The Complete List of $200 – 400 Air Purifiers

Among the different price categories, air purifier priced between $200 – 400 is no doubt the sweet spot between value and filtration performance. What typically you will get from the air purifier is the complete filter set (True HEPA filter, carbon filter, Ionizer) similar to the big boys, along with practical features like timer, air quality sensors, Auto mode or even remote control. The only differences between the air purifiers here and higher range models is the purifying coverage or airflow delivery rate. Intrigue? Check out the complete list of $200 – 400 air purifiers below. Keep this page posted as we will constantly update the list when there is any changes on the air purifier pricing.


Winix 5500-2

Winix 5500-2 PlasmaWave

Winix 5500-2

± 249.99 p
     Annual filter ^    
± 80 p
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