Do Air Purifiers Work for Smoke?

Let's clear the air. Air Purifiers will work for smoke even some MD from a big medical site says otherwise. The debate happens when those "expert" confused with the many types of air purifiers in the market. In this post, we are going to explain how an air purifier will remove smoke and which type of devices are best for this purpose. We will also touch on the different types of gaseous pollutants you should look out for.
Short answer
Air purifiers will remove smoke from fire, tobacco, cooking, and even harmful chemical.

Do Air Purifiers Help With Smoke?

Yes, an air purifier will remove smoke and other gaseous pollutants. This includes fire smoke, cigarette/ cigar smoke, and chemical fumes e.g. VOCs, CO, or Ammonia. But not any type of air cleaner will work. Only an air purifier with carbon filter would be able to achieve that. When the smoke is drawn towards the filtration, the many absorbent pellets in the carbon filter will begin absorbing the pollutants. This leaves the smoke and particulate matter trapped inside the filter for good.

An air purifier is particularly useful if you are a smoker or someone in the family smoke. It will protect everyone in the household from breathing into the toxic gas. It is extremely useful if you have a baby or children at home due to their weakened immune system. For external factors such as haze, industrial or car fumes, an air purifier would also come in handy.

How Long Does Secondhand Smoke Stay In a Room

Second-hand smoke can linger around 2-5 hours in a room depending on ventilation. The harmful smoke will also spread rapidly from room to room even if the door is closed. Eventually, the toxic residues will float across the entire home and penetrate deep into porous materials like wood. Once the residues have settled down, it will take at last couple of months before the effects lessen. It’s safe to say smoking indoor is a terrible idea unless you enjoy inhaling third-hand smoke.

2 Alternate Way of Removing Smoke At Home

The first one is a no brainer. Stop indoor smoking habit. If you need to lit one, do it outside as far away as you can. Second is the most common way that needs no introduction. Open the windows for better air circulation. Unless is raining outside or you live next to a highway, indoor air quality is definitely worst compared to outdoor air. Leave the window open for a couple of hours or until the smoke flush out.

Best Air Purifier For Cigarette Smoke

Only air cleaner with carbon filter would fit the bill. Ignore Ionizer, Ozone generator or UV air purifier types as they will do a half-baked job. Look for keywords such as activated carbon, alumina, potassium permanganate, coconut shells or coal in the filter. Also, consider the air purifier airflow delivery rate and overall coverage. This is a critical factor as smoke will spread swiftly in the air. With that, here is our best smoke air purifier curated for you.

  1. IQAir HealthPro Plus
  2. Blueair 605
  3. Winix 5500-2
  4. Airmega 300S
  5. Rabbit Air MinusA2

Check out the complete list with specification and reviews at our best smoke eater air purifier page.

Smoke is a result of solid particulate undergoing combustion. Its substances depend on the particulate matter it was released. In general, inhaling to indoor smoke is bad from secondhand smoke, cooking fumes, to chemical gas. You might think a little ciggy smoke wouldn't do any harm to our body, a study from CDC have shown otherwise. Acetaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, VOCs is just a few out of the thousand toxic compounds that will be released. Prolong exposure to smoke will have irreversible health impact particular to our lungs. Heart failure, SIDS, acute respiratory infection, and cancer is few of the common diseases. In some cases, it can even affect our children developing mentality with aggressive or anti-social behavior.

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