Winix P150 Review

Winix P150 is the smallest and most portable air purifier available in the FresHome series. With a much more affordable price tag, this entry-level air purifier has most of FresHome standard features but with a much weaker coverage performance therefore is deemed suitable for small space area. Without wasting any second more, let's go into the details of Winix P150 and see what our recommendation is.
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     Annual filter ^    
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Winix P150 Specification

ProductWinix P150
RSPMRSP/ RSP+- 169.99
13.7 x 18.5 x 9 in
(34.8 x 47 x 22.9 cm)
Weight11 lb (5 kg)
Coverage (up to)150 sq. ft. (14 m2)
Dust free (CADR)98 cfm (166 m3/h)
Pollen free (CADR)103 cfm (175 m3/h)
Smoke free (CADR)98 cfm (166 m3/h)
Airflow speed25-99 cfm (42-168 m3/h)
A Annual filter cost ($)+- 60
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Activated Carbon Pre-filter
3 months
HEPA filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
True HEPA filter
1 year
Carbon filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Ionizer/ TechnologiesPlasmaWave Technology
UV-light/ PCO
Other filter
All-in-one filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Filter C 113050
1 year
+- 59.99
Optional/ Addon
Noise level26 - 50+ dB
Power consumption4 - 40 W
Timer/ Scheduler
SensorsVOC sensors (Air quality)
More color options
Auto mode
Air qualityAQ indicator
Filter change indicator
Wi-Fi/ BTBluetooth
Remote control
Child lock
Warranty1 year
Email/ Phone support

Product image

Winix P150 key features

  • 3-stage filtration with PlasmaWave Technology
  • Deodorization odor control carbon pre-filter
  • True HEPA filter
  • PlasmaWave™ technology
  • 4 fanspeeds (Low, Medium, High, Turbo)
  • Auto mode/ sleep mode
  • VOC sensor/ Light sensor

The starters

Winix P150 dimension
13.7 x 18.5 x 9 in
(34.8 x 47 x 22.9 cm)
Winix P150 weight
11 lb (5 kg)

Clean and simple is how we would describe Winix P150 design in a nutshell. Do not be fool by the plainness exterior as the build quality is right on par with all the big boys. At 13.7 x 18.5 x 9 in and 11 lb weight, Winix P150 is similar with other Freshome series with top black panel digital display is practical and very readable. Standard equipment includes 3-stage filtration, VOC and light sensors, 4 fanspeed with Auto/ sleep mode, filter change indicator, CARB Ozone-safe approved, AHAM checked, ENERGY STAR rated and 1 year warranty.

Airflow, CADR and everything in between

Winix P150 coverage
Purifying coverage
150 sq. ft. (14 m2)
Winix P150 airflow speed
Airflow speed
25-99 cfm (42-168 m3/h)
Winix P150 fanspeed
Winix P150 150 sq. ft. purifying coverage and 25-99 cfm airflow is pretty good for a small range/ entry-level air purifier. Perfect for bedroom or office room, standard 4 fanspeed (Low, Medium, High and Turbo) plus selectable Auto mode that relies on the SmartSensors to tweak the ideal fanspeed based on the room air quality. There is also Sleep mode that automatically activates once lights are out.
Winix P150 dust CADR
98 cfm (166 m3/h)
Winix P150 pollen CADR
Pollen CADR
103 cfm (175 m3/h)
Winix P150 smoke CADR
Smoke CADR
98 cfm (166 m3/h)
Winix P150 CADR is decent for this segment air purifier that has enough strength to handle typical airborne pollutants. Dust CADR stands at 98 cfm, Pollen CADR stands at 013 cfm and Smoke CADR stands at 98 cfm. For other small range purifying air purifiers CADR comparison, Use the table above or visit the official AHAM website.

What’s inside count

Winix P150 Pre-filter
Activated Carbon Pre-filter
3 months
Winix P150 HEPA filter
True HEPA filter
1 year
Winix P150 technologies
PlasmaWave Technology
^ Winix P150 filters/ technologies/ lifespan
Winix P150 Utilize 3-stage filtration that is similar to Winix 5500 setup. For starters, large particles such as dust, hair plus smoke and odors would be contained by the Odor Control Carbon pre-filter. With the first phase of the airborne particles captured, True-HEPA filter can maximize its full capacity in containing smaller micron size at a 99.97% rate. Lastly the PlasmaWave would creates Hydroxyls that break apart allergens, odors e.g. pollen, bold, bacteria and releasing clean air all without emitting any harmful ozone.

Winix P150 is covered against

Winix P150 VS Dust



Winix P150 VS Pollen



Winix P150 VS Hair

Hair/ Pet hair


Winix P150 VS Dust mite

Dust mites


Winix P150 VS Mold/ Mildew

Mold/ Mildew


Winix P150 VS Pet dander

Pet dander


Winix P150 VS Virus/ Germ

Virus/ Germ


Winix P150 VS Tobacco smoke

Tobacco smoke


Winix P150 VS Chemical



Winix P150 VS VOCs



Winix P150 VS Smoke/ Gas

Smoke/ Gas


Winix P150 VS Odor



Winix P150 3-stage filtration and purifying applicable area is magnificent when go up against irritants, allergens, bacteria and viruses. It is truly efficient on household airborne particles particularly dust. Having said that against tiny particles, Winix P150 4 speed airflow distribution + is impressive at cleaning out dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold, mildew and germs.  On odors, smokes and fumes, Winix P150 filtration is inferior in overcoming fire, chemicals, VOCs, odors, cooking smell, tobacco smokes, cigarette radon and ammonia.

Keep it down

Winix P150 noise level
Noise level
26 - 50+ dB
Winix P150 power consumption
Power consumption
4 - 40 W
Winix P150 4 - 40 W power consumption is no doubt lesser than its higher end series although you would only see the difference in long-run. Compared with other small category air purifiers, this ENERGY STAR rated unit power usage is still within reasonable tier. 26 - 50+ dB noise level is subdued at low to medium fanspeed while at high and turbo speed there is a common humming loud noise though still bearable in our book.

At what cost

Winix P150 MRSP/ RSP
+- 169.99
Winix P150 annual filter replacement cost
Annual Filter Cost
+- 60
^ Winix P150 replacement filters estimated cost
As mentioned earlier, Winix P150 reasonably low price tag with the bundled set of features is the air purifier key selling point. If you could top up a little bit more, we would personally recommend you to go for the mid-range Winix P300 that comes with better CADR and airflow delivery rate, 3 years warranty plus a remote control. Filter replacement cost is tag under OK as the bundled package (4 carbon filters and 1 HEPA filter) would last through a year. If you are OK replacing the filter on a quarterly basis, no doubt Winix P150 would serve you well. For the best deals and discount available online, go to Amazon via our affiliate link below.

The challengers

Winix P300

Move up the chain with Winix P300 that is superior in airflow related aspect and priced cheaper (after discount).

Honeywell HHT-090

Cheaper with a slimmer profile and wider purifying coverage. Lacks PlasmaWave, digital display and slightly loses out on CADR.
Holmes Tower Air Purifier HAP9422-UA

Holmes Tower HAP9422-UA

Again cheaper, marginally better in coverage and CADR plus an optional ionizer. Lacks option such as digital display, air quality sensor.

In conclusion......

  • Low price tag although it will still cost more than $100.
  • Comes with True HEPA filter that traps 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns.
  • Deodorization Odor control carbon pre-filter that traps large particles plus odors.
  • 4 fanspeed with Auto mode that utilizes the VOC sensors.
  • Auto dimming/ sleep mode activation when lights out.
  • With lower airflow distribution, energy consumption is considerably low.
  • Black digital screen with air quality status and other informative indicator.
  • Used combined pre-filter/ carbon filter rather than 2 standalone filters.
  • Requires filter change every 3 months on the deodorization carbon pre-filter.
  • Only 1 year warranty compared with Winix FresHome P300 and P450 that offer 3 years.
  • No built-in timer for overnight operation.
  • Top up a little more and you could go for Winix P300 with better spec and remote control.
Build quality
Airflow delivery
Particle Filtration
Smoke Filtration

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More on Winix Freshome P150

If you like the design of any FresHome series air purifier, you will have no issue adapting to Winix Freshome P150. With identical design than the rest of the series, Winix Freshome P150 is cartainly not the smallest unit available in the market. Electronic display is located at the top for easy maneuver, air intake at both sides and outtake at the back. Overall standard features such as auto/ sleep mode, air/ light sensor are also available for this unit with the exception of a remote control. Moving on with the build quality and reliability, Winix Freshome P150 decent fitting installed with a level strong base fits well to the body configuration. The air purifier will stand high without any type of vibrating in any way. Wide air ventilation on the air purifier goes well with the purifying input and output. The high volume likewise permits straightforward day by day usage with little maintenance.

Applicable area and airflow

Winix P150
This is probably the part where Winix Freshome P150 will have to sacrifice for its price-friendly sales. Winix Freshome P150 can only covers up to 14 m2 (151 ft2) of purifying; not the greatest but deemed good enough for small bedroom and offices. With the smallest filters in its class (size 17), Winix Freshome P150 air delivery rate can achieve a minimum of 42 m³/h to a maximum of 165 m³/h. Working together with the effective airflow delivery rate, Winix Freshome P150 can ensure airborne pollutants never get out of the air purifier sight. Winix Freshome P150 bundled 3-stage filtration will generate a significant amount of quality, clean air into our house. Put next with other rather alike type air purifiers, Winix Freshome P150 all round purifying air flow delivery rate and time required to refine the surrounding in house air is modest to best.

Filters and filtration

First stage of the combined carbon pre-filter filtration will have the capability to capture large contaminants and house odors such as volatile organic compound (voc), cleaning product/ detergent, cigarette, paint while at the same time enhances the lifespan of other filters. HEPA filter is efficient against small microns contaminants and allergens. PlasmaWave neutralize airborne particles before releasing clean air back to the air. The bundled filters work wonderful against airborne particles including dust, mildew, pollen, pet dander and mold.

Noise level and power consumption

Winix Freshome P150 specially produced body framework and motor will filter the noise from the air purifier to a minimum rate. Magnificent as a bedside air purifier all through the night. For the record, the air purifier noise level is still exceedingly quiet compared with same selection household appliances. Next up is the energy-saving attribute of the air purifier. Winix Freshome P150 is highly efficiency on power input therefore saving you on electrical bills. Put next with most common household appliances, the air purifier all round power input is moderate in its class.
noise graph

Final thoughts on Winix Freshome P150

Despite smaller in size, Winix Freshome P150 still manages to retain the key elements of Winix signature features with tuned-down airflow performance. It might not have the best odor filtration or the widest air purifying coverage, but given the low entry-price for specific target audience, it is completely justifiable. Overall we would recommend Winix Freshome P150 air purifier for first-time buyer primary due to its affordable price, cheaper filter replacement or people who does not need a large purifying applicable area.

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