Where To Place dehumidifier For The Best Outcome

We know what standalone dehumidifier is all about. It is designed to absorb moisture from the air thus reducing surrounding dampness level. But where is the best place to position a dehumidifier to get the best out of it? Should it be place upstairs or downstairs? What if I stay in an apartment, should it be set on living hall, bedroom or kitchen? Continue reading as all your questions shall be answered in the section below.


Where To Place Dehumidifier in Basement

Basement is probably the best location to place a dehumidifier. Whether is walk-out, finished, unfinished basement, high humidity is a universal problem. To solve that, a dehumidifier can be placed anywhere in the basement providing you leave a few feet of space between wall, shelf or heating system. This way moisture level in the basement can be effectively drained by the dehumidifier without being impeded. With a controlled humidity environment, your basement will no longer be infested with mold and mildew.

What About Crawl Space?

Like the basement, crawl space is often damp and filled with mold and mildew. However, placing a dehumidifier in crawl space can be tricky due to the limited space. There is also no electrical outlet to plug into so cord extension is a must. We recommend putting it close to the opening so it’s easier for you to empty the bucket. It may not be the most ideal location, but the dehumidifier would still be able to reduce the dampness in crawl space. Otherwise, excessive moisture underneath will cause irreversible damage to the home’s structure.

Dehumidifier in Bathroom or Laundry Room

You can put a dehumidifier in the bathroom or laundry room providing you don’t get the device soaked up. When we indulge ourselves in a hot shower, the produced stem will stay linger in the washroom because of inadequate ventilation. As the water vapor fails to dissipate outside, it pushes the room dampness level up thus the common sight of mold in the bathroom. The same applies to laundry room. The output heat of the dryer will increase the room humidity due to the lack of windows or exhaust fan. Just make sure the dehumidifier is placed at a safe distance from water sources and other electronic devices.

Before you decide the ideal place for your dehumidifier, you might need to step a few steps back as the wrong model would defeat the whole purpose. A standalone dehumidifier comes in 3 categories: 30-pint models, 50-pint models, and 70-pint models or higher. If you intend to occupy the dehumidifier in a large room e.g. 1000 square feet, you will need to pick a 50-pint model or higher. Picking the wrong model will lead to longer dehumidifying time and poorer coverage area. Learn more about dehumidifiers for different room sizes here.

Where To Place a Dehumidifier In Your Home?

You should always place a dehumidifier in places that have the highest humidity level. Common places include the basement, crawl space, bathroom, laundry room, and bedroom. If you operate the device via a continuous pump, you will likely place it close to a drainage floor or close to the bathroom. Otherwise, most of us would shove the machine at the corner or by the side of the wall to avoid tripping on the cord. The trick is to leave 1-2 feet of gaps between wall or furniture to avoid airflow disruption and condensation. You should also keep all windows shut while a dehumidifier is running to avoid inflowing damp air.

One last thing, make sure the dehumidifier is on flat, hard ground without pets or children pestering it. Leaving it unsupervised with children may lead to the dehumidifier from tipping over. This can be dangerous as the device is very heavy and may fall onto your loved ones. There is also the water spill risk that itself will bring many other negative aftermaths.

Should a Dehumidifier Be Placed High or Low?

In general, a dehumidifier should be placed lower as hot air circulates via convection. Water vapor will drop through condensation as what goes up must come down. The dehumidifier will cover more grounds as the water evaporates from bottom to top.

Should I Put My Dehumidifier Upstairs or Downstairs?

You should place a dehumidifier on every floor as there is a limitation on what the standalone machine can cover. Rather, you should focus on the area that has the highest humidity level so the dehumidifier will have the first dip into it. If you are not sure how severe the dampness in an area is, get a moisture meter that costs less than $20 in amazon.

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