn in by the powerful motor. Large PM10 particles will first have a pass through a permanent filter and medium filter. Any fine particles as small as 0.3 microns that manage to pass through will be targeted by the True HEPA filter with a 99.97% removal efficiency. To further enhance the filtration, you can choose to add a customized filter ranging from Germ Defense Filter, Pet Allergy Filter, Toxin Absorber Filter, and Odor Remover Filter. The default activated carbon filter neutralizes household smoke and odors that manage to escape the selected customized filter. Lastly, there is a Negative Ion Generator that emits charged negative ions to bond with positive ion particles in the air. The bonded ions will be weighed down for the filter to capture leaving the indoor air cleaner and fresher than ever before.

The only setback with a Rabbit Air MinusA2 air purifier revolves around the average airflow output. You can get a performance-oriented air cleaner at a much lower cost. For a large living room with high ceiling ground, you will also need multiple units to cover the entire space. Things could get out of hand when you will have to maintain and replace the filters all at the same time. Still, most people will not have this issue to worry about given the average size of a U.S. room is within Rabbit Air MinusA2 cleaning range. Get this unless you're staying in a hilltop giant mansion.

In short: A space-saving, wall-mountable 6-stage HEPA air purifier that goes well in any home décor. As long as there's a solid wall, Rabbit Air MinusA2 will fit right in.

online price (US)**
±599.95 $$$$$$$/ 7

(annual filter cost ±43-85)


IQAir was one of our earlier large room air purifiers pick and still is after so many years and increment updates. What makes IQAir HealthPro Plus great is not the 1,098 sq. ft. coverage but rather the award-winning filtration (more on this later). The iconic white tower design is made of impact-resistant, 3D UltraSeal triple-seal ABS plastic that guarantees no particles and byproducts leakage. It is certified ozone-free by IAACM (International Association of Air Cleaner Manufacturers). To aid with the movement, there are 4 durable caster wheels that support the heavy 35.3 pounds weight. Airflow ventilation is evenly distributed with a surrounding 320-degree distribution that takes in contaminants at all angles.

The best large room HEPA air purifier that can tackle the smallest pollutants in the air. Like it or not, the hefty price will come bundled with the package.

Exceptionally constructed certified by quality control engineers on its airflow performance and build quality. IQAir Health Pro Plus is very easy to operate without any complicated controls. You'll have 6 adjustable fan speeds that can be set for the perfect balance between performance and noise output. Adding to that is a programmable timer that allows a customizable start time, end time, and speed setting from Monday through Sunday. The Intelligent Filter Life Monitor will accurately update you on the filter's remaining usage life so you will only have to change the filter when it is completely exhausted. Rounding up the features is a digital display and a full-fledged remote control for convenience sofa operation.

Here is IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier main specification:

  • Room Coverage - 1,098 sq. ft.
  • Air Filtration - PreMax Filter F8, HyperHEPA Filter H12/13, V5-Cell Gas & Odor Filter MG
  • Fan Speed - 6
  • Auto Mode - No
  • Warranty - 3-10 years

IQAir HealthPro offers top-tier air filtration that is second to none. It can support a large room size of up to 1,098 square feet or 102 m2. The 6 adjustable fan speeds deliver a decent 41 to 300 cfm of airflow delivery rate. Highly suited for a home, apartment, small offices, nursery home, classroom with moderate to unhealthy air quality level. Just leave all doors and windows open to reduce any airflow obstruction.

IQAir HealthPro Plus keeps noise level down with its thick double-walled housing, sound deflector EvenFlow Diffuser, rubber suspension pad, and backward curved fan. At low speed, the noise level is only at 25 dB low speed to a conversation noise of 59 dB. Energy usage varies from a low 27 watts to a high 215 watts output depending on the operational speed.

Legendary filtration. There's a reason why IQAir HealthPro Plus is the preferred choice during wildfire or pandemic season. First off, the PreMax Filter F8 captures large particulates that pass through while protecting the inner HEPA filter. Next, the HyperHEPA filter traps ultrafine particles as small as 0.003 micrometers. 100 times more effective than what a true HEPA filter can capture. The V5-Cell Granular activated Carbon filter with Pelletized chemisorption filter removes chemical fumes and odors like VOCs, radon, tobacco smoke, benzene, ozone. Ideal for babies, children, or the elderly that are particularly sensitive to bad air.

The strong suit of the air purifier is also its downfall. IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier comes with Swiss built quality and a Swiss price. You have to pay a premium (around 900 with no discount) to get one and bear the high filter maintenance costs as part of the deal. The cumbersome ABS body is also very bulky and heavy to maneuver when you have limited spaces in a room. Lastly, the lack of autonomous mode is a big letdown considering how volatile a room's air quality can be in large spaces. If you don't mind all that, you will have yourself an excellent large room air purifier for many years to come.

In short: The best large room HEPA air purifier that can tackle the smallest pollutants in the air. Like it or not, the hefty price will come bundled with the package.

online price (US)**
±899.00 $$$$$$$/ 7

(annual filter cost ±152)


Like Pro XL but can't justify paying that much for it, the Blueair Classic 605 is the perfect substitute for a large room air purifier. At a reduced 500 dollars, it is powered by the same HEPASilent technology and made from the same manufacturing plant. You will enjoy all the goodness of Blueair in a smaller package. The 20 x 26 x 13 inches galvanized steel body is mainly made out of recyclable parts with no toxin byproducts. While the powder-coated materials feel premium, you do have to take in the heavy 35 pounds body. Fortunately, there are 4 casters standing by to ease with the transportation.

A big, expensive, and renowned HEPASilent Technology air purifier designed specifically to cover a wide area of room space with subpar air quality.

Blueair 605 has a classic 3 buttons control layout that is easy to get the hang of. You'll have the on/ off + 3 fan speeds button in the middle for airflow control. The filter button with indicator light will illuminate orange when there is a need to replace the filter. The Wi-Fi button allows you to pair Blueair 605 with your smartphone for remote control. Just download Blueair Friend app in iOS and Google Play to gain access to advanced features like LED display intensity, scheduling/ timer, air quality logs. With an add-on Blueair Aware monitor purchase, you can also enable the auto mode that only uses max fan speed when there is a high level of airborne pollutants detected.

Here is Blueair 605 air purifier main specification:

  • Room Coverage - 775 sq. ft.
  • Air Filtration - Particle Filter, SmokeStop Filter, HEPASilent Technology
  • Fan Speed - 3
  • Auto Mode - No (Addon purchase)
  • Warranty - 5 years

Outputting a strong 150 to 650 cfm airflow delivery rate that can swiftly clean indoor air from particulates. At the highest air changes per hour, it can cover a full 775 square feet of space. Ideal for large room spaces like living hall, meeting room, nursery home, lounge, kitchen, and master bedroom. You will not feel there is lacking of air cleaning performance even running at the lowest speed. CADR is excellent with dust at 500 cfm, pollen at 640 cfm, and smoke at 500 cfm.

Known for its ultrasonically bonded, waterproof, natural antibacterial, low dense gradient fiber filter. Blueair 605 uses a combination of electrostatic and mechanical filtration to filter the air. When dirty air enters into the framework, the encapsulated particle-charging chamber will begin electrically charges the particles. The HEPA filter capture 99.97% of the charged particles as small as 0.1 microns including mold spore, pollen, bacteria, and viruses. The SmokeStop Carbon filter neutralizes charged gas particles from chemicals, foods, outdoor pollutions, pets, and ozone. Nothing will be able to get away from the filtration.

Thanks to its low-pressure filtration, Blueair 605 air purifier noise level is at a whispering 32 dB(A) when running at the lowest speed. Anticipate an audible, normal conversation 62 dB(A) when running at max speed. Safe to say if you need complete silence during work or sleep, opt for the lower speed to reduce the noise distraction. The same story with the power usage, it runs at only 15 wattages (lowest speed) to a high 100 wattages (max speed). Since there is no auto mode by default, any energy-saving measurement will have to be done manually.

Again, the price is the biggest downside like every other air purifier for a large room here. At less than 500 dollars after discount, Blueair 605 is cheaper than Pro XL but that does not mean it is attainable for most people. Likewise, the filter replacement cost is absurdly expensive and you will have to take it in on a yearly basis. Another thing to consider is the bulky and heavy steel body that will hold a big spot in your living room. The lack of supporting feature is also something all Blueair classic models is known for. If you can look past all that, Blueair 605 large air purifier can be your one and only.

In short: A big, expensive, and renowned HEPASilent Technology air purifier designed specifically to cover a wide area of room space with subpar air quality.

online price (US)**
±829.99 $$$$$$$/ 7

(annual filter cost ±230-460)


The best medical-grade large room air purifier that you can get your hands on. Medify MA-112 is the cleanest and sleekiest model on the list with dual sides air inlet. At a tower size of 16 x 28 x 15 inches in dimension, it goes well on modern decor with a minimalist approach. Weight is on the heavy side at 32 pounds so this is not the model you want to move it around. Build quality is top-notch given it is a top-tier Medify product. Adding to that is the CARB, Energy Star certification, and an industry-leading lifetime warranty that covers non-human error defects.

Expensive it may be, this is the Best certified medical-grade H13 air purifier catered for a large room or whole-house use.

Available in black and our favorite white, Medify MA-112 air purifier will work straight out of the box. You can select the 4 variable speeds or simply leave it in auto mode or sleep mode. In auto mode, Medify MA-112 will only run at a higher speed when there is a large concentration level of airborne pollutants detected. There is also the usual auto shutdown timer with programmable 0-8 hours, child lock feature that locks the settings from children itchy fingers, and dimmer light that turns off all indicator light including the air quality monitor. Lastly, the built-in filter replacement indicator will alert you to change the filter after 3,000 hours of runtime.

Here is Medify MA-112 key specification:

  • Room coverage - 2,500 sq. ft.
  • Air filtration - Pre-filter, H13 HEPA filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Ionizer
  • Fan Speed - 4
  • Auto Mode - Yes
  • Warranty - Lifetime

Do not be fool by Medify MA-112 air purifier's small body frame, it can clean the air of up to 2,500 square footage in 30 minutes or 2 air changes per hour. For an asthmatic or hypersensitive person, increase the air changes to 4 per hour or every 15 minutes for 1,250 square footage of coverage. Perfect for large rooms like living room, master bedroom suite, garage, basement, offices, and even the entire floor of a house or apartment. CADR is as expected outstanding at 950 cubic feet per minute for dust, pollen, and smoke. Best of all, there's the Auto mode that helps manage the fan speeds for you. Just sit down, relax, and let Medify MA-112 air purifier work its magic.

No air purifier is complete without prominent HEPA filtration. Medify Air MA-112 delivers that with its medical-grade HEPA filter with 99.9% removal efficiency on microscopic particles as small as 0.1 microns including mold, pollen, lead dust, bacteria, and virus carrier. For smoke, odors, and chemical fumes like VOCs, asbestos, cigarette, formaldehyde, you have the activated carbon filter standing by. Protecting both filters is the permanent pre-filter that blocks out large particles from entering into the filtration. Last but not least, the optional ionizer emits charge negative ions that latch to positive ions pollutants in the air. The latched particles will gradually fall for Medify filter to capture.

As the highest tier model in Medify lineup, the steep price is foreseen from the increased size, filtration, and bigger motor fan. This also translates to a max of 70 decibels loud fan noise that can be distracting when you're trying to work or chill. The very high filter cost is the hardest to take in as it is compulsory to change. For those that don't need such a high-performance model, you can go with cheaper but lower variant models like MA-40 that have to do with a smaller cleaning coverage.

In short: Expensive it may be, this is the Best certified medical-grade H13 air purifier catered for a large room or whole-house use.

online price (US)**
±595.00 $$$$/ 7

(annual filter cost ±278-417)


Need a large room air purifier but short of cash, Coway Mighty AP-1512HH can fill the role. It is only around 200 dollars with impressive filtration and airflow delivery rate. At a short 16.8 inches in width, 18.3 inches in height, and 9.6 inches in depth, the boxy shape fits well in most homes. Weight is good too at only 12.3 pounds. When you need to move Coway Mighty to another location, just grab on the handle with both hands and carry as you go. Build quality is solid with a factory 3 years warranty for worry-free ownership. The panel can easily be removed and snapped back for filter swap. An underappreciated feature that many takes for granted.

A good starter large room HEPA air purifier for those that needs wide air cleaning without the exorbitant price.

Available in black or white, Coway AP-1512HH is easy to operate that requires zero knowledge prior to an air cleaner. It comes with a standard 3 fan speeds with auto and eco mode. Auto mode is particularly useful for those that like the air purifier to work on its own. There are also 1, 4, 8 hours timers that can be activated to turn off the Coway Mighty. At the front, there is a smart air quality indicator that displays the room air quality for you to monitor and take action. Lastly, a separate HEPA and Odor filter replacement indicator lets you know when either of the filters requires replacing.

Here is Coway Mighty air purifier main specification:

  • Room Coverage - 326 sq. ft.
  • Air Filtration - Pre-filter, True HEPA filter, Deodorization filter, Vital Ionizer
  • Fan Speed - 3
  • Auto Mode - Yes
  • Warranty - 3 years

The pollutants would be too mighty for the Coway AP-1512HH air purifier. It is designed to cover 326 square footage of room space. While it might not seems like a lot when compared with other bigger models here, for a one-bedroom apartment, studio room, or master bedroom, the airflow delivery rate is more than sufficient. AHAM verified CADR reflects well on the airflow performance with dust CADR at 246 cfm, pollen CADR at 240 cfm, and smoke CADR at 233 cfm. With Coway AP-1512HH by your side, you never have to worry about bad air anymore.

On to the filtration. Coway AP-1512HH air purifier reusable pre-filter protects the HEPA filter by trapping large particles like dust, fur, fiber, and hair. The True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of the microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns including mold spore, pollen, pet dander, and germs. The activated carbon filter absorbs household gases, odors, and chemical fumes. Lastly, the vital ionizer diffuses charged negative ions to bond and bring down airborne particles for the filter to capture.

With the energy-saving eco mode, power usage is very low at only 4.9 wattages per hour. On top of that, the energy-efficient Coway AP-1512HH will shut itself down when there is no nearby air pollution detected for 30 seconds. Noise level is equally impressive at only whispering 24.4 dBA to an audible but not overly loud 53.8 dBA. You can safely leave it on the whole day untouched and uninterrupted.

While we won't normally place Coway AP-1512HH Mighty as a starter air cleaner. Its smaller room size coverage and inexpensive price point make it very appealing for those that need a large room air purifier but don't have a budget. The airflow performance might not be up there with the top-tier air cleaner, it is still perfectly usable for average city folk. Another good point is the reasonable filter replacement cost at less than 50 dollars annually. The only annoying thing is the carbon filter has to be replaced every 6 months. As long as you're not staying in a villa with open spaces concept, the Coway Mighty air purifier will be a good option to improve your indoor air.

In short: A good starter large room HEPA air purifier for those that needs wide air cleaning without the exorbitant price.

online price (US)**
±229.99 $$$$/ 7

(annual filter cost ±47)



What Is The Best Air Purifier For 1200 sq. ft.?

The best air purifier for 1200 sq. ft. would be Airmega 400/ 400S. The robust airflow delivery rate and 300 cfm CADR can cover up to 1,560 square feet of room space. Supporting the strong airflow is the outstanding Max2 True HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. Combining the high filter density, Airmega 400S air purifier can effectively trap dust, mold, pollen, smoke, and odors suspended in the home.

What Is The Best Air Purifier for 2000 Square Feet?

The best air purifier for 2000 sq. ft. would be Medify MA-112. It is relatively compact and comes with multiple fan speeds for strong airflow output. The air purifier can also run at low speed for a quieter ambiance. Medify MA-112 H13 HEPA filter can also cover a lot of grounds as airborne contaminants will be swiftly removed from the air.

Particulate Matter Sizes

We all know there are many indoor pollutant sources in the air. What we might not know is these pollutants combined different types of particulate matter in various sizes. Particulate matter is the entirety of harmful solid and liquid droplets suspended in the air. Inhaling the airborne particles will have adverse effects on our health even at a small concentration level. Microscopic particles that are less than 10 micrometers (μm) can travel from our lungs to other parts of the organs via the bloodstreams. Here is a quick comparison of the most common indoor particulate matter sizes.

  • Dust (about 5 microns)
  • Dust Mites (10-300 microns)
  • Mold (3-100 microns)
  • Bacteria/ Viruses (0.1-60 microns)
  • Plant Spores (3-70 microns)
  • Pet Dander (2.5-10 microns)
  • Pollen (10-1000 microns)
  • Fungi (3-100 microns)
  • Cigarette Smoke (0.01-1 microns)

The best large air purifier can remove every particulate matter above with a HEPA filter. For smoke particles, the air purifier must be equipped with a carbon filter to absorb the toxic fumes.

What Are The Best Types of Air Purifiers?

Without a shadow of a doubt HEPA air purifier is the best air purifier to go for. There are a few common types of home air purifiers that vary in different sizes and different purifying technology. Some are more efficient than others but have to compromise with a higher price tag or usability. Regardless of which type of air purifier, go through the options carefully before choosing the best air purifier for a large room.

  • HEPA air purifier - An air purifier that uses a HEPA filter to trap 99.97% microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns. It is the most effective and reliable option that comes with a certified performance. The only drawback is the price tag which can be a hassle.
  • Carbon air purifier - An air purifier that uses an activated carbon filter to capture smoke, chemical fumes, and odors through absorption. It is the complete opposite of the HEPA filter where it only focuses on smoke particles.
  • UV air purifier - Uses ultraviolet light to sterilize microorganisms like mold by destroying the cell. UV light is 100% proven and safe for residential use. However, the UV light efficiency will decrease over time and it is not very effective against other forms of contaminants.
  • Ionizer - A filter-free purification that releasing negative ions into the air. The negative ions electrostatically merge will positive ions irritants causing them to fall from the increased weight. As long as the ionizer stays on, the ionization cycle will continue to remove airborne irritants in the air. The ionizer may not be as effective as a HEPA filter, is it eco-friendly and safe because it only releases negative ions.

Notice we did not include an ozone generator or Ozonator in the list. Ozone generator is a controversial device that generates ozone to purify the air. In theory, ozone can remove odors in the air by splitting the oxygen molecules of the allergens. The main issue is ozone itself is very harmful that can cause irreversible damage to the lungs. Having an ozone generator in your home can be more dangerous than not having any air purifier at all. So no matter which type of air purifier you intend to place in a large room, never go with an ozone generator.

Should I The Leave Air Purifier On All Day?

Yes, you should leave the air purifier running all day every day to trap harmful particulates in the air. HEPA air purifiers are designed to operate 7 days a week safely even when you're away at home or sleeping. Airborne pollutants will slowly build up over time when an air purifier is turned off.

Can I Use a Small Air Purifier in a Large Room?

A small air purifier would not work effectively in a big room as it would take an extended period of time to clean the air. You will need to close the door to ensure clean air is distributed across the room. Every air purifier is rated on how much it can cover in a designated room space between 1 to 5 air changes per hour. For example, a small air purifier that is designed to cover a 100 sq. ft. room size at 2 air changes per hour may take twice the amount of time to cover a 200 sq. ft. room size. For an asthmatic or hyperallergic person that needs 4 air changes per hour, you will need to double the amount of air cleaning time. To conclude, a large air purifier is needed to cover a large room.

Can An Air Purifier Be Too Big For a Room?

A large air purifier is always better than a small air purifier as it can cover more room air space with a stronger airflow output. It can even cover multiple rooms next to each other with open doors. That said, the physical dimension of a large air purifier can be big and cumbersome to fit into a small room. You will also have to bear a higher filter replacement cost and electricity bill.

Why Do You Need A Large Room Air Purifier?

There's are a lot of benefits of having an air purifier for a large room beside the performance bump. If you are still contemplating on invest one, here are a few good reasons to convince you:

  • You have severe allergies - A big air purifier is good for those with hypersensitivity, respiratory issues, asthma particularly during allergy season. You're getting the best filtration and airflow performance that can remove even the finest allergens. You can also run the air cleaner at the highest air changes per hour without having to worry about the reduced room size coverage.
  • You have a large family - The more the merrier. A large air purifier works best when you have kids, siblings, elderly, or pets living in an unhealthy air environment. A large family will pose a higher risk of illness because they are sharing the same breathing space.
  • You or someone in the household is a smoker - Cigarette kills and that's the fact. Having a big air purifier will ensure you're getting the best carbon filtration capable of removing the 6000+ chemicals found in a cigarette. It will also remove odors and protects you from inhaling secondhand smoke.
  • You live in a heavily polluted industrial area - A large air purifier can protect you from harmful outdoor pollutions like carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and particulate matter (PM10). Highly suited for those living near an industrial area due to fossil burning, urban areas with heavy traffic, and annual forest burning/ wildfire.
  • You have too many air purifiers at home - Having multiple small air purifiers can be a hassle to maintain and keep track of. It can also be costly in the long run with all the filter replacements. By keeping all doors and windows open, you can consolidate all the home air purifiers with one single big air purifier that delivers the same filtration result.
  • You have a fireplace at home - Having a fireplace might keep you warm during the winter season, it is not good for your lung when you breathe in the wood fire smoke. A powerful large air purifier will remove toxic fumes byproducts such as benzene, formaldehyde, acrolein, and methane.

2022 Best Air Purifiers For Large Room

NoImageAir PurifierOnline Price (Amazon)Room SizeFiltrationCoverage
1Levoit Vital 100 HEPA Air Purifier ReviewLevoit Vital 100 Air Purifier


500 square feet3-stage500 sq. ft. (46 m2)
2Coway Airmega 400S Air Purifier ReviewCoway Airmega 400S Air Purifier


1,560 square feet4-stage1,560 sq. ft. (145 m2)
3Alen BreatheSmart 75i Air Purifier ReviewAlen BreatheSmart 75i Air Purifier


1,100 square feet3-stage1,300 sq. ft. (121 m2)
4Rabbit Air MinusA2 Air Purifier ReviewRabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-780A Air Purifier


815 square feet6-stage815 sq. ft. (76 m2)
5IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier ReviewIQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier


1,098 square feet4-stage1,098 sq. ft. (102 m2)
6Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier ReviewBlueair 605 Air Purifier


775 square feet3-stage775 sq. ft. (72 m2)
7Medify Air MA-112 Air Purifier ReviewMedify Air MA-112 Air Purifier


2,500 square feet4-stage2,500 sq. ft. (232 m2)

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