Honeywell HPA300

Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Allergen Remover review

Number #1 recommended air purifier brand by Allergists, Honeywell air purifier HPA300 True HEPA Allergen Remover series is one of the strongest airflow and purifying air purifier in its class. This high performance air cleaner comes with a premium Pre-filter and True-HEPA filter that are excellent at removing persistent bacteria and viruses in your home. Comes with respectable number of features that you will typically find in premium model, let’s look into Honeywell HPA 300 specification.
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Honeywell HPA300 Specification

ProductHoneywell HPA300
20.8 x 22.4 x 10.8 in
(52.8 x 56.9 x 27.4 cm)
Weight17 lb (7.7 kg)
Coverage (up to)465 sq. ft. (43 m2)
Dust free (CADR)320 cfm (544 m3/h)
Pollen free (CADR)300 cfm (510 m3/h)
Smoke free (CADR)300 cfm (510 m3/h)
Airflow speed
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
HRF-AP1 Filter A Universal Carbon Pre-filter (1 pack)
3 months
+- 11.95
HEPA filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
HRF-R3 Honeywell Filter R True HEPA (3 pack)
1 year
+- 59.95
Carbon filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Ionizer/ Technologies
UV-light/ PCO
Other filter
All-in-one filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Optional/ Addon
HRF-APP1 Filter A Universal Pre-filter (1 pack)
3 months+- 16.95
HRF-R1 Filter R True HEPA (1 pack)
1 year+- 16.95
Noise level
Power consumption
Timer/ Scheduler2, 4, 8 hours
More color options
Auto mode
Air qualityAQ indicator
Filter change indicator
Wi-Fi/ BTBluetooth
Remote control
Child lock
Warranty5 years
Email/ Phone support

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Key features

  • 3-stage filtration
  • 4 air cleaning levels (Germ, General Clean, Allergen and Turbo)
  • Premium carbon pre-filter
  • True HEPA filter
  • Light dimmer function
  • Auto-off timer - 2, 4, 8 hours
  • Filter change indicator
  • 5 years limited warranty

Honeywell HPA300 review

  • Very reasonable price with exceptional purifying coverage and CADR.
  • 4 fanspeed including Turbo mode.
  • Dual combination Carbon Pre-filter that is good against dust and gas based particles.
  • Proven and effective True-HEPA filter against smaller airborne particles.
  • Light dimming option for night use.
  • 3 option pre-set timer.
  • 5 years warranty.
  • Lacks air quality sensor therefore no Auto mode and air quality display.
  • Slightly expensive annual filter replacement cost.

The starters

Honeywell HPA300 dimension
20.8 x 22.4 x 10.8 in
(52.8 x 56.9 x 27.4 cm)
Honeywell HPA300 weight
17 lb (7.7 kg)

One of the smallest and most compact pet air purifier in its class, Honeywell air purifier HPA300 well-shaped framework is smaller than most high-coverage air cleaner at 20.8 x 22.4 x 10.8 in and 17 lb (7.7 kg) weight. Great for most household while not so great to bring around for traveling. Usability wise is very typical of Honeywell air purifier setup with top control and indicator. It might lack air quality sensor, auto mode and remote control, Honeywell HPA300 air purifier is still well-equipped with high purifying coverage certified by AHAM, 4 fanspeed including turbo mode, electronic filter replacement reminders, light dimmer option, 2, 4, 8 hours timer, ENERGY STAR certified and 5 years warranty.

Airflow, CADR and everything in between

Honeywell HPA300 coverage
Purifying coverage
465 sq. ft. (43 m2)
Honeywell HPA300 fanspeed
Honeywell air purifier HPA300 has an unbelievable wide 465 sq. ft. purifying coverage given its price and size. The 4 fanspeed (Germ, General Clean, Allergen and Turbo) is more than enough to support the air purifier continuous airflow purification although Auto mode is the sorely missed feature. In most situation, Honeywell HPA300 is ideal for studio apartment, living hall, kitchen and large-sized bedroom.
Honeywell HPA300 dust CADR
320 cfm (544 m3/h)
Honeywell HPA300 pollen CADR
Pollen CADR
300 cfm (510 m3/h)
Honeywell HPA300 smoke CADR
Smoke CADR
300 cfm (510 m3/h)
CADR or clean air delivery rate is as expected tally with the airflow distribution rate. Dust CADR stands at 320 cfm (544 m3/h) while Pollen and Smoke CADR stands at 300 cfm (510 m3/h). Excellent for smokers, dusty home, allergist person that is hyper-sensitive to pollen and mold.

What’s inside count

Honeywell HPA300 Pre-filter
HRF-AP1 Filter A Universal Carbon Pre-filter (1 pack)
3 months
Honeywell HPA300 HEPA filter
HRF-R3 Honeywell Filter R True HEPA (3 pack)
1 year
^ Honeywell HPA300 filters/ technologies/ lifespan
Honeywell air purifier HPA300 utilize a familiar filtration setup that you could find in other Honeywell models. First off the dual function carbon pre-filter is great at capturing large particles mainly dust while it can also capture smoke and odor particles. The subsequent True-HEPA filter will handle small and tricky airborne particles that manage to bypass the pre-filter including notorious asthma triggering pollen/ spores. No ionizer or optional addon filter is included in the machine.

Covered against

Honeywell HPA300 VS Dust



Honeywell HPA300 VS Pollen



Honeywell HPA300 VS Hair

Hair/ Pet hair


Honeywell HPA300 VS Dust mite

Dust mites


Honeywell HPA300 VS Mold/ Mildew

Mold/ Mildew


Honeywell HPA300 VS Pet dander

Pet dander


Honeywell HPA300 VS Virus/ Germ

Virus/ Germ


Honeywell HPA300 VS Tobacco smoke

Tobacco smoke


Honeywell HPA300 VS Chemical



Honeywell HPA300 VS VOCs



Honeywell HPA300 VS Smoke/ Gas

Smoke/ Gas


Honeywell HPA300 VS Odor



Honeywell air purifier HPA300 3-stage filtration and purifying applicable area is fantastic when stand up against allergens, irritants, viruses and bacteria. It is tremendously efficient on large airborne pollutants notably dust, hair. Nevertheless against small pollutants, the4 speed airflow input/ output + is superb at taking down mold, spores, mildew, pollen, germs, dust mites and pet dander.  On odors, fumes and smokes, Honeywell air purifier HPA300 filtration is poor in addressing chemicals, odors, cooking smell, fire, VOCs, tobacco smokes, cigarette, vapor, radon and ammonia.

Keep it down

Other than the Turbo speed mode, Honeywell air purifier HPA300 is considerably silent given its airflow performance and purifying coverage. The starting Germ and General Clean speed mode is suitable for night use while Allergen mode is tad louder but ignorable. Turbo mode is expected to be loud as with most air purifier in this category. Power consumption is average compare with other Honeywell air purifiers despite the extra airflow performance. This would also depends on the fanspeed and frequently of operation.

At what cost

Honeywell HPA300 MRSP/ RSP
+- 299.95
Honeywell HPA300 annual filter replacement cost
Annual Filter Cost
+- 108
^ Replacement filters/ estimated cost
Unquestionably Honeywell air purifier HPA300 is the best in terms of value VS pricing. Its affordable and way cheaper than most air purifiers that offers similar airflow performance. Filter replacement cost is slightly high as it utilize 3 HEPA filter pack at one go (see table specification to learn more). Nevertheless we would still not recommend going for after-market filters as it could potentially break-down the air purifier.

The challengers

GermGuardian AC5250PT

Similar price range with 4-stage filtration including addon UV-C Light and Pet Pure treatment. Downside is the uncomparable purifying applicable area and CADR.
Winix 5500-2 PlasmaWave

Winix 5500-2

Similar price range with more features, dedicated AOC carbon filter and PlasmaWave technology. Slightly weaker on purifying coverage and CADR.
Honeywell HPA200 True HEPA Allergen remover

Honeywell HPA200

Slightly lower end version that has a weaker airflow delivery rate and coverage but returns with a cheaper price tag.

Final thoughts on Honeywell HPA300

Amongst all Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover, this is the one that we will fully recommend. It is balanced in all aspects including the pricing, dimension and features. There are plenty of reasons to like this air purifier, but none bigger than the efficient, optimal airflow delivery. With wide purifying coverage and strong CADR ratings, Honeywell HPA300 will be the perfect guardian to cover your home from any allergens invasion.

Verdicts and ratings

Build quality
Airflow delivery
Particle Filtration
Smoke Filtration
Honeywell HPA300

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