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The Complete List of Very Expensive Air Purifiers

You want the absolute best while price, size and weight is nothing merely a figure. Then the air purifiers listed here is specially made for you. Cost at least twice as much as basic air purifiers, most air purifiers in this price group does not shy away from filtration depth, airflow performance and features. You do however have to give in on the bulkiness, noise, power consumption and filter replacement cost. Again if you fancy sheer purifying performance over nothing else, head over to our complete list of very expensive air purifiers below. As there are not many premium air purifiers in the market, we will keep this page updated whenever a new product emerged.

The Complete List of $200 – 400 Air Purifiers

Among the different price categories, air purifier priced between $200 – 400 is no doubt the sweet spot between value and filtration performance. What typically you will get from the air purifier is the complete filter set (True HEPA filter, carbon filter, Ionizer) similar to the big boys, along with practical features like timer, air quality sensors, Auto mode or even remote control. The only differences between the air purifiers here and higher range models is the purifying coverage or airflow delivery rate. Intrigue? Check out the complete list of $200 – 400 air purifiers below. Keep this page posted as we will constantly update the list when there is any changes on the air purifier pricing.

The Complete List of $100 – 199 Air Purifiers

In relation to our very cheap air purifiers list, if you can afford a slightly wider budget but still want something that cost less than $200, we have just the right list for you. Targeting air purifiers that has an online price tag between $100 – 199, most models here is equipped with a relatively decent filtration and features within its price limitation. Purifying performance wise most models should exceed what cheap air purifiers is offering but will likely fall shorts to higher range $200 – 400 models. So if you are entire sure this is the budget range you are willing to go into, check out the complete list of $100 – 199 air purifiers below. The list will be updated periodically so do bookmark this page for future reference.

The Complete List of Very Cheap Air Purifiers (Less than $100)

If you are tight on budget yet need an air purifier that simply works, below is the complete list of very cheap air purifiers that cost less than $100. As air purifiers in this group is set for affordability rather than performance, every one of them has their own set of limitation e.g. small purifying coverage, poor airflow, small filters. If you see something that you really like, we recommend going through the product specification and review first before confirming your order. Do note the list here is based on the air purifiers online price which typically is much lower than the official MRSP/ RSP guideline. Remember to check back this page regularly as we will update the list accordingly.

The Complete List of Air Purifiers for Large Room Size

This is the part 3 of a 3 part series where we focus on large room size air purifiers (<400 sq. ft. to be exact). The top tier in its group, large room size air purifiers offers best in-class purifying coverage, airflow delivery rate, filtration depth (usually 3-stage or higher) with high-grade HEPA filter and carbon filter. Most models also come equipped with comprehensive functionality like advanced timer, dual sensors, auto/ sleep mode and WiFi-ready. The things you do have to compromise is the premium price tag, bulky body/ weight and high upkeeping including filter replacement and power consumption. Perfect for all locations and room size if you can find space for the machine, see below for the complete list of large purifying coverage air purifiers covering from 400 sq. ft. onwards.

The Complete List of Air Purifiers for Medium Room Size

This is the part 2 of a 3 part series where we focus on medium room size air purifiers (200 – 399 sq. ft. to be exact). Balanced in performance and price point, most medium air purifiers in this category is well-equipped with multi-stage filtration including HEPA and carbon filter. Higher trim models typically comes with optional Ionizer/ UV-light filtration or features like air quality sensors, Auto/ Sleep mode. Perfect choice for medium-sized bedroom, living hall, lounge or kitchen with mirroring features to high range air purifiers. See below for the complete list of medium purifying coverage air purifiers covering between 200 – 399 sq. ft.

The Complete List of Air Purifiers for Small Room Size

This is the part 1 of a 3 part series where we take a look at the list of small room size air purifiers covering less than 200 sq. ft. Placed at the lowest spectrum in terms of airflow performance and filtration, air purifiers in this category is ideal for places like table top, office desk, washroom (limited models) or bedside that does not require a whole lot of purifying coverage. Small room size air purifiers also gain the advantage of smaller dimension and weight therefore it would take up very little of your interior space. Most importantly to some, it is the most affordable group where some models cost less than $50 not to mention the low annual filter replacement cost. Putting the price factor aside, if you are entirely sure that you do not need the extra airflow circulation and purifying coverage, below is the complete list of air purifiers for small room size that cover less than 200 sq. ft. applicable area.