Airocide APS-300 Filterless Air Purifier Review In 2022: Photocatalyst tech from NASA!

An upgrade to the previous APS-200 model, Airocide APS-300 is the most advanced filterless air purifier with NASA developed PCO technology. Yes, the same photocatalyst used in International Space Station and the Columbia shuttle to make air safe for astronauts. Comes with a hefty starting price, what makes APS-300 air cleaning performance above other PCO air purifier? Should you invest in this or other more conventional HEPA machines? Find out in our review below.
online price (US)**
±999.00 $$$$$$$/ 7

(annual filter cost ±111-139)

** MRSP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price)/ RSP (Retail selling price) is accurate at the time of posting.
^ Annual filter cost is calculated based on filter price and 12 hours of usage. Pricing could vary depending on air quality, usage frequency, and speed.
` The indicated online price guides as follows: $ = under $50, $$ = $50-100, $$$ = $101-200, $$$$ = 201-300, $$$$$ = $301-400, $$$$$$ = 401-500, $$$$$$$ = over $500.

Airocide APS-300 Specification

ProductAirocide APS-300
6.9 x 18.7 x 6 in
(17.5 x 47.5 x 15.2 cm)
Weight9 lb (4.1 kg)
Coverage (up to)300 sq. ft. (28 m2)
Airflow speed
Dust free (CADR)
Pollen free (CADR)
Smoke free (CADR)
Humidifying(H) speed
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
HEPA filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Carbon filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Ionizer/ Technologies
UV-light/ PCO
PCO Reaction chambers
12-15 months
+- 139
Other filter
All-in-one filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Optional/ Addon
Noise levelSILENT
Power usage level60 W
Timer/ Scheduler
Auto mode
Air qualityAQ indicator
Filter change indicator
More color options
Wi-Fi/ BTBluetooth
Remote control
Child lock
Warranty2 years
Email/ Phone support

Key Features

  • NASA developed PCO catalyst technology
  • Filterless Class 2 medical device approved by FDA and CARB
  • 2 fan speeds (low, high) with Auto mode
  • Works horizontally, vertically, and wall-mountable
  • Silent operation
  • Zero Ozone emissions with insignificant traces of water vapor and carbon dioxide bi-products
  • 2 years (Upgradable to 5)

Design And Usability

Airocide APS-300 dimension
6.9 x 18.7 x 6 in
(17.5 x 47.5 x 15.2 cm)
Airocide APS-300 weight
9 lb (4.1 kg)

A sight to behold. Airocide APS-300 is a powerful, compact filterless air purifier powered by photocatalyst tech from NASA! At a mere 18.7 inches height, 6.9 inches width, and 6 inches depth, Airocide APS-300 will fit perfectly well even in tight spaces. In fact, the award-winning metal ventilation and wooden trim design will complement any modern home decor. You can place it on your work desk, bedside table, or cabinet in either a horizontal or vertical position.

Moving to the control, Airocide APS-300 is very straightforward to use with only 2 fan speeds and auto mode via the built-in sensor. Set it to low for anonymous operation, high for maximum performance, and auto mode for the best of both worlds. The buttons feel tactile and the build quality is top-notch with no uneven gaps. After all, you are paying for an expensive PCO air purifier.

Rounding up Airocide APS-300 specification. It is an official Class 2 medical device clear by FDA. The PCO catalyst technology is also CARB compliant with zero ozone emission. Lastly, Airocide APS-300 also comes with a standard 2 years warranty that covers all manufacturer defects.

Airflow, Coverage, And CADR

Airocide APS-300 coverage
Purifying coverage
300 sq. ft. (28 m2)
Airocide APS-300 fanspeed

The big differences between Airocide APS-300 and a pluggable UV air purifier are the purifying performance. Comes in 2 fan speeds, you can leave APS-300 running at low speed for energy-efficient operation or night use. At high speed, Airocide APS-300 can remove airborne allergens, chemicals, and germs within 300 square feet of room space. We highly recommend leaving it in Auto mode and let the air purifier automatically set the right speed based on the surrounding room air quality. No fuss operation is the way to go.

BrandPurifying CoverageFan Speed
Airfree Lotus650 sq. ft.1
Airfree T800180 sq. ft.1
Airfree Iris 3000650 sq. ft.1
Air Oasis 1000 G3300 sq. ft.1

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Filters And Performance

Airocide APS-300 is powered by the upgraded 2 advanced filter technologies developed by NASA. The same PCO catalyst technology ensures safe air for astronauts in the International Space Station and the Columbia shuttle. Through the process of photocatalytic oxidation, inflow PM 2.5, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, pollen, VOCs, benzene, formaldehyde, and ethylene will be killed by the catalyst coated hollow glass tube, releasing only clean, breathable air. The entire photocatalytic oxidation is safe and will not diffuse any harmful byproducts like carbon dioxide or ozone. The Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is also certified to be safe as the free oxidizers will travel within the range of the catalyst surface.

Noise And Energy Usage

Airocide APS-300 noise level
Noise level
Airocide APS-300 power consumption
Power consumption
60 W
Moving to noise and power consumption. Airocide APS-300 PCO air purifier is capable of running silently in the background. You can leave it on the whole day and it will not disturb your sleep or daily activities. Compared with other air purifiers, the average 60 watts is slightly on the high side given that PCO catalyst technology emits light. Nonetheless, Airocide APS-300 will not create a dent in your electricity bill. The electricity usage will cost you around $0.1 dollars every 12 hours or double at $0.2 with 24 hours of runtime. On a monthly scale, the electricity cost will be around the region of 3 to 6 dollars. Just leave it in auto mode for better energy management with zero noise operation.
Noise TypeDecibels
Airocide APS-300SILENT
Breathing10 dB
Rustling leaves20 dB
Whispering/ Quiet library30 dB
Light rainfall40-50 dB
Conversation50-60 dB
Vacuum cleaner/ Hair dryer/ Washing machine65-80 dB
City traffic80-90 dB

Pricing And Maintainence Cost

Airocide APS-300 MRSP/ RSP
+- 999.00
Airocide APS-300 annual filter replacement cost
Annual Filter Cost
+- 111 - 139
^ Replacement filters/ estimated cost
The beautiful, modern design comes at a cost and is not pretty. A brand new Airocide APS-300 is very expensive even though the reaction chambers are included. For this price, you can easily get 3 sets of brand new HEPA air purifiers with spare change. The reaction chambers replacement will also cost around 100+ annually. Not the cheapest but it is the price you will have to pay for NASA developed technology. We would still recommend getting one if A) one can afford it and B) Wants a hassle-free air cleaner.
There are not many places carrying Airocide APS-300 filterless air purifier. You can always try Amazon for a brand new unit or a refurnished one with free shipping (subject to country). Airocide's official website is also a good option and the price differences are similar to Amazon. So far we did not see retailers like Walmart, Home Depot carrying the brand, but things might change in the future. In any case, 30-days return policy and customer support are available in all channels that you purchase the device from.

Airocide APS-300 VS The Challengers

GermGuardian GG1100 Elite Review

GermGuardian GG1100W/ GG1100B

A compact, wall pluggable UV-light that might not be as effective as Airocide, it is very affordable and works great in tight spaces.
Airfree Onix 3000

Airfree Onix 3000

Cheaper and uses Thermodynamic TSS Technology to kill airborne impurities like germs. Unlike PCO, there is absolutely no maintenance needed.

Final Thoughts On Airocide APS-300

Airocide APS-300 PCO air purifier is a good option for those that enjoy living a healthier life without the hassle of filter change. Through the wonderful photocatalyst oxidation technology, it can curb your allergies and asthma from triggering. Most people that own Airocide APS-300 feel the air is much more cleaner with reduced morning cough and nasal congestion. On the flip side, it is very costly at close to 1000 dollars and the replacement chamber will stack up the maintenance fess quickly. It is not a direct replacement for a HEPA air purifier despite being capable of eliminating germs and chemicals permanently. In short, if you are looking for the very best PCO air cleaner money can buy, Airocide APS-300 would be the right call.


  • 100% safe and proven NASA PCO catalyst technology.
  • Class 2 medical device filterless air purifier that requires minimal maintenance (less than 30 seconds).
  • Effectively kill airborne pathogens, VOCs, Formaldehyde, and Benzene via Photocatalytic Oxidation.
  • Completely silent operation.
  • Auto mode that automatically adjusts the right speed to accommodate the room air quality.
  • Eye-catching design that fits on a small desk, table, and wall-mountable.


  • Around 1k for a brand new unit excluding the extended warranty addons.
  • Not great against large particles like dust, debris, and hair.
Airocide APS-300 Filterless Air Purifier Review

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