How To Tell If Air Purifier Is Working Properly

Many people have been scratching their heads, asking how to tell if an air purifier is working. If you are part of the group confused, we have a few easy ways to check if your air cleaner is functioning or just sitting in one corner with the lights on. We will look at how the air cleaning technology works, what can it removed, and whether it is safe to leave it passively in the background. So sit back and let us restore your faith with the air-cleaning device.


1. Check If The Filter Light Is On

If the filter light is lit or flashing, it indicates that the filters are worn out or clogged, and you will need to replace the HEPA filters promptly. Otherwise, the air purifier will not work because it loses the ability to capture airborne contaminants. Once you have replaced the filters, reset the filter indicator light so the air purifier will work correctly again.

Note that not all air purifier comes with a filter indicator light. For models that don’t, you should manually check the filter condition periodically or if you feel a dip in the air performance. Most air purifiers’ pre-filter requires vacuuming regularly to prevent clogging with dust, debris, and hair. Hot weather, high humidity, and poor air quality conditions will also speed up the filter usage lifespan. 

If there are still no changes in the air purifier performance after replacing the filter, it could be due to faulty parts. Send it to the nearest service center for repair.

2. Test If There Is Any Airflow

Examining the airflow circulation is a quick way to tell if your air purifier is working. A working air purifier requires a functioning motor fan and filters to draw airflow consistently into the air inlet and release clean air from the air outlet. Test every fan speed, and if no airflow comes out of an active air purifier, a burned motherboard or motor fan is the likely scenario. If you notice some airflow disruptions, it could be caused by a dirty filter. If the fan noise is unusually loud and is struggling to pull air in, there could be underlying problems like a dirty fan. In any case, do not obstruct the airflow ventilation as it may cause the air purifier to break down.

3. Filtration Test (Dust, Smoke, And Odor)

Another good way to tell if an air purifier is working is through dust and odor tests. To Begin, place the air purifier in the dustiest or smelliest room, like the basement, kitchen, or bedroom. Leave the air cleaner on for a couple of hours, and if there is noticeable less dust or odor in the room, the air purifier is working fine. Another telltale sign is your allergies, like sinus, cough, or inflammation, have subsided with an active air purifier constantly removing the airborne pollutants.

4. Use An Air Quality Monitor

An air quality monitor is an accurate tool to test if your air purifier is working. It will monitor and measure the surrounding home air quality via its sensor. There are two types of IAQ monitors: the built-in type included in most modern air purifiers and an external air quality monitor that requires additional purchase. A good indication of a working air purifier is when the AQI colors change from red (unhealthy) to green (healthy) after running for at least 30 minutes with windows closed. If the color maintains red, the sensor could be dirty, and you will need to clean it with a cotton swab. If there are still no changes with the AQI, something has malfunctioned and requires your attention.

In conclusion, every home needs an air purifier that works. It is worth every penny as air purifiers will improve indoor air quality by removing harmful airborne pollutants. To ensure you are not wasting money with the wrong model, pick an air cleaner with a HEPA filter that removes dust, dust mites, mold, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, viruses, and other household allergens. With a carbon filter, it can remove smoke and odors from VOCs, asbestos, cigarette, pesticides, cooking, and stinky pets. If you have performed all the recommended tests and are still not convinced the air purifier is working properly, consider hiring an air quality expert for testing. The AQ professional tester will assess your room size and indoor air quality concerns to determine the best air purifier solution for your home.

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