Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan Ionizer T42950 Review In 2022: Air Cleaning Fan

Lasko has been making fans for over 100 years. Being such a historic brand, we have high hopes for Lasko 42 Wind Curve fan air ionizer. An oscillating tower fan ionizer that provides you with cool and clean air both at the same time. In our review, we will touch on the functionality and how effective it is in dealing with airborne pollutants. We will also touch on the pros/ cons of a tower air cleaner and give our final thoughts.
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^ Annual filter cost is calculated based on filter price and 12 hours of usage. Pricing could vary depending on air quality, usage frequency, and speed.
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Lasko 42 Wind Curve Tower Fan Ionizer T42950 Specification

ProductLasko 42 Wind Curve Tower Fan Ionizer T42950
13 x 42.5 x 13 in
(33 x 108 x 33 cm)
Weight12 lb (5.4 kg)
Coverage (up to)300 sq. ft. (28 m2)
Airflow speed
Dust free (CADR)
Pollen free (CADR)
Smoke free (CADR)
Humidifying(H) speed
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
HEPA filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Carbon filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Ionizer/ TechnologiesIonizer
UV-light/ PCO
Other filter
All-in-one filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Optional/ Addon
Noise level
Power usage level
Timer/ Scheduler0.5-7.5 hours
Auto mode
Air qualityAQ indicator
Filter change indicator
More color options
Wi-Fi/ BTBluetooth
Remote control
Child lock
Email/ Phone support

Key Features

  • Space-saving tower design
  • 3 speed settings (High/ Medium/ Low)
  • Built-in optional ionizer
  • Patented Blue Plug safety fuse technology
  • Programmable timer
  • Optional oscillation

Design And Usability

Lasko 42 Wind Curve Tower Fan Ionizer T42950 dimension
13 x 42.5 x 13 in
(33 x 108 x 33 cm)
Lasko 42 Wind Curve Tower Fan Ionizer T42950 weight
12 lb (5.4 kg)

Beat the heat with Lasko 42 wind curve ionizer T42950. A 42.5 inches tall tower fan with a slim space-saving diameter of just 13 inches. You can place it anywhere as you pleased and Lasko 42 fan air purifier will fit right in. The sleek, curvy design is surrounded by a woodgrain face panel that elevates its premiumness feel. To balance the slim profile, there is a large plastic base screwed at the bottom to prevent the fan ionizer from toppling over. Moving Lasko around the house is also an effortless task thanks to the back built-in carry handle.

Moving to usability, Lasko 42 wind curve tower fan ionizer is very easy to use thanks to clearly labeled on-board controls. You can cycle the 3 fan speeds (L/M/H), nighttime mode that set speed to low and dims the control display, turns on/ off oscillation, auto shut-off timer, or activate/ deactivate the unique ionizer. There’s even a handy remote control when you’re just too lazy to get up from the comfort of your bed. Any function a good tower fan has, you will find it in Lasko 42 wind curve.

Rounding up with the safety specification, Lasko 42 wind curve tower fan ionizer is ETL tested and listed (compliance with accepted national standards). There is also the patented Blue Plug safety fuse technology, an added safety feature that cuts off electric current to the fan when the fuse inside the plug detects a hazardous electrical fault. Finally, Lasko is made in United States with a standard 1-year warranty that covers any manufacturing defects.

Airflow, Coverage, And CADR

Lasko 42 Wind Curve Tower Fan Ionizer T42950 coverage
Purifying coverage
300 sq. ft. (28 m2)
Lasko 42 Wind Curve Tower Fan Ionizer T42950 fanspeed

Being a tower fan with the primary role of providing cool breezes on a hot and humid day, the airflow delivery rate is excellent across all speeds. Expect good room air circulation so you will not feel warm and stuffy within a short period of runtime. The ionizer diffusion also greatly benefited from the abundant airflow distribution. Ideal for living room, basement, garage, study area, office, and bedroom with night mode selected.

BrandPurifying CoverageFan Speed
Dyson Pure Cool TP01800 sq. ft.10
Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link HP02 800 sq. ft.10
ULTTY R21 Bladeless Fan320 sq. ft.9
Blue Pure Fan Purifying200 sq. ft.3
Dyson Pure Cool Link DP01 Desk Fan400 sq. ft.10

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Filters And Performance

As the name suggested, Lasko 42 Wind Curve comes with an air ionizing feature that can provide you with natural fresh air while reducing indoor heat. The built-in ionizer will disperse millions of negative ions into the air that bond with positive ion particles e.g. dust, hair, dust mite, mold, pollen, smoke, and bacteria. The bonded ion particles will become heavier and fall to the ground effectively removing them from the air. Unlike a HEPA filter that will trap the fallen pollutants, you do have to perform house cleaning like vacuum or mopping the floor to prevent the irritants from building up or stir back up into the air. The good news is there is no filter to maintain or replacing needed ever.

Noise And Energy Usage

Let's briefly go through this part as it is very subjective depending on the individual. Lasko 42 Wind Curve Tower fan ionizer is very quiet at the lowest speed with or without turning the ionizer on. At any other speed, there is a distinctive spinning motor fan noise spinning similar to most tower fans out there. If you cannot sleep or work with a background white noise, you will need to place the tower fan air purifier further or kept it at the lowest speed.

Power consumption is also a mixed bag. If you used it as an air purifier/ ionizer, it will be very energy-efficient (less than 50 W) even if you leave it running 24x7. If you treat it primarily as a fan + air purifier, it will consume quite a fair bit of energy that could cost you depending on the state you're in.

Noise TypeDecibels
Breathing10 dB
Rustling leaves20 dB
Whispering/ Quiet library30 dB
Light rainfall40-50 dB
Conversation50-60 dB
Vacuum cleaner/ Hair dryer/ Washing machine65-80 dB
City traffic80-90 dB

Pricing And Maintainence Cost

Lasko 42 Wind Curve Tower Fan Ionizer T42950 MRSP/ RSP
+- 69.99
Lasko 42 Wind Curve Tower Fan Ionizer T42950 annual filter replacement cost
Annual Filter Cost
+- 0
^ Replacement filters/ estimated cost
Depends on which angle you're looking at it. Lasko 42 Wind Curve tower fan ionizer T42950 is very affordable for an air purifier with a price of around 70 dollars after discount. On the other hand, it can also be categorized as costly for a fan that adds an ionizing feature. We're on the affordable side as there are not many options for an air purifier fan that comes with such a heritage. Best of all, there is no recurring filter replacement cost to bear. What you see is what you'll get.
Last we checked, Lasko's official website does not have an e-commerce store. The only way to get your hands on Lasko 42 Wind Curve T42950 is through your local retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and of course on Amazon. Amazon comes with the best price, bundled deals, free shipping (with prime), and 30 days return policy if you are not happy with the purchase. There's added prime protection plan as well if you need the extra peace of mind.

Lasko 42 Wind Curve Tower Fan Ionizer T42950 VS The Challengers

Final Thoughts On Lasko 42 Wind Curve Tower Fan Ionizer T42950

There are more than 80000+ ratings on Amazon and reviews are overwhelmingly positive. A high 91% of the 4-5 stars ratings given by the users like Lasko slim versatile tower body made with solid build quality material. Users also like the fact that oscillating, timer, sleep mode, remote control all some standard. Other reviewers praised the strong fan-blowing power that can quickly cool down their home. The ionizer features received good feedback where many feel the difference in their air quality and they breathe a lot smoother. Pricing also works favorably to some buyers where they perceive Lasko 42 Wind Curve Tower Fan Ionizer is inexpensive. As for the downside, 5% of the 1-2 stars rating users mainly dislike one thing: the fan noise. Many of them cannot stand the white noise generated from the fan or the weird rattling, muffling noise that appears out of sudden. A few users did receive a broken unit or complain that the high electricity but the totaled number is too little to take into consideration. Overall, if you need a reputable fan air ionizer that can purify the air while cooling you, there are not much better options than Lasko 42 Wind Curve.


  • Reputable household brand with 100 years of experience under its belt.
  • Affordable 2-in-1 fan air purifier combination that cleans and ionizes the air. No recurring filter cost.
  • Slim tower fan body with a built-in back carry handle for easy transportation.
  • Oscillation and ionizer are optional and can be disabled when not needed.
  • Easy to use with a programmable timer, night mode, and remote control all come standard.


  • Basic air purifying features. No HEPA and carbon filter to trap fine particles, smoke, and odors.
  • Ionizer only causes the airborne irritants to fall. You will still need to perform housekeeping to remove the fallen pollutants.
  • Fan noise can be loud at high speed.
Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan Ionizer T42950 Review

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