Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 Review

Yet another BreatheSmart engineered with top-notch fitting, Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 air purifier is the mid-range model stands out on its all-round reliability, performance and exterior with multiple covers to choose from. Focusing on the airflow output, applicable area, noise level and power usage, so what would make this air cleaner stand out from the pack? Without further delay, find out more about the air purifier below.
± 499 p
     Annual filter ^    
± 53 - 158 p
 Online price*
** MRSP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price)/ RSP (Retail selling price) is provided by cleanairprice.com. Accurate at the time of posting.
^ Annual filter cost is calculated based on filter price and 12 hours of usage. Pricing could vary depending on air quality, usage frequency, and speed.

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 Specification

ProductAlen BreatheSmart FIT50
16.8 x 22.3 x 10 in
(42.7 x 56.6 x 25.4 cm)
Weight16 lb (7.3 kg)
Coverage (up to)900 sq. ft. (84 m2)
Airflow speed110-231 cfm (187-392 m3/h)
Dust free (CADR)220 cfm (374 m3/h)
Pollen free (CADR)220 cfm (374 m3/h)
Smoke free (CADR)220 cfm (374 m3/h)
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Washable Pre-filter (with HEPA filter)
6 - 18 months
HEPA filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
HEPA-Pure Filter FF50
6 - 18 months
+- 79
Carbon filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Ionizer/ TechnologiesIonizer
UV-light/ PCO
Other filter
All-in-one filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Optional/ Addon
6 - 18 months+- $89
HEPA-OdorCell Filter F50-MP
6 - 18 months+- $129
HEPA-FreshPlus Filter FF50-VOC
6 - 18 months+- $119
Noise level32 - 49 dB
Power usage level60 W
Timer/ Scheduler2, 4, 12 hours
Auto mode
Air qualityAQ indicator
Filter change indicator
More color options
Wi-Fi/ BTBluetooth
Remote control
Child lock
WarrantyLifetime Limited Warranty
Email/ Phone support

Key features

  • 3-stage filtration with built-in ionizer
  • Washable pre-filter/ HEPA-Pure filter (swappable - see optional)
  • 4 fan speeds plus auto mode
  • Advanced SmartSensor
  • Changeable front cover panel
  • Child-lock control panel and child-safe vent guard
  • 4, 8, 12 hour timer
  • Smart Filter Light indicator
  • Alen Lifetime limited warranty
  • [Optional] filters - HEPA-Silver filter, HEPA-FreshPlus filter, HEPA-OdorCell filter


  • Multiple color option/ wood trim design front panel cover.
  • Excellent purifying coverage/ airflow delivery although its less effective against standard BreatheSmart.
  • Up to 3 specialist filter upgrades (HEPA-FreshPlus , HEPA-Silver, HEPA-OdorCell).
  • Ionizer is optional that can be disable via the button.
  • Longer lasting filters (up to 18 months) on regular use.
  • Smart Filter replacement indicator that calculates filter lifespan based on usage/ fanspeed/ environment.
  • 4 fanspeed with Auto mode, SmartSensor, pre-set timer.
  • Child friendly machine with safe vent guard and locking control panel.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty.


  • HEPA-Pure filter lacks odor filtration and optional filter with deodorization requires top up.
  • No dedicated odor carbon filter to support the HEPA filter lifespan.
  • Noise is clearly audible at higher speed although still bearable.

The starters

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 dimension
16.8 x 22.3 x 10 in
(42.7 x 56.6 x 25.4 cm)
Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 weight
16 lb (7.3 kg)

Slightly smaller than the standard BreatheSmart model, Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 air purifier retains its conventional body size at 16.8 x 22.3 x 10 in that feels a lot more compact in real life. Overall Weight also dropped at only 16 lb (compare with 21 lb) which means moving the air purifier around is no issue via the back handle. Almost everything from the design cue is brought forward including our favorite swap-able front panel. Select one of the 14 beautiful front cover panel ranging from Seafoan-Green to Rosewood design. Air flows in via side and bottom outlet and flows out via the top outtake. Overall build quality is top-grade that guarantees no air bypass.

Alen BreatheSmart Fit50 Control

Moving on to the usability, Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 very straightforward control panel with labeled buttons and dedicated indicator lights for every function. Arranging from left to right, you have the Ion button, Filter life button, Timer button, Power button, Speed button, Auto button and Lock button. As to date, Lock button is the only function not available in BreatheSmart Classic. To start the air purifier, hit the Power button once and the surrounding air quality indicator ring will illuminate. Press again to turn off all display light and again to stop the air purifier. The AQ indicator ring will change its color based on the number of airborne particles in the air. Blue = low level of airborne particles detected, yellow = moderate level and red = high/ significant level. Ion button would turn on or off the ozone-free Ionizer when pressed. There is multiple setting in Timer button, the air purifier will cycle through 2, 4, 12 hours pre-set or turn off the timer when pressed. Same goes with Speed button, pressing the button repeatedly will cycle through fan speed 1, 2, 3 and T for turbo. Another dedicated function is Auto button where pressing the button will either activate or deactivate autonomous purifying. Finally, pressing and holding the Lock button for 3 seconds would locked the entire control panel from any fiddling by your kids. Repeat the steps to unlock it.

Running down the specification list, starting with 4 fanspeed and an optional Ionizer pair with HEPA filter of your choice, WhisperMax technology, SmartSensor with auto mode, air quality indicator with display, Advanced Smart Filter that automatically adjust filter replacement time based on usage/ condition, Child-lock, Auto-off safety feature, UL listed, ENERGY STAR rated and Lifetime limited warranty.

Airflow, speed, and CADR

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 coverage
Purifying coverage
900 sq. ft. (84 m2)
Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 fanspeed
First thing first, Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 air purifier airflow performance might be slightly second-rate to the standard version however, at 900 sq. ft. applicable area, it greatly outshines other similar class air purifiers. Select a quieter speed 2 will see the coverage drop to 530 sq. ft. that is still ideal for bedroom, small living hall, kitchen for folks in the city. Airflow delivery rate is also commendable at Speed 1: 110 CFM, Speed 2: 142 CFM, Speed 3: 192 CFM, Turbo: 231 CFM. Auto mode will work responsively according to the volume of nearby particles between its 4 fan speed.
Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 dust CADR
220 cfm (374 m3/h)
Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 pollen CADR
Pollen CADR
220 cfm (374 m3/h)
Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 smoke CADR
Smoke CADR
220 cfm (374 m3/h)
Dust, Smoke and Pollen CADR is at an average of 220 cfm (tested by ENERGY STAR). Decent for its purifying capacity and airflow distribution, it passed our 200 cfm benchmark so it's safe to say that the air purifier would have no problem capturing airborne contaminants, smoke and microorganism providing the right-type of filter is selected (learn more about the different type of filters below).

What’s inside count

Let's start with the reusable pre-filter velcro to the HEPA filter. It's washable and works exactly as advertised; trap large-size pollutants and at the same time, prolong HEPA filter lifespan. Uniquely Alen, you have the option to choose 1 of the 4 types of HEPA filter that each has their own specialty. The default HEPA-Pure filter is effective against common household allergens but it lacks any deodorization filtration. HEPA-FreshPlus is the enhanced version that would target, chemical, smoke and VOCs dispersed from home. For mold, germs issue that relates to asthma, you have the HEPA-Silver. Finally, HEPA-OdorCell is magnificent against stinky old diaper and pet odor. On leftover or unclear pollutants, the ionizer would come into play. Each filter kit is built differently but expects the same size, quality and durability.

Filter maintenance and care

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 air purifier has one of the easiest filter replacement set we have ever seen. It uses 1 filter kit in its entire filtration contrary to others multiple filter setup. To begin the filter replacement, first make sure the air purifier is standing upright, then proceed by pulling out the front panel starting from the bottom corner. With the front cover out of the way, remove the filter by pulling the pull strings and replace it with the new filter. Make sure the wrapper on the new filter is removed and the pull strings is facing outwards. Reattach the front panel via the top tabs first and that's it, you're done in probably less than 2 minutes. There is a removable pre-filter within the HEPA filter kit that can be clean when it is clogged with particles. Simply peel the black foam layer that is held on by Velcro and lightly vacuum the filter to prevent tear.

Keep it down

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 noise level
Noise level
32 - 49 dB
Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 power consumption
Power consumption
60 W

WhisperMax technology bounded 32 - 49 dB noise output is less noisy than standard BreathSmart Classic but you could hardly tell the differences in normal circumstances. For night use we recommend switching on Auto mode as the air purifier would automatically adjust the fan speed to reduce disturbance on your sleep. Ionizer plays little to no part in the noise party.

Power consumption is at an average 60 W, little differences between the more powerful BreatheSmart Classic (both Energy Star rated) and slightly better than other similar range air purifier. Auto mode should be activated be default as it can help optimizing your energy usage volume.

At what cost

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 MRSP/ RSP
+- 499
Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 annual filter replacement cost
Annual Filter Cost
+- 53 - 158
^ Replacement filters/ estimated cost
Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 air purifier is priced between the 3 BreatheSmart air purifiers; reasonable for high purifying air purifier group but certainly not cheap. Also note that the price does not includes the upgraded filters and front cover panel addons. What you do get is plenty of bells and whistles to go along with the filter kit. Annual filter replacement cost is between normal to cost-efficient at 6 - 18 months period. Based on our test, the 18 months filter lifespan is easily achievable on normal use so it's safe to put FIT50 in the low annual filter cost category. Stock availability is great as you can easily purchase any of the 4 replacement filters online.
While the price chart above might list Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 air purifier as reasonably expensive in its segment, in reality it’s costlier than most air purifiers beside the top tier IQAir or Blueair. We did not include the addon cost such as customize front panel or selective filter as the outcome would not deter much. Annual filter replacement is actually very good or potentially so as you can see from the minimum cost. This is achievable through low usage hours plus reasonable surrounding air condition. If you decided to proceed with the purchase, consider Amazon as it offer cheaper online price though at a very thin margin discount. You also gain a 30 days money back guarantee plus free shipping (on prime or selected seller). Otherwise consider buying from official channel that offers more or less the same with added perks of more front panel designs, 60 days no regret purchase and free UPS ground shipping to destinations within the Continental US. Other online sources like Lowe's, Home Depot, Target does not offer the same value but it's not too far off.

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 VS the challengers

Alen BreatheSmart Classic

The first and standard version of BreatheSmart air purifier with best in-class airflow performance and coverage. Alen BreatheSmart Classic is also the most expensive between Flex and Fit50 and you will have to do with a higher maintenance cost and bulkier framework.
Alen BreatheSmart FLEX

Alen BreatheSmart FLEX

The smallest and more cost-effective version of BreatheSmart series with a marginally smaller framework. What Alen BreatheSmart Flex have to compromise is a weaker purifying coverage, airflow performance including CADR and the lack of Alen excellent SmartSensors thus no Auto mode.
Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-700A

Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-700A

It's hard to talk about competitors without mentioning Rabbit Air MinusA2. Focusing on the lower spec SPA-700A, you gain the additional 6-stage filtration, wall mountable body and the same personalizable front panel. What you lose is the purifying coverage, CADR output and the slight increase in price.
Oransi Max HEPA OVHM80

Oransi Max HEPA

It may not have the style, purifying coverage or customization as Fit50, Oransi Max HEPA air purifier is still a good alternative with 2 dedicated MERV16 grade v-HEPA filter and activated carbon filter plus a powerhouse 10 years warranty. After all, isn't the filtration strength is what we suppose to prioritize for?

Final thoughts on Alen BreatheSmart FIT50

A healthy 84% 4 – 5 star Amazon ratings gave the air purifier thumbs up on the build quality, purifying effectiveness and filtration capacity against pet allergies. There are also likes on the way the air purifier handle smoke and odors particularly from their cats or dogs. Lastly a small group of users like the lower price point which is more accessible than ever before. On the flip side, 12% group that gave it 1 – 3 stars would counter all that by declaring flaws in the air purifier. They also hated the customer service that they feel is unresponsive or never get straight to the point. Overall the advantages outranked the disadvantages, Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 is certainly the ideal choice if your basic requirement consists of purifying effectiveness, reliability and durability.

Verdicts and ratings

Build quality
Particle Filtration
Smoke Filtration
Alen BreatheSmart FIT50

Max Fernandez

A loving father and a dedicated reviewer for airfuji.com with more than 1000 air purifiers under his belt. Max Fernandez is also one of the million patients currently suffering from asthma. Feel free to nudge him if you have any questions.

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