Winix U300 Review

Winix U300 is one of the Winix top-of-the-line signature series air purifier currently available in the market (Winix U450 is the other one which we will promptly review next). Powered by Winix PlasmaWave™ Technology and 5 advanced-stage air cleaning against practically all airborne pollutants, chemicals and gases surrounding your home, let’s look into some of Winix Signature Series U300 wonderful features and see how well will it perform against some of the big giants in the industry.
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Winix U300 Specification

ProductWinix U300
16.2 x 21.6 x 10.4 in
(41.1 x 54.9 x 26.4 cm)
Weight13.4 lb (6.1 kg)
Coverage (up to)300 sq. ft. (28 m2)
Dust free (CADR)197 cfm (335 m3/h)
Pollen free (CADR)214 cfm (364 m3/h)
Smoke free (CADR)197 cfm (335 m3/h)
Airflow speed48-173 cfm (82-294 m3/h)
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
HEPA filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
True HEPA filter
1 year
Carbon filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
AOC Advanced Granular Carbon Filter
1 year
Ionizer/ TechnologiesPlasmaWave Technology
UV-light/ PCO
Other filter
CleanCel Anti-Bacterial Treatment
All-in-one filter
- Lifespan
- Replacement cost ($)
Filter B 114190
1 year
+- 119.90
Optional/ Addon
Noise level28 - 52 dB
Power consumption4 - 60 W
Timer/ Scheduler
SensorsVOC sensors (Air quality)
More color options
Auto mode
Air qualityAQ indicator
Filter change indicator
Wi-Fi/ BTBluetooth
Remote control
Child lock
Warranty5 years
Email/ Phone support
Product image

Key features

  • 5-Stage filtration
  • Washable pre-filter
  • CleanCel™ anti-microbial coating
  • True-HEPA Filter
  • Washable (AOC) Advanced Odor Control Carbon filter
  • PlasmaWave™ Technology
  • 4 fanspeed (Low, Medium, High and Turbo)
  • Auto mode / sleep mode
  • VOC sensor/ light sensor
  • Remote control
  • 5 years warranty

Winix U300 review

  • Modern simplistic design that comes with informative digital screen and remote control.
  • Advanced 5-Stage Filtration including PlasmaWave™ Technology.
  • Reliable True-HEPA filter in capturing micron size airborne pollutants.
  • Highly effective advanced Granular Carbon Filter against odors and smokes.
  • Up to 4 selectable fanspeed with auto mode.
  • Automatically adjust and dim all indicator lights when there is no light source.
  • Used only 60+ watts of electricity at high speed mode.
  • Washable, vacummable HEPA and carbon filters.
  • 5 years warranty with the optional extension.
  • Not the cheapest filter replacement as all filters comes in a bundled cassette.
  • Lacks built-in timer to let it run when you are away.
  • CleanCel Antimicrobial coated on pre-filter is considered as one-stage of the filtration.
  • The maximum airflow delivery rate is not optimal to its purifying capacity.

The starters

Winix U300 dimension
16.2 x 21.6 x 10.4 in
(41.1 x 54.9 x 26.4 cm)
Winix U300 weight
13.4 lb (6.1 kg)
Winix U300 is a beautiful, modern looking air purifier that is covered with white glossy exterior at almost every angle. At an typical 16.2 x 21.6 x 10.4 in dimension of with the weight of 13.4 lb, build quality is top-notch with no visible miss-alignment or gap in the fitting. What’s included in the package is a 5-stage purifying filtration, top digital display with air quality indicator, VOC sensors, 4 fanspeed with Auto mode, auto dimming light, filter replacement indicator, remote control, Ozone-free approved by CARB, AHAM certified, ENERGY STAR rated and 5 years warranty.

Airflow, speed, and CADR

Winix U300 coverage
Purifying coverage
300 sq. ft. (28 m2)
Winix U300 airflow speed
Airflow speed
48-173 cfm (82-294 m3/h)
Winix U300 fanspeed
Pretty impressive air purifying coverage from Winix U300 at 300 sq. ft., you would have no issue covering any size bedroom and living room unless you are staying in a huge mansion. Typical Winix 4 fanspeed setup (Low, Medium, High and Turbo) is also available in this unit. Apart from the existing Auto mode where the air purifier would adjust the fanspeed accordingly based on the surrounding air quality, Winix U300 also comes with a auto dimming features that would automatically dim the indicator light when all lights are out. Both above features are achievable thanks to the sensitive built-in sensors.
Winix U300 dust CADR
197 cfm (335 m3/h)
Winix U300 pollen CADR
Pollen CADR
214 cfm (364 m3/h)
Winix U300 smoke CADR
Smoke CADR
197 cfm (335 m3/h)
As with the impressive coverage, Winix U300 CADR is up to par with Dust CADR stands at 197 cfm, Pollen CADR stands at 214 cfm and Smoke CADR stands at 197 cfm. Whats lacking though is the air flow circulation that has a rather low rate at 48-173 cfm. Check out the specification table above to compare with our air purifiers yourself.

What’s inside count

Winix U300 Pre-filter
Winix U300 HEPA filter
True HEPA filter
1 year
Winix U300 carbon filter
AOC Advanced Granular Carbon Filter
1 year
Winix U300 technologies
PlasmaWave Technology
Winix U300 other filters
CleanCel Anti-Bacterial Treatment
^ Winix U300 filters/ technologies/ lifespan
Identical to other Winix air purifiers that comes with 5-stage filtration, Winix U300 would start by trapping large airborne pollutants such as hair/ dust via its pre-filter. CleanCel Anti-Bacterial Treatment coated on the pre-filter would impede any micro-organism from growing. With large particles captured by pre-filter, the subsequent True-HEPA filter is highly effective (99,97%) in capturing small-sized particles as small as 0.3 microns. For gases/ odors from cooking, cigarette and chemicals such as VOCs, the AOC Advanced Granular Carbon Filter would dealt with it with ease. Finally Winix PlasmaWave technology would creates Hydroxyls that neutralize all allergens, odors and gases without emiting any harmful ozone.
Covered against
Winix U300 VS Dust



Winix U300 VS Pollen



Winix U300 VS Hair

Hair/ Pet hair


Winix U300 VS Dust mite

Dust mites


Winix U300 VS Mold/ Mildew

Mold/ Mildew


Winix U300 VS Pet dander

Pet dander


Winix U300 VS Virus/ Germ

Virus/ Germ


Winix U300 VS Tobacco smoke

Tobacco smoke


Winix U300 VS Chemical



Winix U300 VS VOCs



Winix U300 VS Smoke/ Gas

Smoke/ Gas


Winix U300 VS Odor



In short Winix U300 5-stage filtration is very efficient when take on typical and micron-size particles, irritants, allergens, viruses and bacteria. Contributed by strong airflow distribution and wide purifying coverage, Winix U300 combined filtration is excellent in wiping out dust, pet hair, pet dander, dust mites, fungi, pollen, mildew, mold, spores and germs.  On handling smokes, odors and fumes, Winix U300 is also excellent against chemicals, odors, cooking smell, fire, VOCs, tobacco smokes, cigarette, vapor, radon and ammonia.

Keep it down

Winix U300 noise level
Noise level
28 - 52 dB
Winix U300 power consumption
Power consumption
4 - 60 W
Winix U300 4 - 60 W power consumption and 28 - 52 dB noise level is tad lower than most similar segment air purifiers. At low to medium fanspeed, barely any noise can be heard while at high/ turbo speed, white noise that should not be an issue unless you placed the air purifier at bedside. Winix U300 is also ENERGY Star rated as with most Winix air purifiers.

At what cost

Winix U300 MRSP/ RSP
+- 319.99
Winix U300 annual filter replacement cost
Annual Filter Cost
+- 120
^ Replacement filters/ estimated cost
Winix U300 price tag is at the mid-point level; not the cheapest nor the most expensive. The only thing that would hinder users from owning Winix U300 is the bundled cassette filter replacement which is convenience to replace but at a higher annual filter replacement cost. Nevertheless it is usually applicable on a yearly basis as reflected on the filter lifespan of HEPA and carbon filter. Don't forget to discover more great Winix U300 deals on Amazon for one of the lowest and fastest shipping time.

Winix U300 VS the challengers

Winix P300

No standalone pre-filter, CleanCel Antimicrobial coating and a weaker carbon filter but at around half of Winix U300 cost.

Winix NK100

Lacks CleanCel Antimicrobial coating with different type of carbon filter, Winix NK100 is cheaper yet superior in any other way.

Honeywell HPA204

Simple to operate, cheaper with low maintenance cost, if you don't mind forego the PlasmaWave and air quality indicator display.

Verdicts and ratings

Build quality
Airflow delivery
Particle Filtration
Smoke Filtration

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Safety Tips

More on Winix Signature U300

Moderate in size and depth, Winix Signature U300 air purifier (or Winix Signature U300 air cleaner whichever you prefer) looks good with its all-rounded edges and informative top digital screen panel with electronic control. It might not have the "WOW" factor at first glance especially with the glossy plastic exterior, it does however feel as solid as some of its competitor and also lighter too There are air inlets located at the back and both sides of the unit, you could easily take off the front cover to change the acclaimed all-in-one filters (Separable for easy cleaning). Carrying on with the air purifier size, engineered and manufactured on a flat solid base, Winix Signature U300 fitting is notable even from far. The materials utilized in the body platform are perfectly fitted without any sort of noticeable gap. For good air circulation purifying, the air ventilation scale and total capacity is more than adequate for every day usage. Controls are accessible, neatly grouped and located for effortless usage. Cleaning the air purifier is effortless with a mild cleaning soap, soak sponge and few wipes.

Applicable area, airflow and CADR

Winix U300
Made perfectly for bedrooms or small living room, Winix Signature U300 can effectively cover 28 m2 or 300 ft2 of room size. With is trustable five stage filtration, any form of pollutants ranging from small to large such as hair, dust mites, mildew and spores with be absorbed and filtered stage by stage. From the Anti-Bacterial Pre-Filter, Antimicrobial CleanCell Protection, True-HEPA filter, Carbon Filter and finally the PlasmaWave technology. Winix Signature U300  airflow delivery rate could be set for quicker air purifying. In short the clean air delivery rate is standard to decent. If you do the comparison with other same category air purifiers, Winix Signature U300 air flow delivery effectiveness and duration required to purify the surrounding in-house air is still within justifiable rate.

Filters and filtration

Comes with signature combination filters, the pre-filter will capture and clean up large airborne particles and substances while prolonging other filters lifespan. The highly efficient HEPA filter will contains smaller, micron scale contaminants including substances and microbes. AOC carbon filter is great against stubborn gases and odors from voc, cooking, detergent, fireplace and cigarette that simply would not go away. The PlasmaWave would breaks apart particles into harmless molecule before releasing back to the air. All contained particles and micro organisms will be wipe out inside the air purifier.

Noise level and power consumption

Comes with an exclusively configured motor, Winix Signature U300 noise level is minimal to moderate that users would love it. Splendid for bedroom as it will remain silent all through the night. When compare with rather parallel lineup home appliances, the noise level is relatively low that you will not feel the existence of the air purifier. Up next is the ever energy efficient Winix Signature U300 that consume low power that is of course depending on the present mode it’s in. You will only see the significant difference when the air purifier is operated in daily basis. In comparison with other home appliances power input, the air purifier power consumption is average to decent.
noise graph

Final thoughts on Winix Signature U300

To sum in all, Winix Signature U300 is a well-priced, well-rounded air purifier. If you want to pick a bone on Winix Signature U300, I suppose you can aim at its average airflow delivery, its plastic exterior, or its expensive bundled filter replacement. Then again with the attractive price tag, there is nothing much to complain about.

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