Philips Air Purifier AC4014/01

Philips Air Purifier AC4014/01 Review

With so many air purifiers available in the market, it is often difficult to choose a reasonable price air purifier with wide applicable area (at least 50m<sup>2</sup>), let alone a good air purifier. These are the types of air purifier we often used in our living hall, studio apartment or even a huge size master bedroom. Lucky for us, Philips has come out with this air purifier; AC4014/01 that was built specifically for this purpose. At an affordable price tag, how well will this air purifier do in terms of features and practicality? Let’s find out.
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Philips AC4014/01 Specification

ProductPhilips AC4014/01
350 x 623 x 196 mm
(13.8 x 24.5 x 7.7 in)
Weight6.1 kg (13.4 lb)
Coverage (up to)55 m2 (592 ft2)
Humidifying(H) coverage
Airflow speed237 - m3/h (139 - 0 cfm)
Humidifying(H) speed
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
HEPA filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Carbon filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Ionizer/ Technologies
UV-light/ PCO
Other filter
All-in-one filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Optional/ Addon
Noise level35 - 61 dBA
Humidifying(H) Noise level
Power consumption30 W
Humidifying(H) power
Humidifying(H) capacity
Humidifying(H) tank
Timer/ Scheduler
More color options
Auto mode
Air qualityAQ indicator
Filter change indicator
Wi-Fi/ BTBluetooth
Remote control
Child lock
Email/ Phone support
Product image

Key features

  • 1/4/8 hours easy-to-set timer
  • Healthy air protect alert warns you when to replace filter
  • Smart air quality sensor measures and controls the indoor air quality
  • 3-step light indicators clearly show air quality level
  • 3-step fan speed lets you adjust air flow to your liking
  • With advanced filtration system

Philips AC4014/01 review

  • Excellent applicable area (55 m2).
  • Good airflow delivery rate.
  • Light and portable.
  • Air quality sensor.
  • Competitive price, excellent value.
  • Short filter lifespan.
  • No auto speed mode.
Philips AC4014/01 dimension
350 x 623 x 196 mm
(13.8 x 24.5 x 7.7 in)
Philips AC4014/01 weight
6.1 kg (13.4 lb)

Compared with our last review Philips air purifier AC4084/01, Philips AC4014/01 is a lot slimmer and lighter measured at 35 x 62.3 x 19.6 cm. It is the tallest among the bunch yet it is still at a reasonable height compared with other brand e.g. Sharp KIA60EW. At the weight of 6.1 kg, you could easily carry the air purifier around with one hand by holding the hand grip behind. The rounded corners help create a modern and polish looks; the top left eye (display indicator) somehow resemblance there is an AI (artificial intelligence) system built-in. Covered in white ABS plastic, it is the only color option Philips is offering at this moment.

ModelDimension (W x H x D)Weight
Philips AC4084/0139 x 58.6 x 24.3 cm10 kg
Philips AC4014/0135 x 62.3 x 19.6 cm6.1 kg
Philips AC4012/0034.3 x 52 x 19.8 cm5.35 kg
Philips AC4025/0033.3 x 51 x  18.6 cm4.5 kg
Philips AC4084/01210 m³/h
Philips AC4014/01237 m³/h
Philips AC4012/00128 m³/h
Philips AC4025/00127 m³/h

As usual, it comes with standard 3 set timers that can be selected to automatically switch off the unit after the selected time has elapsed. An auto reminder that will alert you once the filter is dirty or full. Built-in smart sensor to measures and controls the indoor air quality (use for the next 2 features). 3-step light indicators that display the current room air quality level in either Blue (good); Purple (average); Red (poor). Selectable 3 pre-set fan speeds that you can manually adjust the fan speeds. Lastly, 3 stage filtration system that consist of a pre-filter that will capture big particles, an active Carbon (deodorization) filter that will remove odors/ gases and a HEPA filter that will eliminate up to 0.3 micron bacteria.

Other than missing out on the “Healthy air protect lock feature” and auto fan speed option, What is the most obvious missing feature from the list is the built-in humidifying system, which is understandable given the lower price tag and slimmer body.

Applicable area, airflow, noise level and power input

This is where Philips air purifier AC4014/01 shines. The applicable area for air purifying is astonishingly 50 m2. For the record, an average applicable area for an air purifier is between 22 m2– 40 m2. Airflow is pretty good, at average of 237 m³/h. Noise level is standard at 35 minimum and 61 maximum. Power consumption is at 30 watts, which is slightly lower given its airflow level.

Final thoughts

There are few factors that could hinder you from choosing Philips air purifier AC4014/01. There is no built-in humidifying system, the lack of portability wheels, child lock feature, auto fan speed option and of course, the relatively short life span of filters (3 years). However, if you already have a stand-alone humidifier or there is no need for a humidifier, with its affordable price tag, Philips air purifier AC4014/01 will be the perfect choice for you.

Covered against
Philips AC4014/01 VS Dust



Philips AC4014/01 VS Pollen



Philips AC4014/01 VS Hair

Hair/ Pet hair


Philips AC4014/01 VS Dust mites

Dust mites


Philips AC4014/01 VS Mold/ Mildew

Mold/ Mildew


Philips AC4014/01 VS Pet dander

Pet dander


Philips AC4014/01 VS Virus/ Germ

Virus/ Germ


Philips AC4014/01 VS Tobacco smoke

Tobacco smoke


Philips AC4014/01 VS Chemical



Philips AC4014/01 VS VOCs



Philips AC4014/01 VS Smoke/ Gas

Smoke/ Gas


Philips AC4014/01 VS Odor



Overall Philips AC4014/01 efficient plus purifying coverage and airflow input/ output is terrific in capturing large airborne pollutants such as dust, hair, pet hair. pit against allergens, irritants, viruses and bacteria, Philips AC4014/01 combined , fanspeed and filtration is at somewhat fine grade in eliminating pet dander, dust mites, pollen, mold and mildew.  On smokes and odors, Philips AC4014/01 filtration is weak in handling chemicals, odors, cooking smell, fire, VOCs, tobacco smokes, cigarette, vapor, radon and ammonia.

Verdicts and ratings

Build quality
Airflow delivery
Particle Filtration
Smoke Filtration
Philips Air Purifier AC4014/01

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