The Complete List of Very Expensive Air Purifiers

You want the absolute best while price, size and weight is nothing merely a figure. Then the air purifiers listed here is specially made for you. Cost at least twice as much, the models listed here does not shy away from filtration depth, airflow performance, and features. You might have to give in on the bulkiness, power consumption and filter replacement cost. As there are limited premium air purifiers in the market, we will keep this page updated whenever we can.

The Complete List of $200 – 400 Air Purifiers

Air purifier priced between $200 – 400 is the sweet spot between value and performance. What typically you will get from the model here is the complete filter set similar to the big boys. Practical features like timer, AQ sensors, Auto mode or even remote control may also be bundled in. Intrigue? Check out the complete list of $200 – 400 air purifiers below. Keep this page posted as we will update the list when there are any changes on the air purifier pricing.

The Complete List of $100 – 199 Air Purifiers

If you can afford a wider budget but still want something that cost less than $200, we have just the right list for you. Targeting air purifiers that has an online price tag between $100 – 199. Most models here are equipped with decent filtration within its price limitation. So if you are sure this is the budget you are willing to go into, check out the complete list of $100 – 199 air purifiers below. The list will be updated periodically so do bookmark this page for future reference.

The Complete List of Very Cheap Air Purifiers (Less than $100)

If you are tight on a budget yet need one that works, below is the list of very cheap air purifiers that cost less than $100. As air purifiers in this group are set for affordability rather than performance, every each of them has their own set of limitation. See something that you like, continue with the specification first before confirming your order. Remember to check back this page as we will update the list accordingly.

The Complete List of Air Purifiers for Large Room Size

The top tier in its group, air purifiers here offers best-in-class coverage and filtration depth. Models here also come equipped with functionality like timer, dual sensors, and auto/ sleep mode. Perfect for all locations and room size if you can find space for the machine. See below for the complete list of large room size air purifiers covering from 400 sq. ft. onwards.

The Complete List of Air Purifiers for Small Room Size

Placed at the lowest spectrum in terms of airflow performance and filtration. Air purifiers in this category are ideal for places like a table top, office desk, or bedside. It also gains the advantage of a smaller dimension thus will take up very little of your interior space. Most importantly to some, it is the most affordable group where some models cost less than $50 plus the low filter replacement cost. If you do not need the extra airflow juice, below is the complete list of air purifiers for small room size that covers less than 200 sq. ft. applicable area.

The Complete List of Air Purifiers with UV Light Technology

Not great as a standalone unit but excellent as part of air purifier filtration. Ultraviolet or UV-light technology is safe, filterless, and odorless purification. Works wonder using ultraviolet (UV-C) light to destroy germs and bacteria in the air purifier. Leftover particles that are not trapped by the HEPA/ Carbon filter would be completely taken care of. A very common technology that is often used in hospital or other medical devices. Without dragging on, let’s take a look at the complete list of air purifiers with UV-Light Tech below.

The Complete List of Air Purifiers with Ionizer Technology

Many would dismay the actual effectiveness of an Ionic/ Negative Ion air purifier, not us. As part of last-stage filtration, Ionizer would complement well to your existing filtration. The entire purification process is effective where stubborn particles would be left out. As each brand likes to name their Ionizer differently, please see the list below for more info.

The Complete List of Air Purifiers with Remote Control

Remote control is a simple and nice touch to enhance the premiumness of an air purifier. It is universally supported, works straight out of the box, and without the need of app installing. It’s also a lot cheaper to make than a full-fledged WiFi-enabled air purifier. With the 2 strong points, here is the complete list of air purifiers that comes with remote control.

The Complete List of Bluetooth/ WiFi enabled Air Purifiers

Out with the old, in with the new. Bluetooth/ WiFi air purifier is the new premium level air purifier. Via the usage of app (Android or iOS), any Smartphone can be easily turned into a remote control. Advanced features like scheduler, voice activation is also available on specific models. Other than the price bump, there is no performance penalty on WiFi-enabled units. Keen on exploring more on these Smart Air Purifiers? See the complete list below on air purifiers that are WiFi-enabled or Bluetooth ready.

The Complete List of Air Purifiers with Permanent Filters

There is a reason why Air Purifier with permanent filters is trending. It has no issue covering against common household pollutants. You will save tons of money in long-run as there is no costly filter replacement. Cleaning the filters is also dead easy where schedule vacuuming would do the trick. Perfect for city folks with no time to spare. Interested in getting one? See below for the complete list of air purifiers with at least one main permanent filter.

The Complete List of Air Purifiers with Auto Mode

The must-have feature for any premium air purifier. Auto mode is a very useful function that allows air purifier to operate autonomously. This is done with the help from its built-in particle sensors that monitor nearby air quality. This free us from being tied down to air purifier where we can continue with our daily activity. Another plus point of Auto mode is energy usage management. An air purifier would only step up the fan speed when it deems necessary. Without further ado, below is the complete list of air purifiers that comes with Auto mode.

The Complete List of Air Purifiers with ENERGY STAR certification

An energy-efficient air purifier is essential for long ownership and 24×7 operation. Without being burden by electricity bills, most brands offered its own benchmark on energy consumption rate. However, getting a credible program à la ENERGY STAR helps standardized the measurement. To ensure you are getting the best out of a particular model, enclosed is the complete list of air purifiers with ENERGY STAR certification.

The Complete List of Air Purifiers with Child Lock

The combination of air purifier + toddler’s curiosity can be either annoying or devastating to parents. A toddler is often drawn to the fan noise or indicator light generated from an air purifier. So other than educating our children on the basic safety rules, the next best thing is an air cleaner with Child Lock feature. Child lock essentially locks out all functionality controls until you disable it. Special lookout for unit with safety features that shut down if the front cover is loose. “Curious” on the available options and keen to “explore” more? See below for the complete list of air purifiers with Child Lock features.