How To Remove The Burnt Smell From House

Instead of indulging yourself with the aroma of bread baking in the oven, a perfect day could be ruined by the burning smell of overcooked food or woodfire. Besides being a mood killer, the lingering smoke is bad for your health and should be removed quickly. If this has ever happened to you, below simple guides will help you get rid of the burnt smell from the houseN and replace it with fresh air. No longer will you have to endure the smoking "failure" a second longer.
Short answer
Open windows. Remove the burnt sources. Clean.


1. Open Windows And Doors

Without proper air circulation, the residual odor will become stale as it has nowhere to go. Opening windows and doors is always the first thing to do to remove the burnt smell from the house quickly. The fresh outdoor breeze will push the unpleasant smoke and odor out. The more windows or doors you open, the better the air circulation will be.

2. Remove The Burnt Food Smell

The main goal is to remove the sources of gaseous pollutants as far away from home. Cooldown the charred frying pan/ pot and move the burnt food that is still creating unpleasant odors outside. Once the burnt food cools off, wrap it tightly in a disposable bag and toss it in an outside trash bin. You can start cleaning the mess to reduce any odor residues lingering in the kitchen.

3. Turn On Any Fan (Exhaust, Ceiling Fan, Ventilation Hood)

Whether it is a ceiling fan, wall fan, range fan, or exhaust fan, any additional breeze that can pull smoke out of the house help and reduce lingering odor. Works best with windows open as the fast-moving air can swiftly replace the burnt smell with fresh air. You will also feel much cooler through convective heat transfer.

4. Get An Air Purifier with an activated carbon filter

A deodorizing air purifier is very effective at cleaning the air and containing the odor from spreading across the room. The running air purifier will absorb any burnt smell from the cigarette (including second-hand smoke), woodfire, and kitchen cooking by drawing the unwanted gaseous pollutants into its filtration. The purification cycle will continue to filter the air so you will enjoy clean air at all times. Just place an air purifier in a kitchen and leave it on 24×7 even when no frying, grilling, or heating food is ongoing.

However, not all air purifiers will fit the bill. You will need a mechanical air purifier with a genuine HEPA filter to capture microscopic particles and chemical adsorption activated carbon filter to neutralize smoke particles. Air purifiers can also be pricey and require regular filter maintenance. If you have the budget and space, here are the best odor removal air purifier for kitchen use.

5. Leave It To Fresh Lemon, Baking Soda, Or White Vinegar

For those that don’t have an air purifier at home, you can mask away from the burnt smell with white vinegar, baking soda, or fresh lemon scent.

  • Fresh lemon – Chopped 1-3 lemons and put them with 1-2 cups of water in a pot. Boil and heat it for 30 minutes and let the lemony scent spread across the kitchen for hours.
  • White vinegar – Mix white vinegar with a 2 to 1 ratio of water into a pot. Boil, simmer for 15 minutes, pour it into a bowl, and let it soak up the odors for a couple of hours.
  • Baking soda – Prepare a few empty bowls and pour a generous amount of baking soda into them. Place it near the sources of the offensive odors example, top of the oven, stove, garbage bin. The deodorizing characteristic of baking soda will soak up the smell for hours.

Whichever methods you use, make sure the bowls are inaccessible to children and pets. Otherwise, things could get messy.

6. Clean Up With Natural Cleaning Agents

Again, White vinegar and baking soda are natural cleaning agents that can neutralize the pungent, burnt smell.
Apply a generous amount of baking soda on the affected area e.g. oven tray, cooking grease spilled on tiles, or cooking top. If the smell is from the cooking pan, you can simmer some white vinegar and heat it for 10 minutes. Leave it for a couple of minutes to cool down, and the burnt odor will be gone after cleaning the excess part with a clean cloth. Essential oil, tree tea oil, hydrogen peroxide would work even though it is uncommonly used.

7. The Aftermath Clean Up

To prevent the more burnt smell from sticking around, you must perform a deep cleaning to wash away any smoke residues. Start by wiping surrounding appliances, walls, cabinets, counters, and porous items like wood with soap and water. If the residues remain, you may need to apply stronger cleaning agents and scrub the burnt area thoroughly. While we preferred using natural agents that do not release toxic agents, home cleaning products’ effectiveness is unrivaled and necessary in some cases.

8. Wash Fabric And Upholstery Items (Washing Machine)

From curtains, table covers, blankets, bedsheets, clothing, sofa covers, carpet, or anything that can be removed and toss it in a washing machine. Add detergent mix with baking soda or fabric softener to wash away the burnt residues. Avoid using detergent with fragrance as it might mask away from the odor. If the unpleasant smell remains after drying, rewash until the odor is completely gone.

Final Thoughts

Simple it may seem, our simple guide above will help you get rid of the burnt smell from the house for good. Preventive measure is still the best method to thwart the burnt smell from returning and remind you of your mistakes. Stay safe, stay clean, and stay healthy.


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