Does An Air Purifier Cool A Room?

We are regularly swarmed with questions from our readers and none more so than this: Do air purifiers cool the air? A common question where many people are confused between an air purifier and a fan. In this post, we're going to address the differences between the 2 and why an air cleaner does not affect room temperature in anyways. Ultimately, we will debunk the "air purifier cooler" myth once one for all and end all confusion.
Short answer
An air purifier does not cool a room.


Do Air Purifiers Cool Down A Room?

An air purifier does NOT cool or heat a room. It is designed to filter airborne particles and circulate clean air only. A typical air purifier consists of multiple filters and a built-in electric motor fan to pull air in. Unlike an air conditioner, an air purifier will not make a room cold as there is no cooling unit such as evaporator coil or condenser coil to help lower the room tempeature.

The reason most people might think otherwise is they feel a breeze of cool air that blows towards their body from the air purifier’s outlet. This air circulation process is known as “wind-chill” where the strong airflow provides temporary chills to our body via the exposed skin. The cooling effects are more noticeable when the air cleaner is on higher a fan speed or when you’re sweating. Compared with a ceiling fan or desk fan, the spinning fan in an air purifier is significantly slower than it will not reduce the room temperature. You can evaluate the airflow level via the official Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) that measures the airflow in cubic feet per minute (cfm).

Should I Run Ceiling fan with An Air Purifier?

You can run a ceiling fan with an air purifier simultaneously without any issue. Both appliances can co-exist at the same time to lower room temperature and improve indoor air quality. At most, the extra airflow circulation will slightly increase the air purifier's time in cleaning the air that is ignorable. There is no need to run an air purifier for a couple of hours first prior to running a ceiling fan or vice versa.

So How Can I Make A Room Colder?

By now you should have a clear mind that an air purifier will not cool a room and is not a direct replacement for your ceiling fan or desk fan. Instead of relying on things that are not meant to be, let's focus on what can be done to lower a room temperature instead.

  • Close the windows and doors (when the weather outside is hot).
  • Open the windows and doors (when the weather outside is cold).
  • Running an air conditioner.
  • Use a fan instead (portable, ceiling fan, stand fan, tabletop).
  • Everybody out (The lesser people, the cooler a room will be).
  • Improve room ventilation by removing unused household items.
  • Turn off unused electronic devices (save electricity and reduce heat).

Final Thoughts

There are exceptions to the rules though. Fan air purifiers such as Dyson Pure Cool Link, Dyson Pure Hot+Cool, Dyson Pure Cool Tower or Dyson Pure Cool Me is essentially a fan with air purifying features. The internal fan will actually make your room cooler rather than the air purifier itself. So always keep an air purifier running all the time since it will help capture 99.9% of the airborne contaminants as small as 0.3 microns without affecting the room temperature.

Max Fernandez

A loving father and a dedicated reviewer for airfuji.com with more than 1000 air purifiers under his belt. Max Fernandez is also one of the million patients currently suffering from asthma. Feel free to nudge him if you have any questions.