The Complete List of Very Cheap Air Purifiers (Less than $100)

If you are tight on budget yet need an air purifier that simply works, below is the complete list of very cheap air purifiers that cost less than $100. As air purifiers in this group is set for affordability rather than performance, every one of them has their own set of limitation e.g. small purifying coverage, poor airflow, small filters. If you see something that you really like, we recommend going through the product specification and review first before confirming your order. Do note the list here is based on the air purifiers online price which typically is much lower than the official MRSP/ RSP guideline. Remember to check back this page regularly as we will update the list accordingly.


GermGuardian AC4100

GermGuardian AC4100

± 69.99 p
     Annual filter ^    
± 48 - 65 p
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