Where To Place Air Purifier In Home?

Air purifier placement is an art. No, we are not exaggerating. Poor placement could see the air purifier performance significantly hampered up to 90%. This is not even uncommon as a lot of people has made the same mistake when choosing a spot. So how to choose the ideal location for an air purifier? Follow this simple guideline and you will get the best out of it.
Short answer
Avoid corner and place the air purifier close to the pollution sources.

Put The Air Purifier Close To The Pollution’s Sources

There must be a reason why you brought an air purifier. If your concern is pet odor, place it next to the litter box. If your concern is smokers, place it where the tobacco smoke is emitted. If your concern is mold in a basement, place it directly in the basement. The closer the air purifier it is to the airborne pollutants, the faster it can capture the harmful particles. If you have multiple concerns on a different location, you will need more than one air purifier. There is no one size fits all.

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Keep A Safe Distance From Windows and Electronic Devices

An air purifier is a lone ranger. It will not work well if is placed next to home appliances like oven, microwave, and television. The electronic device’s wavelengths could cause interference with the air purifier functionality. Also, avoid placing an air purifier directly underneath the windows. Extended exposure under the sunlight might damage overheat and damage the device.

Speaking of windows, keep it shut along with doors to reduce the incoming pollutants. While this is not as critical as a person staying close to nature, there is still plenty of outdoor contaminants that you least expected. Particles like dust, pollen, bacteria carbon monoxide are few of the common intruders. When you keep all windows and door shuts, the air purifier workload will be limited to the air circulating in the room. This makes clean air distribution a lot quicker and airborne pollutants are more controllable.

Where’s The Best Place To Put An Air Purifier?

The best location for air purifier would be in a bedroom as we spend 1/3 of our time sleeping. For those with babies or children sleeping in another room, it makes more sense to put the air purifier there due to their developing immune system. If you spend more time in a living hall, by all means, place the air cleaner there.

Ultimately, it would still highly depends on the root cause of poor indoor air quality. As mentioned earlier, it would be better to place an air purifier closer to problems to prevent the contaminations from spreading.

Before you go crazy and put the air purifier in the middle of a hallway, there are less intrusive ways other than just location. First, keep your air purifier and filter clean. No matter where is the air purifier placement, if is filled with dust and the filter is worn out, it will not work. Second, make sure there is enough airflow juice to cover an entire room. When the airflow is too weak to absorb and distribute clean air, certain section of the room will be left out and you will be at risk inhaling to the irritants. You can use our simple room size calculation formula here. Lastly, only consider a HEPA air purifier with a mechanical filter. It is the most comprehensive types with some models even cover UV-light and ionizer technology.

Do Not Place The Air Purifier At a Tight Spot

A console air cleaner can be really bulky especially if you are staying in a small apartment. It makes sense to place the air purifier at a corner or behind a wall so it will not be obstructive and a tripping hazard. Here's lied the issue. Different devices might have one or more air intake in their body. They are either located at the front, sides, top, bottom or back. Placing it close to a wall, furniture or even beneath a shelf will impede the airflow from coming in and out. When there is less airflow coming in, there will be fewer pollutants an air cleaner can capture.

Our suggestion: place an air purifier at least 1-2 feet of space between a wall or sofa. If the airflow intake or outtake is located at the back, you might need to leave 3-4 feet of clearance. If you are placing the air purifier in a bedroom, make sure there is enough gap between the bedside table for optimal airflow efficiency.

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