Where To Put a humidifier In a Room

Where To Put a Humidifier In a Room

There is plenty of places you could place a humidifier in a house. From your lovely bedroom, living hall, baby's room, and even to home working desk. However, one should understand why do you need a humidifier in the first place. Then follow by the surrounding impact it will bring to the children and pets. To get the best out of a humidifier, let's explore what is the best location to put the moisture dispenser. These subtle changes can make a huge difference in providing a comfortable, living space.
Short answer
Bedroom is the best place of a humidifier.

Where To Place The Humidifier?

There is plenty of good spot for a humidifier in a home. A humidifier should be put in places that have a low relative humidity level (below 30%). Rather than just advising you to place it at the center of the room for the best coverage, below are tips on humidifier placement that actually make sense.

  • Place it on an even, hard floor as the water might spill due to the vibration.
  • Avoid placing on top of a carpet as the excess droplet might soak it up hence encourage the growth of mold in the rug. Put some a plastic tray underneath instead.
  • If you have children or pets at home, it is advisable to place it up high where it is unreachable. For example on a table or shelf to avoid kids from accidentally tipping over the humidifier.
  • Warm-mist humidifier can generate quite a bit of heat. Make sure to keep it away from children’s reach to reduce the risk of mild burn.
  • Never place a humidifier that has direct exposure to sunlight e.g. near windows. The heat may cause damage to the device.
  • Leave 1-2 feet of space between walls the objects to avoid airflow disruption.
  • Avoid placing it close to wooden or metal items as the large volume of dispersed moisture will lead to rot and decay.

Where To Place Humidifier In Bedroom

Bedroom is the best place for humidifiers as it is the place we spend one-third of our time in. Since we spend most of our time in bed, a humidifier can alleviate cold, sinus congestion or morning cough. Without the sickness symptoms disruption our sleep, a person will feel completely freshness and energized the next day. This is all because of quality sleep and comfortable breathing throughout the night.

It’s good to sleep with a humidifier even if you don’t have a cold. Everyone from baby, children, to your pet in the bedroom would benefit from it. You should place a humidifier at least a few feet away from the bed or wall. The reason for that is the motor noise can be disturbing especially if you are a light sleeper. Some of the noise output is unique in its own example the low, bubbling sound that pops up occasionally. Nobody wants to wake up in the middle of the night from the humidifier’s humming sound. Warm-mist humidifier is the preferred choice as it relief cold and widens air passageways.

Can I Put a Humidifier On The Floor?

You can put a humidifier on the floor but it is recommended to place it at least 2 feet above the ground. That way the dispersed water can travel further and evenly throughout the room. It also reduces the risk of water spills and falls due to slippery floors. By placing it on a table or top of the cabinet, there is zero chance of a person accidentally tipping over the humidifier. Just make sure the table or cabinet is waterproof or is covered with a plastic tray.

Where To Place Humidifier in Baby Room

Depending on how loud it can be, it is advisable to put a humidifier at least 2-4 feet away from a baby’s crib or bed so the noise is not overly disturbing. That way the baby can still sleep soundly at night without suffering from cold and nose blockage.

As baby’s lungs and passage airways are still developing, a cool-mist humidifier is recommended as it is safer and more soothing. Perhaps more importantly, make sure there is no mold or bacteria growing in the water tank. You do not want the humidifier to counter the act by spreading more allergens into the baby’s room. The little one could be exposed to all kinds of illnesses by breathing into the microbes.

We all know what humidifier is all about. It moisture our skin, improves breathability, and prevents the spread of the virus. There are four types of humidifiers in the market. Evaporative, steam vaporizer/ mist (warm), ultrasonic, and impeller. Steam vaporizer or warm-mist is the most common type for home placement. So get a humidifier if humidity level falls below 30 percent especially during winter. If you need affirmation on a room's humidity, use a portable hygrometer/ moisture meter to find out.