The Complete List of Air Purifiers for Large Room Size

This is the part 3 of a 3 part series where we focus on large room size air purifiers (<400 sq. ft. to be exact). The top tier in its group, large room size air purifiers offers best in-class purifying coverage, airflow delivery rate, filtration depth (usually 3-stage or higher) with high-grade HEPA filter and carbon filter. Most models also come equipped with comprehensive functionality like advanced timer, dual sensors, auto/ sleep mode and WiFi-ready. The things you do have to compromise is the premium price tag, bulky body/ weight and high upkeeping including filter replacement and power consumption. Perfect for all locations and room size if you can find space for the machine, see below for the complete list of large purifying coverage air purifiers covering from 400 sq. ft. onwards.


Airmega 300S

Airmega 300S

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± 100 p
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