Mold Facts and Statistics that You Should Be Aware Of!

What would it take for you to be mindful of indoor mold contamination problems? Will mold is approximately 25% of the Earth’s biomass scare you? How about 93 percent of chronic sinusitis is due to mold infection? How about the 500 percent increase in mold-related claims over the past few years? If none of the above stats manage to move you, there are more frightening mold facts and statistics below. After going through all the stats below, you will bound to take immediate action rectifying the microbes problems.
Short answer
Mold is everywhere!

Mold Facts and Statistics

  1. 93% of Chronic sinusitis (inflammation of the air cavities) is linked with mold infection. 1
  2. About 5% of us will experience mold-related allergies such as sneezing, nasal congestion or running nose in our lifetime. 2
  3. A study done in Australia concluded that 50% of the indoor mold concentrations were attributable to outdoor factors. 2
  4. Brown University’s data shows 6,000 European adults concluded with mold has an impact on their mental health and the risk for depression. 5
  5. Mold is a type of fungus that can found literally everywhere and makes up an approximately 25% of the Earth’s biomass. 2
  6. Institute reported that an estimated 10,000 mold-related lawsuits (300% increase) nationwide since 1999 2
  7. Mold related claims also have skyrocketed to over 500% since 2001. 2
  8. In Texas, almost one-third of water damage claims are linked with mold contamination. Repair cost surged from the average $3,000 to an upwards of $90,000. 2
  9. On a similar note, data from Farmers Insurance shows mold damage claims increased 1,100 cases over the past 10 years. 4
  10. 40% of European is likely to have asthma as they are staying in a poor home condition that is either damp home infested with mold. The same report also finds that 2.2 million Europeans have asthma as a result of poor living conditions. 3
  11. A Finland report shows clinical evidence that poor indoor air quality from mold can cause morbidity not link with asthma. 6

It may not be the deadliest fungus around, mold is a pretty common allergen in a household. Thrive in high humidity level, expose to mold will have a direct impact on our health physically or mentally. Data from Insurance companies also see an uprise in our medical bill, home repair cost, and claims. Studies from health organization also an asthmatic person would suffer the most as it can aggravate diseases. It is highly advisable to remove and prevent mold in a home for a healthier living condition.

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