Health Benefits of Air Purifier

14 Health Benefits of Air Purifier That Some Might Surprise you!

No two ways about it. There are many hidden health benefits of air purifier other than providing clean air. Everybody knows clean air is essential to our health, but most people are unaware that it can have an impact on our well-being. From the mental state to owning a pet, the RIGHT air cleaner can be the key to unlock them all. In this article, we will go through every single point in details and the reason behind it. As the list goes on, some of the health benefits are pretty self-explanatory, while others might end up surprising you.
Short answer
Air purifier is good for you.
Long answer

Before you go crazy with all the perks we are about to introduce, not all air purifiers are created equal. Some are only meant for table use, some are too loud or bulky for bedroom use. In fact, there are terrible choices like ozone generator that creates more harm than good. So always start by understanding your need. Do you have an allergy issue? Are you an asthmatic person? Do you smoke or have any pets? Once you have a clear mindset on your needs, start focusing on the types and features of the air cleaner. If you need a HEPA purifier that can cover 200 sq. ft. room size, don't settle for less. Finally, set a budget on something you are comfortable in and recurring filter replacement cost.

Top 14 Air Purifier Benefits


Air Purifier Can Create an Asthma-friendly Home

  • Effectiveness  (Highly effective)
  • Ideal model – IQAir HealthPro, Honeywell HPA300, Coway AP-1512HH

Asthma is a chronic lung disease where a person’s airways are swollen or inflamed. The narrower airway will lead to symptoms like difficulty breathing, wheezing, and cough. Home should be the safest and most comfortable place for an asthmatic person. Sadly, the increasing numbers of asthma-related death show otherwise.

Dust mite, mold, pet dander or even odor could trigger an asthma attack without a person realizing it. An air purifier will remove all smoke and allergens via its multi-stage purification. With airborne aggravators out of the picture, there is less chance of it from happening. For guaranteed result, choose an air purifier with True HEPA filter. Leave it on all day and your home will be transformed into an asthma-friendly zone.

In short: Air purifier is a preventer but inhaler is a savior. It is the best thing to save you from a life-threatening asthma attack. Also, ensure other factors like food, pest, or cockroach droppings (yuck) are not here to make a scene.


Air Purifier is An Effective Dust Removal Machine

  • Effectiveness  (Highly effective)
  • Ideal model – Blueair Pro XL, Coway AP-1512HH, Airmega 300

Anyone can be allergic to dust as there are literally everywhere. Depending on how small a particle is, dust can stay airborne for up to 5 days. On average, a home produces 4 pounds of dust every month (around the weight of an ultrabook laptop). A vacuum cleaner would do a fine job in ground dust, it can’t deal with anything that is airborne. For that reason, this is where an air purifier advantages kick in!

An air purifier can remove airborne dust via its pre-filter or HEPA filter. The filtration will also capture all irritants that travel along with the dust. This includes dead skin, animal fur, dander, decomposing insects, pollen, food debris, hair, fabric or fiber.

In short: Most people are hypersensitive to dust mites rather than dust itself. Either way, an air purifier can stop us from inhaling both into our lungs first before anything else. Combine with extra housekeeping, it will be tactical masterclass between an air-strike air cleaner and ground attack vacuum cleaner.


Air Purifier Will Remove And Impede Germs Growth

  • Effectiveness  (Highly effective)
  • Ideal model – Winix HR1000, Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0/ MinusA2, GermGuardian AC5250PT

Germs are often spread through the air via sneezing, coughing, rubbing eyes, or even simple handshake. Studies have shown most germs/ flu viruses can stay active for up to 24 hours. Specific cold viruses can survive in an indoor environment for up to 7 days. These microorganisms multiply and grow at an exponential rate.

The advantages of using an air purifier are the swift bacteria and viruses capturing. If the filter comes with an antimicrobial coating, it can impede the microbes from further growth. With those pesky germs out of the way, everyone in your home will be shielded from flu, cough, and other illnesses. Children would be the biggest beneficiary as they are more vulnerable to the common cold.

In short: If you and your family member fall sick frequently from a virus attack, an air purifier would be a godsend. However, it is only one part of the solution. Washing your hand, keeping a room ventilated and reducing moisture level is one of the few alternate ways. In any case, you don’t find out the germ cause, it would be a never-ending nightmare.


Air Purifier Alleviate Seasonal Allergies

  • Effectiveness  (Highly effective)
  • Ideal model – Blueair 605, Rabbit Air MinusA2, Airmega 400

Speaking of allergens, it’s that time of the year where pollen will fly and mold will rise. Around 50 million folks in the U.S are suffering from nasal allergies every summer. One might experience symptoms like running nose, red/ watery eyes, or itchiness. Most mold or pollen allergies will come and go but typical viruses like cold can last from 7 to 10 days.

When mother nature works its magic, you need to be prepared. A HEPA air cleaner will suck in any invading pollen, spore from grass or weed. At the same time, on-float mold and other microorganisms that will be trap before we breathe into them.

In short: If you dreaded the day to every seasonal allergy, getting an air purifier is the best way to maintain healthy air. For optimum result, place the machine close to windows but not directly underneath. Also, keep all windows/ doors shut to reduce the numbers of incoming airborne fungi.


Air Purifier Eliminate All Kind of Odors

  • Effectiveness  (Highly effective)
  • Ideal model – Winix 5500-2, Blueair 405, Austin Air HealthMate Plus

Odor can make a person feel sick but is not the pungent smell that is bad for you. It is the gaseous chemical compound or bacteria that travels with it. When we scent something unpleasant, one might experience loss of appetite, nausea or headache. This includes rotten eggs, cigarette, sewage, diaper, and even chemical fumes like VOCs.

Nobody wants to stay in a smelly home. The biggest advantage of an air purifier is it can clear out all types of odors. The activated carbon filter will remove all unwanted smells plus the chemical substances. It is also safe and cost-effective where you could leave the device running all day in the background.

In short: When something smells bad, it is probably bad for you. Rather than masking away the foul smell with air freshener, consider the chemical-free air cleaner. It will truly remove stinky odors without adding harmful particles into our body. Also, keep your room well-ventilated and throw away any rotten foods.


Air Purifier Can Counter Smoker Way of Life

  • Effectiveness  (Highly effective)
  • Ideal model – Alen BreatheSmart, Winix 5500-2, Blueair 605

Like it or not, smokers are everywhere and so is the chemicals and odors it brings. Tobacco is notoriously known for its 3 components: nicotine, carbon monoxide, and tar. Nicotine is the popular one that causes addiction but tar is the dangerous one that causes cancer. Despite the aggressive awareness campaign, there are still 36.5 million smokers in the U.S. alone. More scaringly, at least 16 million people live with a smoking-related disease.

An air purifier can filter out all 4000+ chemicals and odors emitted from a cigarette. In long-run can also act as a protective barrier against secondhand/ thirdhand smoke. Therefore, it is less likelihood of you or your family member from developing smoke-linked cancer. Again, the air cleaner must be equipped with a good carbon filter with decent coverage.

In short: An air purifier can lessen the impact smoking brings from a situation that you can’t change. If you are a smoker, quit smoking is no doubt the best option. Otherwise, smoke in an open space area or stay clear of smoking zone area.


Air Purifier Eradicate Household Chemicals

  • Effectiveness  (Highly effective)
  • Ideal model – IQAir GC MultiGas, Austin Air HealthMate Plus, AIRMEGA 300S

Household chemicals are here to stay and so is an air purifier. we are regularly in contact with toxic fumes from our everyday products. This includes detergent, toilet bowl cleaner, paint, or insect repellents (pesticide). In small concentration, it would be safe to say it is negligible, but in large doses, it’s unquestionably a major health risk.

An air cleaner is an eco-friendly solution to contain evaporated chemicals. By pulling in the air into the mechanical filtration, the toxic fumes will be stuck on to the carbon filter. Common toxic include Ammonia, Deet, Radon, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

In short: If you are constantly exposed to cleaning products, you will need an air purifier. To fully cover your entire home, pick a full-sized HEPA machine or place multiple units in different section of the room.


Air Purifier Give Pet Allergy Person a Second Chance

  • Effectiveness  (Highly effective)
  • Ideal model – Austin Air Pet Machine, GermGuardian AC5250PT, Hamilton Beach TrueAir Compact Pet

Allergies can develop at any stage of life even if you are fully immunized. This can be extremely painful for pet owners that have to give up on their companion for something beyond their control. Another common scenario is you met your soulmate that is unfortunately allergic to pets. What can you do?

Air purifier will eliminate all types of airborne allergies including pet dander. It can also get rid of pet odors thus making your home smell as fresh as before. There are many specialized pet air purifiers in the market. Choose the unit with stronger airflow so it can cover more grounds.

In short: Taking allergy shot can be a temporary remedy to your allergy woes. Getting an air purifier would be a rational, long-term solution. If you “The allergy sufferer” would like to have a pet, consider getting an allergenic dog or cat.


Air Purifier Creates a Safe Haven For Baby

  • Effectiveness  (Effective)
  • Ideal model – Winix 5500-2, Honeywell HPA300, AIRMEGA 400

We “the strong one” have the duty to protect “the weaker one”. Our immune system is a network of cells, tissues, and organs. It will defend our body against bacteria and viruses attack. As we continue to age, the number of cells will reduce thus the body will take a longer time to recover from cuts and infection. By that baby, elderly, postpartum women and sick person should be treated with extra care.

Creating a germ-proof environment is the main benefits of air purifier for baby. A HEPA air cleaner with strong airflow can safeguard “the weaker one” from viruses attack. It would also protect them from serious illness thus allow the complete development of their immune system.

In short: If you have newborn, baby or children, an air purifier would protect them from any virus infection. Remember the wider the purifying coverage is, the more grounds it can cover. Keep the air purifier running all the time so no germs can sneak pass the protective shield.


Air Purifier Helps You Sleep Better

  • Effectiveness  (Partially effective)
  • Ideal model – Winix 5500-2, Honeywell HPA300, AIRMEGA 300

Despite the common theme, many people are unable to sleep through the night. Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that should not be taken lightly. People with untreated sleep apnea often suffer from unrefreshed sleep or lack of concentration. Other signs include snoring, headaches, insomnia, and even decreased sexual desire (ouch). In long-run, it will have a detrimental health effect to our body.

The pros of air purifier in a bedroom are obvious. It clear away all the disturbing, airborne irritants like dust mites. Without the irritants triggering the symptoms, expect less snoring noise and sleep interruption. You will breathe easier and your sleeping partners would truly appreciate. Your body will also thank you for supplying enough oxygen for internal organs.

In short: If you are suffering from mild sleep apnea due to cold, or choking, an air purifier could be the answer to the woes. Keep in mind that most air cleaners generate a fair bit of noise. Picking a *right* silent model is crucial and so is keeping the fan speed in low/ sleep mode setting.


Air Purifier Blocks Outdoor Pollutants

  • Effectiveness  (Effective)
  • Ideal model – IQAir GC MultiGas, Austin Air HealthMate Plus, Blueair 605

In an urban area, a typical source of outdoor pollution includes fossil fuel burning, vehicles, and forest burning. As a result, toxic like Nitrogen oxides, Carbon monoxide, Sulfur dioxide will flow into your home. Prolonged exposure to outdoor pollutants is known to have adverse health effects. It can causes diseases such as bronchitis, emphysema and worst still, cancer. Unless you can move out of the area, there are very little things you could do. An air cleaner is your best bet in reducing the air pollution severity.

Outdoor pollution never takes a break. The long term benefits of air purifier are to ensure full protection when staying indoors. With a genuine HEPA filter and a good carbon filter, it can trap any PM2.5 particles or toxic fumes. Make sure you opt from a reputable brand with wide purifying coverage.

In short: Air purifier can shield you from most part of outdoor pollutions. Harmful substances will still creep in despite the best effort of keeping it out. When the days are bad (super hazy), avoid or at least reduce the number of trips outdoor and keep all windows shut.


Air Purifier Improves Your Mood Levels

  • Effectiveness  (Not very effective)
  • Ideal model – PureZone 3-In-1, Levoit LV-H132, GermGuardian AC4100

When you’re healthy, you’re happy. A bad cold or cough will stress you out and when you are stressed, your mood swings. Same theory apply to symptoms like itchiness, watering eyes, headache, and chest tightness. Nothing will bring you down quicker than a headache.

Clean air would do wonders to your mood and health-being. The advantage of owning an air purifier is it can SWITCH ON your mood. It helps manage your health condition so your mood would not be dragged down by any illnesses.

In short: An air purifier is not a dopamine generator. Ii cannot make you happy if you are not. A stroll in the park or enjoying some mood-boosting foods would temporarily improve your emotional state. If you constantly experiencing mood swings, consult your doctor to see if you are suffering from Bipolar Disorder.

sharp air purifier mosquito

Air Purifier Traps Mosquito

  • Effectiveness  (Not very effective)
  • Ideal model – Sharp Mosquito Catcher FPGM30LB, Sharp Mosquito Catcher FZ-40STS

Mosquitoes are one of the deadliest creatures on the planet. It accounted for 475,000 deaths every year. This disease-carrying insect often roams in Africa and in Southeast Asia, where dengue and malaria fever spread. In the U.S, West Nile virus, (LAC) encephalitis, and yellow fever diseases are more commonly transmitted.

As weird as it can be, some air purifiers can capture mosquitoes if you crank up the air cleaner fan speed. Through a built-in mosquito repellent sheet that is above any filter. The strong airflow would suck in and trap mosquitoes with other airborne allergens.

In short: Only a specific model would give mosquito protection besides cleaning the air. It may not be the perfect mosquito catcher, but think about it as an extra benefit that taps on to the existing feature. Not sure why manufacturer did not emphasize on this as so far only Sharp promoting so.