Airgle AG500 VS Airgle AG800

The comparison between 2 excellent 3-stage, non Titanium Pro Airgle air purifiers. On left you have the smaller and cheaper Airgle AG500 and on right you have the more powerful Airgle AG800. While this is not a direct apple VS orange comparison, which Airgle air purifiers would stand out more in overall value? Let’s compare!

Airgle AG500 VS Airgle AG600

The battle between 2 lower tier Airgle air purifiers. On your left side you have the cheapest but not so cheap Airgle AG500 and on the right you have the 4-stage Airgle AG600. While Airgle AG600 is the more expensive version that comes with 1 additional filtration (Titanium Pro), Airgle AG500 is the one with a surprisingly better purifying specification which you could compare below. So which air purifiers would be our pick for daily use? Let’s waste no time and look into the details of these 2 air purifiers.

Airgle AG800 VS Airgle AG900

The 2 top-of-the-line models in Airgle lineup, On left you have the 3-stage filtration Airgle AG800 and on the right you have the 4-stage filtration Airgle AG900. On theory Airgle AG900 should have the upper hand with the additional Titanium Pro system, Airgle AG800 is by no means a easy pushover with its strong airflow purification. Which air purifiers would stand out as your ideal air purifier or at least in your bucket list? Let’s look into these 2 giants specification and compare their pros and cons.

Airmega 300 VS Airmega 400

The non Wi-Fi battle between 300 and 400 series. On the left you have the cheapest model in the range: Airmega 300 and on the right you have the cheapest 400 range air purifier: Airmega 400. On surface the pricing VS performance clearly mark the differences between this 2 model however, there are few hidden features that you might not be aware of. Without further ado, let’s look into these 2 “Smart” air purifier models specification and features for the ultimate comparison.

Airmega 400 VS Airmega 400S

Let’s be honest, there is very little comparison can be done between Airmega 400 and 400S as both air purifiers are identical the design, weight distribution, airflow performance, filtration setup and noise level with the exception of Wi-Fi support. No matter which “Smart” air purifiers you decided to go for, the outcome would likely be the same so lets compare!.

Airmega 300 VS Airmega 300S

Purely for the sake of comparison, there is very little difference between Airmega 300 and 300S as both air purifiers share the same design, filtration setup and airflow performance with the exception of Wi-Fi support. As both air purifiers is consider a “Smart” decision in your book, feel free to look into the comparison table below and see which air purifiers specification would suit you best.

Honeywell HPA200 VS Honeywell HPA300

As specified in the title, we are pitting against 2 very very similar air purifiers derived from the same family that you will barely see the differences at first glance. On left is the lower range Honeywell HPA200 and on right you have the renowned Honeywell HPA300. Based on these 2 air purifiers spec, could either Honeywell offer the air flow performance advantages that you preferred? Let’s delve into both air purifier details and see what these 2 can offer.

Airfree P2000 VS Airfree Iris 3000

Below are 2 main and equivalent example of air purifiers that utilize eco-friendly purifying method without using any filters. On left you have the grey Airfree P2000 and on right you have the black Airfree Iris 3000. Comparing these two maintenance free air purifiers entire list of features, What practical factors set apart these 2 and which air purifiers should you opt for? Head over to our all-inclusive VS comparison below.