Do Dehumidifier Cool a Room

A recent study shows more than 50 percent of Americans will have at least 1 air purifier and dehumidifier in their home. Despite the rise of popularity in purifying appliances, there is still much confusion on their functionality. For example, can a dehumidifier cool down a room is a recurring question that we received every single day. The same questions will triple in counts on a hot summer day or when there is a heatwave invasion. In this post, we are going to give you the answer to that question along with other benefits of a dehumidifier.


Non-dehumidifier Ways To Make a Room Colder

There are plenty of ways you could make a hot room colder without costing you much. We mentioned the air conditioner/ fan approach earlier, so keep all doors and windows shut to prevent cold air from getting out. When the weather is cold outside, just open the windows and let the cold air breeze in. There is no need to operate any cooling appliances. Also, close all curtains to reduce sunlight exposure in a room. The chiller the room temperature, the less power an air conditioner or dehumidifier would use. Another worthy tip is to stop using heating appliances like a shower heater, HVAC or stove that will generate heat internally. Lastly, try not to cramp too many people in a place as body heat tends will affect room temperature.

The Benefits of Owning a Dehumidifier

“Chilling” is not the only reason for owning the moisture removal. There are a lot of advantages with a dehumidifier that many people seem to neglect. So we are here to recap how wonderful having a dehumidifier can be.

  • Eliminate and destroy microorganisms like mold, mildew, dust mite living habitats
  • Stop musty mold smell and obnoxious odor
  • Prevent cockroaches, millipedes, rodents and other pests from hanging around
  • Protect belongings from water damage like a wooden door, cabinet
  • Prevent rusting on windows hinges, electronic devices, and other metal parts
  • Prevent allergies, joint pain, and asthma from triggering
  • Breathes better especially for people with sinus, baby, and children
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Lower electricity bills on air conditioners

We all know how a dehumidifier works. The electronic desiccant technology behind it is as simple as it can be. It uses a fan to draw in air from the surrounding, passes over a cold coil and performs condensation. The droplets will be collected into the reservoir and the dry air will be dispersed through heating via the warm coil. The cycle will repeat itself until the room humidity is dropped to your ideal level. If you notice carefully, the way a dehumidifier works is similar to an air conditioner, so does that mean it will cool a room down?

Will a Dehumidifier Cool a Room?

A dehumidifier will make a room feel cooler as it removes the humidity from the air. In fact, it pairs well with an air conditioner as it can cool the air faster when the air is dry. That way the air conditioner will require less effort to lower the temperature thus less energy will be consumed. Less energy usage means a lower electricity bill every month.

The human body is another reason why the air feels warmer than the actual temperature when humidity is high. Sweat helps lower our body temperature by drawing away from the heat. Our skin will feel cooler when it's wet through evaporation. If the surrounding temperature is humid, sweat will not evaporate thus leaving you feeling warm and drenched than it should.

Keep in mind that the dehumidifier will only cool off a room to a certain extent. In fact, some dehumidifier tends to make a room feel warmer as the device generates quite a bit of heat. A fan or an air conditioner is no doubt the more practical way of cooling down a room.



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