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Winix HR1000 Review: Cheapest 5-stage WiFi enabled air purifier?

Pre-eminent for its comprehensive package and filtration, Winix HR1000 is a Wi-Fi enabled air purifier with lengthy coverage and reliable airflow delivery rate. Powered by Winix own in-house app, this PlasmaWave machine is very simple to navigate and splendid for people that use it on a continuous basis. In comparison with many other similar range models in airflow performance, coverage, filtration depth, noise level, and power consumption, is this the best Wi-Fi ready air purifier to go for or should you consider the non-WiFi version instead? Learn more about Winix HR1000 review below.
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Winix HR1000 Specification

ProductWinix HR1000
16.3 x 23.6 x 9.6 in
(41.4 x 59.9 x 24.4 cm)
Weight18.7 lb (8.5 kg)
Coverage (up to)400 sq. ft. (37 m2)
Dust free (CADR)264 cfm (449 m3/h)
Pollen free (CADR)301 cfm (511 m3/h)
Smoke free (CADR)258 cfm (438 m3/h)
Airflow speed56.5-286 cfm (96-486 m3/h)
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
HEPA filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
True-HEPA filter
1 year
Carbon filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Coated Deodorization (CD) Carbon Filter
1 year
Ionizer/ TechnologiesPlasmaWave Technology
UV-light/ PCO
Other filter
Anti-microbial coating
All-in-one filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Filter J 117130 Replacement Filter
1 year
+- 99.99
Optional/ Addon
Noise level26.4 - 60 dB
Power consumption11 - 83 W
Timer/ Scheduler1, 4, 8 hours
SensorsSmart sensor (Particle + VOC sensor)
More color options
Auto mode
Air qualityAQ indicator
Filter change indicator
Wi-Fi/ BTBluetooth
Remote control
Child lock
Warranty2 years
Email/ Phone support

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Winix HR1000 key features

  • Wi-Fi enabled - WINIX SMART app
  • Pet approved 5-stage with PlasmaWave™ Technology
  • Washable pre-filter
  • Coated Deodorization (CD) carbon filter
  • Anti-microbial True HEPA filter
  • 4 fan speeds (Sleep, Low, Medium, High, Turbo) with Auto mode/ Sleep mode
  • Front air quality indicator light (Blue = Good, Yellow = Fair, Red = Poor)
  • Smart sensor (Particle + VOC sensors)
  • Child lock
  • Built-in timer (1, 4, 8 hours)
  • 2 years warranty

Winix HR1000 review

  • 5-stage filtration with permanent washable pre-filter and PlasmaWave™ Technology.
  • Excellent True HEPA filter with Anti-microbial coating that prevents bacteria growth.
  • Equally effective Coated Deodorization (CD) carbon filter against odors and smokes.
  • Punchy airflow with 4 fan speed and Auto mode/ Sleep mode.
  • Sensitive Light and Smart sensor (Particle, VOC) with front air quality indicator.
  • Works with Winix SMART app that allows distant control and advanced scheduling (multiple fan speed on any specific hours and day).
  • Useful Child lock feature that prevents children from meddling on the setting.
  • Built-in timer that can be setup straight on the air purifier.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Slightly expensive bundled filter replacement that requires yearly change.
  • In sleep mode, indicator light still glares up slightly that may or may not disturb your sleep.
  • Pairing with WiFi enabled devices is not as smooth sailing and straightforward as it should be.

The starters

Winix HR1000 dimension
16.3 x 23.6 x 9.6 in
(41.4 x 59.9 x 24.4 cm)
Winix HR1000 weight
18.7 lb (8.5 kg)

Winix HR1000 is a modern, simplistic air purifier that would blend in nicely as part of home decor. At 16.3 x 23.6 x 9.6 in and 18.7 lb weight, the air purifier shares the same platform as Winix HR950 where you find familiarity in design and controls placement. You will find the usual air inlet on front sides and air outlet at the top. Air quality indicator light is located at the front that will display blue when air quality is good, yellow when is fair, and red when is poor. There is also a back handle that you can hold on to when transporting the unit. Build quality wise, Winix HR1000 is made entirely in plastic from top to bottom. Not premium but everything is well fitted that does not feel cheap or will release ozone gas at any heat.

Winix HR1000 control panel

Operating Winix HR1000 is simple with controls all nicely laid out at the top. Starting from the left you have the Smart Sensor + Light Sensor, Wi-Fi button, Mode button, Power button, PlasmaWave button, and Timer button. The Smart Sensor is used to detects indoor air quality for autonomous purifying while the below light sensor detects surrounding ambient light and automatically adjust the brightness LED indicators accordingly. Next to it is the sole Wi-Fi button will either enable or disable the Wi-Fi function. You can check the strength of the Wi-Fi connectivity or if Winix Smart app is currently active via the 2 LED indicator above. The mode button is self-explanatory, every time you press the button, the air purifier will cycle between Auto, Sleep, Low, Medium, High, Turbo with top LED indicator showing the selected mode. Right at the center, you have the Power button that will turn on or off the air purifier. Continue the path is the PlasmaWave/ Child lock button that will enable or disable PlasmaWave on a single press. Press and hold for at least 3 seconds will activate Child lock mode where all controls are locked. Repeat the step to disables Child lock. Lastly, Timer/ Air Quality button will cycle between 1, 4, 8 hours and no timer on a single press. Again press and hold for at least 3 seconds will enable/ disable the Air Quality light.

Similar to Winix NK100, Winix HR1000 is WiFi enabled that allows pairing between the air purifier and Winix SMART app. Available in Google Play and Apple store, it’s not the most intuitive way in linking the 2 with steps like enter the setting in the app, disconnect from your current network and join the air purifier network. Once connected though, the Winix SMART app is highly functional where you could set multiple scheduling at any date, time and fan speed. Turning on/ off the air purifier is also a click away at any destination. Other features from the SMART app includes indoor & outdoor air quality check with history charts, local weather, lighting control, rename your unit and check filter remaining lifespan.

To recap on Winix HR1000 features, you have the exclusive WiFi-enabled access, 5-stage filtration including PlasmaWave technology and Anti-microbial coating, 4 fan speed plus Auto/ Sleep mode, Smart sensor, Light sensor, front air quality LED indicator light, ever useful Childlock button, AHAM verified, Ozone-safe certified by CARB, UL listed, ENERGY STAR rated and 2 years warranty.

Airflow, speed, and CADR

Winix HR1000 coverage
Purifying coverage
400 sq. ft. (37 m2)
Winix HR1000 airflow speed
Airflow speed
56.5-286 cfm (96-486 m3/h)
Winix HR1000 fanspeed
Winix HR1000 just passed 400 sq. ft. coverage for the large purifying segment air purifier. It is of course still ideally-suited for kitchen, living hall or large-size bedroom. Airflow is consistent that stand between 56.5-286 cfm across the 4 fan speed. Utilizing the light and smart sensor, the default Auto mode features are also available in Winix HR1000 for autonomous airflow management. Sleep mode is best used in night time to reduce fan speed diminish the air purifier into the background.
Winix HR1000 dust CADR
264 cfm (449 m3/h)
Winix HR1000 pollen CADR
Pollen CADR
301 cfm (511 m3/h)
Winix HR1000 smoke CADR
Smoke CADR
258 cfm (438 m3/h)
Great but nothing overly standout, Winix HR1000 Dust CADR is verified at 264 cfm, Pollen CADR at 301 cfm and Smoke CADR at 258 cfm. The combined HEPA filter and high 300 pollen CADR output show Winix HR1000 is best in handling allergens like mold, pollen particularly with the added anti-microbial. With dust and smoke passed the 200 cfm bar, expect decent to identical airflow performance against dust mite, dander, smoke, and odor irritants.

What’s inside count

Winix HR1000 Pre-filter
Winix HR1000 HEPA filter
True-HEPA filter
1 year
Winix HR1000 carbon filter
Coated Deodorization (CD) Carbon Filter
1 year
Winix HR1000 technologies
PlasmaWave Technology
Winix HR1000 other filters
Anti-microbial coating
^ Winix HR1000 filters/ technologies/ lifespan
Winix HR1000 5-stage filtration is great for owners that are frequently haunted by seasonal and pet allergies. The full-size permanent pre-filter (washable) would first capture large particles and while prolonging other filters lifespan. Smoke, gas, and odor that manage to bypass the pre-filter would now be captured by the coated Deodorization carbon filter. With many of the airborne particles captured, the anti-microbial coated True HEPA filter will deal with those uncaptured microscopic allergens while halting any bacteria from further growing onto the filter. Wrapping things up is Winix PlasmaWave Technology that generates Hydroxyl to neutralize any type of germs without creating any harmful ozone.

Covered against

Winix HR1000 VS Dust



Winix HR1000 VS Pollen



Winix HR1000 VS Hair

Hair/ Pet hair


Winix HR1000 VS Dust mite

Dust mites


Winix HR1000 VS Mold/ Mildew

Mold/ Mildew


Winix HR1000 VS Pet dander

Pet dander


Winix HR1000 VS Virus/ Germ

Virus/ Germ


Winix HR1000 VS Tobacco smoke

Tobacco smoke


Winix HR1000 VS Chemical



Winix HR1000 VS VOCs



Winix HR1000 VS Smoke/ Gas

Smoke/ Gas


Winix HR1000 VS Odor



Pit against airborne particles like dust, hair, pet dander, dust mites, pollen, mold and mildew, Winix PlasmaWave HR1000 HEPA filtration and high CADR output proves its value. On handling smokes and odors, the wide purifying coverage plus carbon filter is terrific in removing chemicals, odors, cooking smell, VOCs, tobacco smokes, vapor, radon and ammonia.

Keep it down

Winix HR1000 noise level
Noise level
26.4 - 60 dB
Winix HR1000 power consumption
Power consumption
11 - 83 W
Judging on its power output, Winix HR1000 26.4 - 60 dB noise level is on the lower side although typical measurement rules still applied here. Expect virtually no noise in low speed, minimal noise at medium/ high speed and loud noise at turbo speed. For night time use, you can rely on the air purifier Auto/ Sleep mode. Power consumption is good too for this ENERGY STAR rated unit. Official figure lands between 11 - 83 Watt depending on the selected fan speed and usage frequency. Again Auto mode is available to autonomously manage the air purifier energy consumption.

At what cost

Winix HR1000 MRSP/ RSP
+- 379.99
Winix HR1000 annual filter replacement cost
Annual Filter Cost
+- 100
^ Replacement filters/ estimated cost
Not the most expensive air purifier that is meant to target large purifying group. With the given specification and 5-stage filtration, Winix HR1000 is worth every single penny you have to churn out. If this fall to other brands, expect the cost to push up double or even higher! However, that could not be said for the filter replacement set that requires annual change. The relatively short lifespan means filter change cost will surpass the air purifier price within 3-4 years period. Costly it may be, what you do get in the bundled package include a separate HEPA and carbon filters.
You can easily purchase the air purifier online with a significant discount. Same goes with the Filter J replacement set that is widely available. To get the best deal out of Winix HR1000, we recommend buying straight from Amazon website and you can see the huge price gap on the sales price. Alternatively, Winix official website also offers seasonal sales plus free return and shipping (similar to Amazon). Walmart, Target, HomeDepot or BestBuy also carries the brand but loses out to Amazon attractive online deal.

Winix HR1000 VS the challengers

Winix NK105

Another WiFi-enabled model, Winix NK105 is a tower form air purifier so naturally it has a weaker purifying coverage, CADR, and airflow delivery rate. What you will get in return is a lower price point, cheaper maintenance and slimmer body profile for tight spaces.
Winix 5500-2 PlasmaWave

Winix 5500-2

Cheaper yet popular among users due to the comparable filtration setup with HEPA filter, effective airflow distribution, and purifying applicable area plus a remote control. The trade-off is the weaker performance and non-WiFi access.

Airmega 300S

Almost everything in Coway Airmega 300S bar the PlasmaWave technology and anti-microbial. Keep in mind this purifying machine will cost around 2 times more than HR1000.
Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-780N

Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-780N

A newcomer to the WiFi-enabled field, Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-780N is the improved version to the popular 780A version with added WiFi pairing. Also cost significantly more than HR1000, you do get a 6-stage filtration, interchangeable front panel, and mountable frame body.

Final thoughts on Winix HR1000

Bring to a conclusion, we are satisfied with Winix HR1000 performance and practicality but it's not a very popular product compare with Winix 5500-2. Out of only 65 reviews in Amazon, 67% of the users gave it 4-5 stars agree on our assessment particularly on the comprehensive multi-stage filtration. The Wi-Fi enabled pairing is a touch and go feature as not all users agree on the usability. Again, due to the low review count, a rather high 18% of Amazon reviewers question the build quality as their unit broke down within months. We highly doubt this issue is still ongoing but do look out if you are considering one.

Verdicts and ratings

Build quality
Airflow delivery
Particle Filtration
Smoke Filtration
Winix HR1000 5-Stage-Wifi-Enabled-Air-Cleaner-0

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