Air Purifier FAQ

Air Purifier Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here at, we received tons of air purifiers questions that you probably can relate to. From how air purifier works, types of filters, functionality, allergies and symptoms to product recommendation. While we are happy to answer all of your questions, from time to time we do missed out a few due to the sheer numbers of emails piling up. To give everyone a quicker and more up-to-date response, we compiled a list of frequently asked questions by our reader along with answer and recommendation as well. The list will be updated regularly so feel free to drop us a comment or question if you did not find the answer that you need.

Air Purifier Do’s and Don’ts

Air Purifier Do’s and Don’ts

99% of us will never open an air purifier’s owner manual like with every other product we owned. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but there is some valuable information that we missed out in doing so. Safety tips like what to do and what not is some of the things we fail to acknowledge that resulted our air purifier unexpectedly malfunction due to some unintentional mistakes. Filtration efficiency also dropped as days go by because of the lack of care rather than the usage volume. To uphold the air purifier functionality and purifying efficiency, most of these careless habits can be avoided with a little bit of common sense. In this post, we will give you the heads up on what can you do and can’t do with an air purifier, along with many common tips most people often neglected.

Different Types and Sizes of Air Purifiers

13 Different Types and Sizes of Air Purifiers That You Need to Know

Picking a wrong air purifier can be as bad as picking a wrong size shoes. It will still work, just not according to you needs. Like every other home appliances, air purifier comes in different shapes, sizes and set of features where each types of air purifier have a role of its own. What’s more the technologies used in an air purifier will have direct impact on its filtration performance and purifying efficiency. To give you a heads up on what to expect from an air purifier, we will be exploring the most common type of air purifiers (HEPA air purifier, odor eliminator) and other niche market models like ion generator and electrostatic air cleaner. We will also end each list with the pros/ cons and best place to use. Continue reading to learn more.

The Complete Guide to Air Purifier: Facts, Pre-purchase and Post-purchase

Owning an air purifier is easy, but to completely utilize the air purifier full capacities is a skill of its own. From the health benefits of an air purifier to the complete acronym and jargon used in air cleaner, every little detail of knowledge here will empower you into choosing the perfect air purifier that suit you or your family needs. In this complete guide to air purifier post, we will be looking at all air purifier facts, pre-purchase check and post-purchase care plus maintenance. Each category comes with a detail summary on the topic itself plus a link where you can learn more. This page will be updated regularly so do check back for more refreshed content!

Air Purifier Acronym, Jargon and Technologies

Air Purifier Acronym, Jargon and Technologies: Everything You Need to Know!

There are many jargon, acronym and association that can be quite intimidating for people new to air purifiers. To make it furthermore confusing, many brands used different names on their purification technologies which essentially is still an ionizer. Let’s not even begin on the deceiving tactics of ozone generator market as air purifier! What we provide below is a compiled list of all the jargon/ acronym/ technology used in the air purifier’s field that some you might have encounter multiple times including from this site. Each jargon/ acronym comes with a simple explanation to give you a heads up on what you are dealing with. The list will be updated periodically so remember to bookmark the page for more updates.

Top 14 Health Benefits of Air Purifier That Some You Might Not Even Heard Of!

Top 14 Health Benefits of Air Purifier That Some You Might Not Even Heard Of!

No two ways about it, there are many health benefits in getting air purifier. As clean air is essential to our health, the “right” air purifier (genuine HEPA based) can be the key provider of continuous clean air. In this article, we will go through every single beneficial fact of an air purifier and the reason behind it. As the list goes on, some of the health benefits in an air purifier are pretty self-explanatory while others are not so obvious where the end result would actually surprise you. Without further ado, below are some of the health benefits you would definitely get from an air purifier.