Top 14 Health Benefits of Air Purifier That Some You Might Not Even Heard Of!

Top 14 Health Benefits of Air Purifier That Some You Might Not Even Heard Of!

No two ways about it, there are many health benefits in getting air purifier. As clean air is essential to our health, the “right” air purifier (genuine HEPA based) can be the key provider of continuous clean air. In this article, we will go through every single beneficial fact of an air purifier and the reason behind it. As the list goes on, some of the health benefits in an air purifier are pretty self-explanatory while others are not so obvious where the end result would actually surprise you. Without further ado, below are some of the health benefits you would definitely get from an air purifier.

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In short owning an air purifier has many health benefits such as creating an asthma-friendly home and germ-free environment for baby, elderly and sick person. Air purifier is great at removing dust, seasonal allergies, impede germs and bacteria growth. For air purifier equipped with carbon filter, it can eliminate smoke, odors from tobacco smoke, cooking, pet and baby diaper. For advanced (higher-grade) air purifier, it can eradicate toxic chemicals including VOCs, radon and reduce outdoor pollutants. As an added bonus point, air purifier can also reduce ozone level in your home (specific model), give pet allergy person a chance to own pet, improve your mood level and trap insect during purification.
  1. Create an asthma-friendly home
  2. A very effective dust removal machine
  3. Remove and impede germs, bacteria and virus growth
  4. Stop seasonal allergies invasion mainly from pollen/ mold
  5. Eliminate all sort of odors from cooking, cigarette and baby diaper
  6. Counter smoker way of life
  7. Eradicate household chemicals from our everyday products
  8. Give dog/ cat allergy person a second chance
  9. Create a safe haven for baby, elderly and sick person
  10. Help you or your partner sleep through the night
  11. Blocks out outdoor pollutants including the notorious haze
  12. Does not produce ozone and could even reduce ozone level in your home
  13. Improve your mood level
  14. Traps insect (mosquito catcher)

Air purifier can create an asthma-friendly home

Home should be the safest and most comfortable place for an asthmatic person but sadly the increasing numbers of death shows it is not. The main reason for that is too many airborne irritants floating around the house would trigger an asthma attack without you realizing it. Irritants such as dust mites, pet dander, pollen and mold are often the main culprit but lets not forget cockroach droppings (yuck) and the aggravator champion: cigarette.

A good air purifier can eliminate all types of asthma linked allergen (airborne irritant to be more specific) via its multi-stage purification. For best result, choose an Air purifier with True HEPA filter that has a 99.97% efficiency rate in trapping microscopic particles. Simply place the right air purifier and turn it on 24×7 to transform your home into a asthma-friendly zone. Any asthmatic person whether is you or your loved one that is suffering from asthma would truly appreciate what air purifier could bring to the table.


Air purifier is a very effective dust removal machine

While a vacuum cleaner or robotic vacuum would do a fine job in getting rid of dust, both products can’t get rid of airborne dust which would be inhale into our lungs first before anything else. Adding the fact that on average a home produces 4 pounds of dust every month which is around the weight of an ultrabook laptop.

The solution: Air purifier. Not only it is an excellent dust removal via its pre-filter/ HEPA filter, it will actually filter out all irritants that travel along with dust. This includes dead skin, animal fur, dander, decomposing insects, dust mites, food debris, hair, fabric fiber and many more. A masterclass tactical combination between air strike air purifier and ground floor vacuum cleaner.


Air purifier will remove plus impede germs, bacteria and virus growth

Germs whether is bacteria or viruses multiple and grow at an exponential rate. If you don’t cut out the root cause is would be a never-ending issue. While there are many alternate solutions to curb down germs and bacteria growth for example keeping the room well ventilated and reducing the moisture level in the air, an air purifier would be one of the key member in doing so.

Air purifier can greatly reduce the numbers of airborne germs and bacteria before it reaches to our lungs. Continuing that, microorganism that is captured in the filter would be handled via an antimicrobial coating to impede them from further growth. With bacteria and viruses out of the way, everyone in your home would be well-protected from those pesky flu, cold to the more fatal lung disease.


Air purifier stop seasonal allergies invasion mainly from pollen/ mold

Speaking of allergens, it’s that time of the year where pollen will fly and mold will rise, there is nothing you can do to avoid the allergies confrontation. Around 50 million of folks in U.S are suffering from nasal allergies when mother nature will work its magic every summer and winter. If you are those type of person that dread the countdown to every seasonal allergies (stuffy nose, itchy eyes), air purifier is the best way to go.

Running at maximum speed, air purifier will effectively trap any invading grass/ weed pollen and mold that flows into your home right before it reaches to your lungs. For optimum result, place the air purifier close to windows but not directly underneath where the machine will be expose to sunlight. Also keep all windows/ doors shut to reduce the numbers of incoming airborne particles.


Air purifier eliminate all sort of odors from cooking, cigarette and baby diaper

YES any types of odor from cooking, cigar/ cigarette, pets, toilet, sewage, diaper and even body odor (although a simple deodorant can do a better job masking BO smell away). Nobody wants to stay in a smelly house and nor would you, so keeping your room well-ventilated or masking the odor with air freshener is definitely the most common options.

The problem is you might be stuck in an enclosed room or just couldn’t take in anymore artificial chemical fragrance, therefore the best alternate solution is still air purifier as it is the fastest way to draw out all the unwanted odors via its deodorization carbon filter. Do note to make this work, a higher grade carbon filter/ pre-filter must be in place to effectively filter out different density of odor.


Air purifier can counter smoker way of life

Like it or not, smokers is everywhere and so is the chemical and odor it brings. Despite the aggressive awareness campaign and cigarette price hike, there are still 36.5 million adult smokers in the U.S. alone and more than 16 million people live with a smoking-related disease. Smoking outdoor or simply stop smoking is no doubt the best option, you can’t dictate a person irresponsible action but you can lessen the impact smoking brings.

With an air purifier, not only it can filter out all the 4000+ chemicals and odor emitted from a cigarette, in long-run it can also act as a protective barrier that significantly reduces the chances of you and your family member developing smoke-linked cancer (via the even more deadly secondhand smoke). Again, the air purifier must equipped with a good carbon filter in order to make this work.


Air purifier eradicate household chemicals from our everyday products

Household chemicals are here to stay and so is air purifier. we are constantly in contact with household chemicals lurking in the background from our everyday products. Household products like detergent, toilet bowl cleaner, insect repellents (pesticides), paint is filled with Ammonia, Deet, Radon and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). In small concentration it would be safe to say it is negligible (not harmless mind you), but it’s definitely a major health risk in long-run.

Using DIY chemical-Free recipes is a noble but hassle solutions while specific indoor plant would also help in some degree. The next best thing is still air purifier as its combination of strong airflow delivery rate and HEPA filter would swiftly eliminate surrounding airborne chemicals evaporated from our everyday products. To fully over your entire home, be sure to pick a good air purifier with wide purifying coverage or place multiple air purifiers in different section of the room.


Air purifier give dog/ cat allergy person a second chance

Allergies can develop at any stage of life and this can be extremely painful for existing pet owners that have to give up on their life companion for something that is beyond your control. Another scenario is you met your soulmate that is unfortunately allergic to your pet.

Taking allergy shot or popping out pills can be a temporary remedy to your woes, getting an air purifier would be a longer-term solution if you want to have to stand a fighting chance. Not only can an air purifier eliminate all airborne pet allergies including pet dander, germs and bacteria, it can also get rid of pet odor making your home smell fresh as before pets. On another note, if you “The allergy sufferer” have not own a pet and would like to have one, we highly recommend getting an allergenic dog e.g. Poddle, Shih Tzu, Portuguese Water Dog or allergenic cat e.g. Balinese, Siberian or Bengal.


Air purifier create a safe haven for baby, elderly and sick person

We “the strong one” have the duty to protect “the weaker one”. By that baby, elderly and sick person should be treated with extra care. Each individual immune system is more vulnerable to colds, flu and other respiratory illnesses therefore creating a germ-proof environment would definitely help them develop/ recover their body immune system faster.

A HEPA air purifier with strong airflow delivery rate can safeguard them from any airborne germs/ viruses attack and prevents the allergens from further spreading. The wider the purifying coverage is, the more grounds the air purifier can cover which is very important as many germs/ bacteria are airborne bound. Just remember to keep the air purifier on 24×7 so no germs can sneak pass the protective shield.


Air purifier help you or your partner sleep through the night

Despite a common theme, many people are unable to sleep through the night that no doubt have adverse health effect on their body. If you are one of those suffering from mild sleep apnea due to cold, watery eyes, interruptions of breathing (not obstruction in airway) and other allergies, air purifier could be the provider of a good night sleep.

How air purifier works is simple. It lets you breathe easier by clearing away all the small particles and irritants that would trigger allergy symptoms. It also reduces the pesky snoring noise that your partner would truly appreciate. Keep in mind that most air purifier generates a fair bit of noise, picking the right air purifier is crucial and so is keeping the fanspeed in low/ sleep mode setting.


Air purifier blocks out outdoor pollutants including Carbon Dioxide

Also known as ambient air solution, if you stay in an area that has very bad API (Air Pollution Index) reading, chances are your lungs could quickly lose its functionality due to the toxic you inhaled. Known to cause diseases such as bronchitis, emphysema and worst still cancer, the typical source of outdoor pollution area consist of fossil fuel burning (factories), moving vehicles and forest/ wood burning which incidentally also leads to Haze. As a result, Highly toxic chemicals like Nitrogen oxides, Carbon monoxide, Sulfur dioxide and Ozone (more on this later) will flow into our home in spite of our best effort in keeping it out. Unless you can move out of the area, there is very little things you could do and air purifier is your best bet in reducing the air pollution severity.

Like all household chemicals that we mentioned earlier, a reputable air purifier with good carbon filter can easily trap any microscopic particles that flows into your home. Another main criteria to ensure you are fully protected is the air purifier must have enough purifying room coverage. Lastly maintain the airflow speed at high setting and keep the air purifier on 24×7. When the days is bad (super hazy), avoid or at least reduce the number of trips outdoor and keep all windows shut to block out as much harmful substances as possible from inflowing.


Air purifier improve your mood levels

Is no surprise that a bad cold or cough will stress you out and when you are stressed, your mood swings. Itchy, watering eyes, flu, chest tightness and shortness of breath also have direct impact on your mood levels. It might be a temporary mood swings, there are many natural remedies such as a stroll in the park, giving yourself a day off or enjoying some mood-boosting foods would temporary improve our mood levels.

To get down to the root cause, clean air would do wonders to your mood and this is where air purifier plays its part. It helps manage your health condition via purification so your mood would not be dragged down by the above symptoms. Do note air purifier would only handle the surface issue and if things does not improve or you experience extreme mood swings, consult your doctor to see if you are actually suffering from Bipolar Disorder.


Air purifier does not produce ozone and could even reduce ozone level in your home

First thing first, air purifier is not an ozone generator, period. One purifies the air while the latter intentionally produce harmful gas ozone that in theory would help eliminate airborne irritants. Exposing to high level of ozone would cause symptom like chest pain, cough, shortness of breath, wheezing, throat irritation and adversely damage your lungs. The recommended safe ozone level by NIOSH is at 0.1 ppm (0.2 mg/m3) which fortunately most home did not exceed the guideline.

Most genuine air purifier (NOT those phoney ozone generator market as air purifier) produces 0 to very insignificant amount of zone that passes EPA federal standard. Premium air purifier like IQAir, Airfree and Blueair could even further reduce the ozone concentration level in your home via its purification process. Bottom line, purchase an air purifier from a reputable brand and make sure the air purifier is not associated with ozone generator.


Air purifier traps insect (mosquito catcher)

As weird as it can be, it you crank up the fan speed, the strong air inflow would absorb and trap any nearby mosquitoes along with other airborne allergens. Mosquitoes is considered as one of the deadliest creatures on the planet especially in southeast Asia where dengue and malaria disease often roam. In U.S, West Nile virus, eastern equine encephalitis, La Crosse (LAC) encephalitis and yellow fever diseases are more commonly transmitted by mosquitoes.

Air purifier to a certain extent would give you some form of protection beside purifying the air. It’s not the perfect mosquito catcher, but think about it as an enhanced feature that tap on to existing feature. Not sure why air purifier manufacturer did not emphasis on this advertising as so far we only seen Sharp air purifier doing it so.

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