Airmega Air Purifiers Review

Airmega Air Purifiers Review [Ultimate Guide]

Airmega or nowadays Coway Airmega is a new generation smart air purifier. It comes with all the fancy gadget available in the air filtration world. In this guide, we will be looking into the S models Wi-Fi compatibility pairing with Amazon Alexa. As for performance, we will be looking at what ground (room size) it will cover, airflow delivery rate, and filtration depth of Max2 Filter. Finally, we will touch on the overall competitiveness in pricing and maintenance. Each model listed here comes with our verdict and spec that you can easily compare with. The ultimate stop of all Airmega review that you should read before purchasing one.

About Airmega Review

A new type of air purifier for a new generation. Airmega used to be a standalone brand from Coway and now it's back under the brand. At around 220 researchers and 4,300 intellectual properties on developing sustainable technologies. Airmega will continue to prosper through continuous innovation, research, and development.

Source: Coway official website

Getting to know Airmega

Dimension, Weight and features There is only 2 variant of sizes under its belt. The smaller 13.6 x 21.2 x 13.6 in found in 300 series and the slightly larger 14.8 x 22.8 x 14.8 in found in 400 series. Weight is, of course, lighter for the 300 series at 21.4 lb while 400 series weight stands at 24.7 lb. Regardless of the dimension, all models share the same modern design with integrated colored LED ring air quality status. At the point of this writing, only 2 color options are available: white and black (limited to 400 series). Other standard features include a timer, pollution sensor, and filter lifetime indicator. 400 series gets an additional light sensor and real-time filter usage indicator that reminds you to change or wash the filters. Wi-Fi and app support are only available in S series.
Warranty and after-service support Besides the standard live chat, there is also after-service support via phone or email. there is also 30 days money-back guarantee and free shipping through their website. All air purifiers come with standard 5-Year Limited Warranty that covers the motor and electronic parts from defect.

Filters and Technologies

Filters and Annual filter replacement cost All models utilize the same 4-stage mechanical filtration setup. With 2 pre-filters on both side of an air inlet, an activated carbon filter, and Green True HEPA filter. The 2 permanent pre-filter is reusable while the carbon and HEPA filter requires yearly replacing. through a bundled Max2 filter set. The bundled Max2 filter set has an estimated replacement cost of $100 for Airmega 300 series. Slightly higher at $130 for the higher Airmega 400 series.

Overall airflow performance

Purifying coverage, Airflow, Fanspeed and CADR Standard 4 speed with Auto/ Eco / Sleep mode available across all models. Purifying coverage is range from 628 sq. ft. (4 air charges) up to 1,256 sq. ft. (2 air charges) for 300 series models, while 400 series models have a higher 780 sq. ft. (4 air charges) up to 1,560 sq. ft. (2 air charges). CADR is equally impressive, with overall dust, pollen, smoke at 260 cfm for 300 series and 350 cfm for 300 series.
Noise level and Power consumptionOn the whole good track record in noise and energy management. Noise level is reasonably low between 22 – 52 dB. Even at high speed the noise level output still fall below 60 dB. Being an Energy Star certified models, power consumption is also on the lower side. 300 series consume an average 57 watts while 400 series is only slightly higher at 66 watts.

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Which Airmega air purifier to go for?

The starter air purifier that’s nothing of a starter. Airmega 300 has the airflow output that would put other brands “premium” model to shame. The maximum 1256 sq. ft. can cover a lot of grounds including a full-size living hall. The overall 260 cfm CADR is also equally good where no allergens, bacteria, smoke, and odor would be too difficult for the air purifier. Perhaps the greatest feature of all, Airmega 300 is indistinguishable from the higher range 400 series. The modernize casing is as practical as it looks with dual suction inlet, well-integrated air quality indicator and easy to use control.

Of course, this is not really a “starter” air purifier given its performance and premium price tag. It also misses out on autonomous Sleep mode feature that is available on all 400 series. Wi-Fi connectivity is also limited to the S variants. Still, this is our pick of the bunch because it already over-delivered what we need.
  • Very wide purifying coverage despite being the least expensive in its series.
  • Dual pre-filter that traps large particles coming from both sides. Also protect and extent the inner filter lifespan.
  • Excellent allergens and smoke filtration via its Green True HEPA/ Carbon filter.
  • Auto mode that is sensitive to surrounding air quality.
  • Separate Pre-filter and MAX2 filter lifetime indicator.
  • Built-in timer without having to rely on the app.
  • Clear and accurate real-time air quality display indicator.
  • Acceptable annual Max2 filter replacement cost for its higher-end category.
  • 5 years official warranty from Coway.
  • Still expensive despite being the cheapest model in the group.
  • After online discounted price, you only need to top up a little bit more for the Wi-Fi version (300S).
  • Lacks autonomous sleep mode and real-time filter replacement indicator found in 400/ 400S models.
  • No Ionizer as an additional filtration option.
± 649 p
     Annual filter ^    
± 100 p
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If you fancy above model yet do not want to give up on the Wi-Fi feature, you’re in luck as Airmega 300S is exactly that. Essentially the same model as 300 with added Wi-Fi feature, you can now access to the air purifier controls through android or apple phone. Inside Airmega’s IoCare app, you can now remotely tweak the fan speed or change purifying mode. You can also access real-time air quality report, setup timer or scheduler. Airmega 300S also compatible with Amazon Alexa. You can perform simple voice commands such as turning on/ off, switching to Smart/ Sleep mode, speed change, or setup timer. You can also get air quality status and check filter life status.

The added Wi-Fi support will of course push up the price tag even though it is a small margin. There is a learning curve on the app but you should be able to get the hang of it within a couple of hours. The lack of sleep mode and real-time HEPA and carbon filter usage monitoring might be the last straw of some.
  • 4-stage filtration with wide purifying applicable area (at 2 air charges).
  • Use 2 Pre-filter on each side of the air purifier to traps dust and pet hair.
  • Highly-efficient allergen, smoke and odor filtration with the combined Max2 filter.
  • Convenience and highly practical Smart mode (Auto mode/ Sleep mode).
  • Separate Pre-filter and MAX2 filter lifespan indicator.
  • Remotely access the air purifier functions via IoCare app.
  • Real-time air quality display indicator.
  • Adjustable sensor's sensitivity level (sensitive, normal, less sensitive).
  • Reasonable Max2 filter replacement cost that only requires one yearly change.
  • Standard 5 years warranty.
  • Expensive based price that is close to the non-Wi-Fi 400 version.
  • Little learning curve on setting up Wi-Fi connectivity for first time user.
  • No built-in timer. Only accessible via Airmega app.
  • Lacks autonomous sleep mode activation (available in 400/ 400S).
  • Lacks real-time HEPA and Carbon filter change indicator (available in 400/ 400S).
  • No Ionizer within its filtration list.
± 749 p
     Annual filter ^    
± 100 p
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If the power of 300 series still does not satisfy you, perhaps Airmega 400 can be the ultimate answer. A quick glance it might have the identical offering as 300, on closer look, you will see more unique features that are only available here. Firstly, there is a full black version that you can go for. Second, there is 2 real-time filter lifespan indicator for HEPA and carbon filter. Third, automatic Sleep mode activation when light is cut off. More importantly, Airmega 400 has a wider 1560 sq. ft. coverage along with the bump up 350 cfm CADR for dust, pollen, and smoke.

There is a price for all the nifty stuff other than the actual price. For starter, it is heavier and bigger than 300/ 300S. It also consumes more power (understandably so) with no extra filtration advantage. Needless to say, if you want the Wi-Fi version, you have to top up even more.
  • 4-stage filtration with very wide purifying coverage.
  • Dual pre-filter that traps large particles from both sides of the air inlet.
  • Max2 filter (Green True HEPA + Activated Carbon) is great against smoke and micron size pollutants
  • Auto mode with adjustable sensitivity for more accurate detection.
  • Sleep mode that automatically adjusts the light and speed when there is no light source.
  • Pre-filter and MAX2 filter lifespan indicator is based on real-time usage and environment.
  • Clear and accurate air quality display indicator.
  • 5 years Airmega official warranty.
  • Cheaper than 400S model but still relatively expensive.
  • Expensive filter replacement cost despite only one annual filter change (Max2 filter).
  • No remote access (via app) as 400 have to do without Wi-Fi connectivity support.
  • Lacks optional Ionizer feature even though not everyone would utilize it.
± 749 p
     Annual filter ^    
± 130 p
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You want power and the latest technologies, Airmega 400S will cover all that and more. It has up to 1560 sq.ft. coverage, a whopping 350 cfm of all three CADR, and 4 speed with Auto/ Eco mode. The dual pre-filter, carbon filter, and Green True HEPA filter are also standard here. Features like Sleep mode and real-time filter usage indicator is exclusive to 400 series. Finally the most important feature we left out, Wi-Fi enabled operation. You can use your smartphone as a remote control to access all the air purifier functions. Bonus features such as scheduler, air quality status and voice command via Amazon Alexa is only available in the app.

Other than the almost inaccessible pricing, the lack of an ionizer or UV-light filtration might not go well with some. Not a deal-breaker but something that could be there given its price tag. Our final verdict, go with the smaller 300 series model if you do not need the extra airflow juice.
  • 4-stage filtration with widest purifying coverage in its group.
  • Dual pre-filter that cover and protect the HEPA filter from large particles like dust.
  • Outstanding allergens and smoke filtration via MAX2 filter (Full-size HEPA + Carbon).
  • Auto mode that accurately adjusts the fan speed based on room air quality.
  • Light/ sleep mode that automatically tones down the noise and speed when the room is dark.
  • Separate Pre-filter and MAX2 lifespan indicator that based on real-time usage.
  • Timer + advanced scheduler for 7 days customizable on and off setting (via IoCare app).
  • Highly legible and accurate real-time air quality monitor.
  • Standard 5 years manufacturer warranty.
  • All Airmega air purifiers are expensive. This is the most expensive version of its series.
  • Filter replacement cost is high although Max2 set consists of both HEPA and Carbon filter.
  • Slight learning curve on Wi-Fi connectivity especially for first time user.
  • No Ionizer as an option.
  • Timer is only accessible via Airmega app.
± 849 p
     Annual filter ^    
± 130 p
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Does Airmega Produce Ozone?

Airmega air purifier does not produce ozone as it uses only mechanical filters. You will not find Ionizer, UV-light or similar technologies in its filtration.

How Often Do I Need To Replace Airmega Air Filter?

1 year for normal operational use. Airmega bundled Max2 filter comes with carbon filter and Green True HEPA filter. Some may stretch the filter lifespan to approximately 2 years on a healthy environment. As the replacement filter comes in a set, we recommend replacing both at the same time if either of the filters is exhausted.

What Airmega Replacement Filter Do I Need?

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How Do I Replace The Filter In Airmega Air Purifier?

Turn off and unplug the air purifier first before proceeding. Then Remove both sides of the front cover and pre-filters by pressing on the 2 top tabs. Next, remove and discard the old Max2 filter. Take out the plastic wrap from the new Max2 filter and slot it in, follow by the pre-filter on each side. Reattach the front cover by securing the bottom clip and the air purifier is good to go.

Can I Connect Airmega Air Purifier To Multiple Smartphones?

Yes, you can and it’s not limited to Android or Apple smartphones only. Download the IoCare app through App Store or Google Play and sign in with the same credentials.

Where Can I Find Airmega Manual?

You can find the manual troubleshooting guide on Amazon or the official website.

Airmega Isn’t Responding To Command From The App.

Check if Airmega is powered on and Wi-Fi LED light is on. If Wi-Fi LED light is blinking, there could be a connection issue. Try reconnecting to the Wi-Fi network or restart the router.

There Is A Delay On Command Sent From My Mobile App To The Air Purifier.

Reduce the number of connection to the Wi-Fi network or place Airmega closer to the router.

Airmega Doesn’t React According To The Timer Or Scheduler Settings In The App.

Most likely scenario is the incorrect time zone on the app. It could also be the timer or scheduler has been changed by another user. Please note that timer will always reset every time you turn off the air purifier.

Ultimate Comparison Table

Air PurifierFiltrationCoverageScoreOnline Price (Amazon)
Airmega 3004-stage1256 sq. ft. (117 m2)9
Airmega 300S4-stage1256 sq. ft. (117 m2)9.1
Airmega 4004-stage1560 sq. ft. (145 m2)8.8
Airmega 400S4-stage1560 sq. ft. (145 m2)9

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