Do Air Purifiers Give Off Radiation

There is a myth spreading that an air purifier gives off a dangerous amount of radiation, that you should think twice about buying one. That couldn't be far from the truth, and we will explain why it is safe to use an air purifier at home. As a bonus point, we will recommend the best air cleaner to buy so you will stay confident breathing in clean, fresh air all day. Let's begin.


Does Air Purifiers Give Off Dangerous Radiation?

No, it does not. Air purifiers emit little EMF radiation when electrical currents flow, similar to every other electronic device in your home. The low-frequency EMF level is comparatively lower than a laptop, microwave oven, or cellphone radiation. A HEPA air purifier will not cause harm to your health as it is designed to safely clean the air from airborne pollutants. Most household air cleaners use less than 60 watts of electricity with a low-frequency 60Hz 120V power source. So don’t be afraid to get one. It is absolutely worth it.

What Is Electromagnetic Field Frequencies (EMF) Radiation?

Electromagnetic Field Frequencies (EMF) radiation is electric magnetic fields that travel in wavelength like UV light. It is invisible to humans but is present in everyday life as all electrical devices emit EMF by electrical motors’ motion. Even the all-mighty sun sent out electric and magnetic field waves.

As part of the electromagnetic spectrum, there are two types of EMF:

  • Low-level frequency non-ionizing radiation
  • High-level frequency ionizing radiation

Low-frequency radiation can be found in your air cleaner, Wi-Fi router, cellphones, microwaves, radio waves, and power lines. It is harmless to humans as many studies, including one by the World Health Organization (WHO), show no scientific evidence linking EMF with cancer. High-frequency radiation can be found in x-rays, gamma rays, and ultraviolet light medical devices that can damage DNA cells. You can reduce the EMF intensity and exposure risk by maintaining a few feet away from the sources.

Which Air Purifiers Should I Pick?

Everyone needs an air purifier in their life. You can have peace of mind knowing that all registered air purifiers sold in the U.S. are safe and FDA-approved. If EMF is a major concern, some models use a DC motor generating less EMF radiation than a standard AC motor. We highly recommend you opt for HEPA air purifiers that use an electric motor fan to pull and trap airborne pollutants into the filtration. Don't waste your money on unknown brands. Choose reputable brands like Winix, Honeywell, IQAir, Blueair, and Alen are proven effective in improving air quality with zero health risks.

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