LG UD701KOG3 PuriCare 70-Pint Dehumidifier

LG UD701KOG3 PuriCare 70-Pint Dehumidifier Quick Review

Many people don't know that LG does make good dehumidifier. LG UD701KOG3 PuriCare 70-Pint would be the perfect example. It is well made, fully functional, and a beautiful dehumidifier. But how good is the dehumidifying performance compared with its peers? Can it prevent mold and mildew growth in large spaces? Is it worth venturing into this new territory than the normal household brand? Find out in our full LG PuriCare 70-Pint dehumidifier review below.
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LG UD701KOG3 PuriCare 70-Pint Specification

ProductLG UD701KOG3 PuriCare 70-Pint
16.8 x 26.2 x 12.6 in
(42.7 x 66.5 x 32 cm)
Weight48.5 lb (22 kg)
Coverage (up to)2000 sq. ft. (186 m2)
Airflow speed
Capacity70 pints (45 pints DOE 2019)
Water tank1.7 gallon (13.3 pints)
Noise level
Power consumption
Timer/ Scheduler12-hour
Auto shut off
Continuous pump
Gravity drainage
More color options
Wi-Fi/ BTBluetooth
Remote control
Child lock
Warranty1 year
Email/ Phone support

Key features

  • Metal body with 3 layers of insulation made with materials like glass wool & silicon
  • 2 Fan speeds
  • Electronic controls with automatic humidistat control
  • Automatic Defrost
  • Automatic restart and shut down
  • Continuous drain option
  • Washable air filter
  • 13.3-Pint side-loading bucket with splash guard and handle
  • 12-hour timer
  • Built-in casters

LG UD701KOG3 PuriCare 70-Pint review

  • Low-temperature operation with anti-frosting.
  • Excellent build quality with thermal resistance metal case that prevents fire outbreak.
  • High 70-pint capacity even though the recommended coverage is only at 2000 square feet.
  • Safety auto shut off the dehumidifier every 23 hours to prevent overheating.
  • Easy to use side-loading bucket with splash-proof and handle.
  • Bucket is on the smaller side.
  • Only up to 12-hours of timer.
  • Built-in pump is an additional purchase.

At what cost

LG UD701KOG3 PuriCare 70-Pint MRSP/ RSP
+- 349.99
LG UD701KOG3 PuriCare 70-Pint one of the more expensive dehumidifiers in the market. You're paying for 20-60 dollars more but with slightly fewer features and coverage. A good example would be the timer setup, most competitor models offer up to 24-hours setting but LG cut it to half. That said, LG PuriCare is still a magnificent 70-Pint dehumidifier for those that wanted something different from the norm.
Because LG is a mammoth brand, there is no shortage of ways to get the model. You can find it in Walmart or Target that carries electronic appliances. The official LG website is a no go as the price is not competitive. Our preferred method to buy LGUD701KOG3 PuriCare 70-Pint dehumidifier is still through Amazon as it is convenient, comes with free shipping and 30 days return policy if you ever have a change of heart.

Other variants

Ivation IVALDH70PW 70 Pint Dehumidifier

Ivation IVALDH70PW 70 Pint

Conventional looking dehumidifier with wider coverage, cheaper price tag, and smaller dimension. The water tank is smaller though so you will need to empty more often.
hOmeLabs HME020031N 70 Pint Dehumidifier

hOmeLabs HME020031N 70-pint

A slightly superior model in almost every way including the price tag and features. Design-wise is a classic white setup than LG black housing.

Verdicts and ratings

Build quality
Particle Filtration
LG UD701KOG3 PuriCare 70-Pint Dehumidifier