Philips Air Purifier AC4012/00

Philips Air Purifier AC4012/00 Review

Not long ago we did our review on <a href="">Philips air purifier AC4014/01</a>; a modern looking air purifier that is under our recommendation list. Today, we will be looking at the younger brother Philips air purifier AC4012/00; the smaller and slightly cheaper version of the family. These two air purifiers might look identical to each other except the obvious height difference, so what else can this air purifier bring to the table that his older brother does not have?
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Philips AC4012/00 Specification

ProductPhilips AC4012/00
343 x 520 x 198 mm
(13.5 x 20.5 x 7.8 in)
Weight5.4 kg (11.9 lb)
Coverage (up to)30 m2 (323 ft2)
Humidifying(H) coverage
Airflow speed128 - m3/h (75 - 0 cfm)
Humidifying(H) speed
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
HEPA filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Carbon filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Ionizer/ Technologies
UV-light/ PCO
Other filter
All-in-one filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Optional/ Addon
Noise level34 - 54 dBA
Humidifying(H) Noise level
Power consumption30 W
Humidifying(H) power
Humidifying(H) capacity
Humidifying(H) tank
Timer/ Scheduler
More color options
Auto mode
Air qualityAQ indicator
Filter change indicator
Wi-Fi/ BTBluetooth
Remote control
Child lock
Email/ Phone support
Product image

Key features

  • 1/4/8 hours easy-to-set timer
  • Healthy air protect alert warns you when to replace filter
  • Smart air quality sensor measures and controls the indoor air quality
  • 3-step light indicators clearly show air quality level
  • 3-step fan speed lets you adjust air flow to your liking
  • Sleep mode cleans silently with dimmed indicators
  • With advanced filtration system

Philips AC4012/00 review

  • Filter replacement alert.
  • Air quality sensor.
  • Sleep mode.
  • Limited filter lifespan.
  • No child lock.i
  • Pricing could be cheaper.
Philips AC4012/00 dimension
343 x 520 x 198 mm
(13.5 x 20.5 x 7.8 in)
Philips AC4012/00 weight
5.4 kg (11.9 lb)

Beside shorter in height, Philips air purifier AC4012/00 is also narrower and lighter at 34.3 x 52 x 19.8 cm in 5.35 kg. However, it is lightly thicker as you can see from the below table. Overall AC4012/00 looks exactly like its older brother with all the elements such as the round corners, round eye indicator remained.

ModelDimension (W x H x D)Weight
Sharp KCD40E39.9 x 61.5 x 23 cm7.9 kg
Philips AC4014/0135 x 62.3 x 19.6 cm6.1 kg
Philips AC4012/0034.3 x 52 x 19.8 cm5.35 kg

Philips air purifier AC4012/00 comes with 3 set timers that can be selected to switch off the unit after the time has elapsed. An auto reminder that will warn you once the filter is dirty. Built-in smart sensor to measures and controls the indoor air quality. The “eye” indicators that display the current room air quality level. 3 pre-set fan speeds with sleep mode option. In sleep mode, the appliance will reduce the fan speed and operate at silently and in dimmed lights. A 3 stage filtration system that consist of a pre-filter, an active carbon filter and HEPA filter that will remove airborne pollutants such as dust, dust mites, molds, pollens, pet dander, odors and gases.

Applicable area, airflow, noise level and power input

With the smaller size, the applicable area for air purifying is smaller at 30 m2. Airflow is lower as well, at average 128 m³/h (Almost half of AC4014/01). Noise level is slightly lower at 34 minimum and 54 maximum. Power consumption remains the same at 30 W.

Sharp KCD40E60 m³/h144 m³/h216 m³/h
Philips AC4014/01210 m³/h
Philips AC4012/00128 m³/h

Final thoughts

With the additional sleep mode function and cheaper price tag, Philips air purifier AC4012/00 is perfect for small places e.g. bedroom. However, like Philips air purifier AC4014/01, there is no built-in humidifying system, limited filter life span (3 years), casters and child lock feature. There is also many cheaper alternative that offer more or less same features and that include Philips own AC4025/00 air purifier. Still, Philips AC4025/00 functions well as it should be and it should be under your consideration list.

  • Filter replacement alert.
  • Air quality sensor.
  • Sleep mode.