How To Hide Cigarette Smoke Indoors Smell Fast

Feel the urge, lit a cig, live with regret. No not the cancerous cell in your lungs, is the unpleasant cigarette smoke smell that has stained your lovely home. The smell will cling tightly to the wall, ceiling and could take ages until it completely dissipates. Obviously the quickest way to prevent that is to not smoke at home. Since this is not a viable option for many, the next few steps can be the big differences between a smelly home or not.
Short answer
Smoke fast, open windows, and clear out ashtrays straight.

3. Close Air Ventilation

This would prevent the air vent from sucking in the smoke and spread through other room. Home ventilation or HVAC system are designed to keep a room air circulation from flowing. If you don’t close the air vent, sooner or later the smoke will travel across all adjacent rooms and everyone will know your dirty little secret.

4. Clean Out Ashtrays Regularly

To be completely smoke-free, clear out cigarette butts, half-smoked cigars, and ash immediately. Packed the residues in a bag and dispose it outside. Lastly, wash the ashtray with warm water and dish soap to remove any leftover smell.

5. Mask The Smell

Neutralize with sprays is one of the fastest ways of getting cigarette smell out of the house. While we do not recommend spraying more chemicals in the air, but desperate times call for desperate needs. Use specialty air freshener like Febreze that is one of the best odor eliminator sprays can in the market. Plug-in air fresheners do work but are less concentrated than the spray method. If you are more into aroma essential scent, you can use a candle or essential oil diffusers that are safer but less effective.

6. Smoke Faster

Keep it short and sweet. The longer you smoke, the more smoke will be spread across your home. Try to satisfy your kick as fast as you can in less than 3 minutes. Also, don’t smoke while swiping your phone.

If given the choice, one should never smoke indoors. Not just because of the smell, but the thirdhand smoke residues is extremely hazardous in long-run. It will penetrate deep into porous materials like wood, upholstery and there is no way of airing it out. It will take a couple of months before the odor dissipate. The side effects of thirdhand smoke are still unclear as research is still inconclusive. It is safe to say that the health risk would be identical to secondhand smoke as nicotine and carcinogen substances is still present.

1. Open A Window

Yup, it's that simple and will not cost you a dime. Just sit by the window sill and start exhaling at the direction of the outside world. The smoke will flow out rather than stay lingering in a room.

2. Get An Air Purifier

Not just any types, a good air purifier with an activated carbon filter. The filter will absorb tobacco smoke and other chemicals gas emitted from the cigarette. This prevents the lingering smoke from settling down on your furniture or wall. Perfect for people that insist on smoking inside but too lazy to go to the windows. Simply place the air purifier at your work desk or whatever closer to your smoking spot.





Max Fernandez

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