Do Air Purifiers Dry Out The Air?

Due to the climate changes and poor air condition, more and more household have an air purifier at home. The numbers are staggering based on the number of online sales in the U.S. alone. As family members are more dependent on the purifying machine, many questions will be hovering over their head. Today, we will be answering one of the age-old questions, do air purifiers make the air dry?
Short answer
Air purifier does not dry out the air.

Do Air Purifiers Make The Air Dry?

An air purifier will not dry out the air. It is designed to trap airborne pollutants like dust, mold, pet dander, germ or pollen. The air purifier will simply pull air into its filtration via the motor fan and circulate clean air out. There is no heating coil built-in so the air will remain the same condition as it is. Even with addon features like ionizer or UV-light, it will not have any impact on the air dryness. It is even safe to place it at the bedside and you will wake up fresh with the same moisturized skin.

Do Air Purifiers Help With Moisture?

An air purifier will not add or remove moisture in the air. However, an air purifier humidifier combo will increase moisture in a room but that is down to the humidifier part. Both will work simultaneously but on a different purpose. To identify what types of air purifier you are dealing with, check if there is any water reservoir, if no then it is a basic purifier.

An air purifier is beneficial to your health as it removes harmful particles from the airway. If you somehow feel the air is stale or are feeling under the weather, your room humidity level could be low. This could be due to factors like poor air circulation or cold weather in winter. An air conditioner is also one of the main culprits as it is known to dry out the air in exchange for cooler air. Try increasing the room humidity level while leaving an air purifier untouched. Running a humidifier and air purifier together works best with dry air. If the air is still dry, try disabling the device and see if there are any differences but I doubt it would. You can learn more about air purifier, humidifier, and dehumidifier here.

When the air feels dry and stale, it means there is very little water vapor in the air. This "phenomenal" happen in the winter season where the low dew point cold air outside will be heated inside and drive humidity level down to 15% or less. Because of that, the moisture from your body also evaporates and leaving your skin parched. It will also create an uncomfortable breathing environment especially to the asthmatic person. Other allergy symptoms include sinus congestion, nose bleed, dry skin or sore throat.

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