Can You Leave Air Purifier On All The Time

Can You Leave Air Purifier On All The Time

So you brought the latest and most powerful air purifier in the market. Everything looks great and the air is being filtered as we speak. Your allergy symptoms have gone and overall indoor air quality has improved. But suddenly you realize, the air purifier is running continuously for a couple of days. Am I suppose to leave the air purifier on all the time? Should I let it cool down to avoid short-circuit? What about the electricity cost? Will I be hit with a heavy bill?
Short answer
An air purifier is designed to run 24x7 in the background.
Long answer

There are plenty of ways to make your air purifier work smart. First, keep all windows shut to reduce the numbers of irritants from flowing in. Second, air purifier works best untouched and in the same room. Never swap it between rooms even if the entire floor is unoccupied. If you have more rooms to cover, get an additional unit since the required coverage widens. Third, vacuum frequently to keeps your place clean and tidy. This would reduce the air purifier workload and maximize performance. Lastly, replace the filter on time because an air purifier without a filter is as good as useless.


Should I Run an Air Purifier All Day?

Yes and ideally you should leave it running 24 hours a day. It’s OK to leave the air purifier on all the time as allergens and germs contaminants do not take a break. Depending on the indoor air quality, new harmful particles will gradually return within 2-4 hours. If the air purifier is off during that period, it will take a longer time for it to start cleaning the air again. Even if you are away for work and nobody is at home, we recommend leaving it on but on a lower speed. When you’re finally back from work, you will be breathing straight out fresh air and nothing else. If you are confident on your indoor air quality while you’re away, turn it off before you leave the house or set a timer for auto-shutdown. You can also selectively let the air purifier run on all-day when it is allergy season or there is a haze invasion.

Can I Leave My Air Purifier on All Night?

Yes and we insist you sleep with an air purifier on. Mold, pollen, bacteria, and viruses are easily spread through airborne and will always be lingering around. If can be the differences between good quality sleep and having a bad day. We spend one-third of our time in bed, it doesn’t make sense that all airborne irritants will go to bed same time as you. So rather than risking yourself from exposing to the allergens all night long, let the air purifier “clear the air” for you.

Will The Air Purifier Use A Lot Of Electricity If I Leave It On All Day?

It will definitely use more electricity but only to a certain extent. Most air purifiers consume little energy especially models that are Energy Star Rated. To converse more energy, start with the highest speed for 1-2 hours. Then tone it down to medium or low speed and you can leave the air purifier untouched throughout the day. Better yet, if it comes with Auto mode, skip all above and rely on the autonomous purifying instead. Remember, the lower the fan speed, the lesser energy it consumes.

When Should I Start Considering Changing The Filter?

1 year is the norm but as soon as the filter lifespan is reached, you will need to replace it immediately. You can tell it’s time when the filter change indicator has lit or you have manually jot down the end date. That’s the drawback of having an air purifier running perpetually as filter tends to wear out quicker. Some filters are washable so you can reuse multiple times without having to replace it. If you don’t replace the filter in time, harmful particles will remain in the airway unfiltered. Whatever particles that flows in the air purifier will not be trapped and escape scot-free again. Also, the poorer the air quality, the faster the filter will be exhausted. Consider having a standby replacement when the filters are reaching the end of the cycle.



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