Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover HPA204 review

In today’s review, we shall check out one of the higher-end model from Honeywell collection, the compact yet superior Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover HPA204. This highly loaded unit comes with bundled for features and strong clean air delivery rate that even exceeded some of the higher rank air purifier. Is it enough though? So without further ado, here is our latest review of Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover HPA204.

Retail suggested cost*
+- 229.95
Annual filter cost^
+- 93
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Honeywell HPA204 Specification

AvailabilityRoom size BrandProduct Retail suggested costLink
W x H x D
WeightRoom size/ CoverageDust free (CADR)Pollen free (CADR)Smoke free (CADR)Airflow speedFanspeedFiltrationAnnual filter cost
- Lifespan/ cost (+- )
HEPA filter
- Lifespan/ cost (+- )
Carbon filter
- Lifespan/ cost (+- )
Ionizer/ Technologies
UV-light/ PCO
Other filters
All-in-one filters
- Lifespan/ cost (+- )
Optional/ Addons
Noise levelPower consumptionTimer/ ScheduleSensorsMore color optionsAuto modeAir qualityAQ indicatorFilter change indicatorWi-Fi / BluetoothENERGY STARRemote controlChild lockWarrantyEmail/ Phone support
Available2 MediumHoneywellHoneywell HPA204
+- 229.95
45 x 47.9 x 25.5 in
(114.3 x 121.7 x 64.8 cm)
13.9 lb (6.3 kg)310 sq. ft. (29 m2)198 cfm (336 m3/h)180 cfm (306 m3/h)200 cfm (340 m3/h)- cfm (0 - 0 m3/h)42-stage
+- 93
HRF-AP1 Filter A Universal Carbon Pre-filter (1 pack)
3 months
+- 11.95
HRF-R2 Filter R True HEPA (2 pack)
1 year
+- 44.95
HRF-APP1 Filter A Universal Pre-filter (1 pack)
3 months+- 16.95
2, 4, 8 hours
5 years

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Honeywell HPA204 key features

  • Good applicable area.
  • Carbon pre-filter.
  • True HEPA filter.
  • Compact design.
  • Auto-off pre-set timer (2, 4 8 hours option).
  • Filter change indicator.
  • 4 speed mode (including germ, allergen, and turbo cleaning power options).
  • ENERGY STAR rated.
  • AHAM and ARB verified.
  • 5 years limited warranty.
Honeywell HPA204 dimension
Honeywell HPA204 weight

Design and build quality

Not the biggest and lightest for its class, Honeywell HPA204 is scaled-down at 45 x 47.9 x 25.5 cm (17.7 x 18.9 x 10 in). Moving this Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover is easy as the body is short but would require both hands as the weight already exceeded the 5 kg benchmark (6.3 kg or 13.9 lbs to be exact). The whole configuration is very Honeywell like with easy tap controls at top and air vent that includes pre-filter/ HEPA filter right below. Handles are located on both sides of the air purifier for easy carrying. Available in conventional white, Honeywell HPA204 has the classic example of an air purifier looks that emphasis on functionality and practicality.

Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover HPA204 dimension comparison table.
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Airflow performance, CADR and applicable area

Based on the size of Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover HPA204, we would not expect anything more than average in its airflow purifying performance. How wrong we were. Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover surprise us with its magnificent 29 m2 (310 sq. ft.). Great at covering a wide range of allergens, bacteria, viruses, chemicals and odors. With the 4 speed cleaning mode, Honeywell HPA204 CADR is rated at 190 cfm for dust, 180 cfm for pollen and 200 cfm for smoke. No surprise though with its power consumption and noise level as it is standard.

Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover HPA204 CADR comparison table.
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Final thoughts on Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover HPA204

Based on the current market price, there is nothing much to complain about Honeywell HPA204 as it is well-balanced in every way. The strong filtration, good clean air delivery rate, wide applicable area and plenty of practical features to fiddle around. Yes there are still better air purifiers that offer stronger airflow performance, greater filtration system and wider applicable area but for the price you pay, Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover HPA204 is consider a bargain on our side.

In conclusion......

  • Carbon pre-filter and True HEPA filter.
  • Good applicable area.
  • 4 speed cleaning mode.
  • Pre-set timer option.5 years warranty.
  • Not the best in dealing with strong, lingering odors.

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