Easy Way On How To Tell If Air Purifier Is Working

Ever wonder if your air purifier is working other than sitting in one corner with the lights on? A common question that has many people scratching their heads questioning if an air purifier is doing anything at all after turning it on. In this post, we're here to address all questions and restore back your faith with an air cleaner. We will be looking at how an air purifier cleans the air and why is it safe to leave it running passively while going on with your daily life. For those that have doubts about the air purifier capabilities, here are the few things to check on.
Short answer
Use air quality monitor, filter indicator. Check on the filter and airflow manually.


Check The Filter Change Indicator

If the filter indicator light is not lit or flashing, the air purifier is working just fine. Most air purifier comes with a filter indicator in the control panel that will light up once the filter is worn out or clogged. It is a clear indication that you will need to replace the HEPA filter in order for the air purifier to work. Once you have replaced it, reset the filter indicator light to start the countdown timer again. If you do not replace the filter in time, the air purifier will not function properly and loses the ability to capture contaminants in the air. Some air purifier comes with an advanced filter service indicator that will update you with real-time filter’s usage. You can monitor and replace the filter whenever you feel the air purifier efficiency has dropped.

Check On The Filter Manually

Not all air purifier comes with a filter indicator. You should manually remove and check on the filter if you feel there is a dip in performance. Most air purifier comes with a pre-filter that requires vacuuming regularly or else it will be clogged with dust, debris, and hair. For HEPA filter, carbon filter, or UV bulb, inspect the condition and replace it if the filter is torn or dirty. Filters are fragile and can be damaged when we didn’t handle them with care during the cleaning. If the filters do not show signs of wear, replace them according to the interval times. Remember to take out the plastic seal before inserting the new filter. Hot weather, high humidity, and poor air quality conditions will also speed up the filter usage lifespan. Check again on the filter from time to time when there is a decrease in the air purifier efficiency. If there are still no changes in the air purifier performance after you replaced the filter, it could be due to faulty parts. Send it to the nearest service center or a certified technician to take a look at it.

Use An Air Quality Monitor

Having an air quality monitor is an accurate and effective way of testing if your air purifier is working. An air quality monitor is used to measure and provide a broad analysis of the surrounding air quality level in the home. There are two types of IAQ monitors: the built-in type that comes with an air purifier and an external air quality monitor. Depending on the model, an independent AQ monitor is usually more precise in air quality detection due to the better sensor. Both types of indicators are often color-coded into 3 different groups. In a typical fashion, red equals bad air quality, purple equals moderate air quality, and blue/ green equals good air quality. This allows you to test and gauge if your air purifier is working properly. To begin the test, turn on the air purifier, close all windows and leave it running for at least 30 minutes. If you notice there are no improvement changes in the AQ monitor, something is wrong. Either the sensor is dirty or the air purifier has malfunctioned. If the dust/ odor sensor is dirty, clean it with a cotton swab and redo the air quality test again.

Check The Airflow

A quick way to test if your air purifier is working is to check on the airflow circulation. Examine if there is consistent air drawing in from the inlet and air coming out from the outlet at every speed. If you notice there is some disruption with the airflow, there could be airflow impediments from a clogged filter. If the fan noise is unusually loud and is working hard to pull air in, there could underlying problems like a dirty fan. If there is no airflow coming out of an active air purifier, a burned motherboard or motor fan is the likely scenario. An air purifier will not work without these 2 components. In any case, do not obstruct the airflow ventilation as it may cause the air purifier to break down.

A working air purifier can remove dust, dust mites, mold, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, viruses, and other household allergens. With a carbon filter, the air purifier can even remove smoke and odors from VOCs, asbestos, cigarette, pesticides, cooking, pets. A non-working air purifier is practically useless because every component is vital. If you cant even turn on the air purifier, check if the filters are installed properly or are the front panel is snap tight. Check the power pocket or cord and see if is damaged. Otherwise, it could be due to a faulty motor, contact the manufacturer for support. Remember, the methods below will only work if you manage to turn on the air purifier.

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