Do Air Purifiers Work for Mold

I'm having constant mold trouble at home. So does an air purifier able to get rid of it?

A : Air purifier does work for mold but there is a caveat. It can only remove airborne microorganisms like mold, mildew, spore, and pollen. Any surface mold that is stuck on a ceiling, wall, pipe, or floor will need to be removed manually through wiping or spraying with a mixture of natural remedies.

Here is how an air purifier eliminates mold. Whenever there is a mold floating around, the built-in motor fan would pull in the air and any other microorganisms that travel within. From there, all of the allergens like mold would have to go through a series of filters including HEPA filter that will trap the irritants for good and releases clean, purified air out. The cleaning cycle will repeat itself until all airborne mold within its proximity is captured.

When choosing the right air purifier for mold, the first thing you would need to consider is the bundled filter. Only look for air purifier with a true HEPA filter that is certified and proven to be effective against mold. Second, reserve a higher priority on the filtration set that comes with antimicrobial treatment/ filter. This is to prevent mold from growing on to the filter. Third, make sure there is enough airflow performance to cover the entire infected area. Mold is easily spread through airborne and we need to make sure the allergens are captured before we inhale the toxic into our body. Lastly, as mold thrives on damp and humid environment, we recommend placing a dehumidifier together with an air purifier to reduce the room humidity level and effectively halt mold from growth.

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In short, can air purifier remove mold? Yes, it can but only if the allergen is airborne. Can air purifier stop mold and other microorganisms from growth? No, it can't. You will need a dehumidifier to do that.

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