The Complete List of Air Purifiers for Small Room Size

This is the part 1 of a 3 part series where we take a look at the list of small room size air purifiers covering less than 200 sq. ft. Placed at the lowest spectrum in terms of airflow performance and filtration, air purifiers in this category is ideal for places like table top, office desk, washroom (limited models) or bedside that does not require a whole lot of purifying coverage. Small room size air purifiers also gain the advantage of smaller dimension and weight therefore it would take up very little of your interior space. Most importantly to some, it is the most affordable group where some models cost less than $50 not to mention the low annual filter replacement cost. Putting the price factor aside, if you are entirely sure that you do not need the extra airflow circulation and purifying coverage, below is the complete list of air purifiers for small room size that cover less than 200 sq. ft. applicable area.


GermGuardian AC4825

GermGuardian AC4825 3-in-1

GermGuardian AC4825

± 149.99 p
     Annual filter ^    
± 72 - 100 p
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