Why is My House So Dusty?

You vacuum, you keep it shut, yet there is still uncontrollable dust the next day. What gives? Am I stuck with the harmful film of dust for good? Is it possible that the excessive dust problem is not due to external factors or accumulation? In this post, we will examine every possible cause of a dusty home including ventilation, air conditioning, and the HVAC system. We will also explore ways to address this conundrum and keep you from pulling your hair off with the neverending cleaning. Stay tuned.
Short answer
Dirty filter, cheap filter, air duct leaks.


How To Reduce Dust in the Home

Dust is a combination of skin flakes, hair, dead insects, and other wastes. Here are some quick tips to reduce the clump of dust from forming:

  • Clean or replace HVAC, AC filter regularly. That’s the whole point of this guide.
  • Hire an HVAC specialist to fix any air duct leakage problem.
  • Remove and store clutter such as toys, books, cloth in a container.
  • Get a HEPA air purifier for every section of the home and leave it running 24×7.
  • Get a humidifier if the humidity level is low or a dehumidifier if the humidity level is high.
  • Mop after vacuum, wipe with a wet cloth after dust. We want to make sure dust is completely removed from a home. Not move from one location to another.
  • No pets indoor. Cruel but it works. If can’t be done, groom them daily or go with a hypoallergenic pet that sheds less.
  • No wearing outdoor shoes inside. We do not want dirt and germs to be transferred in.
  • Wash bedding regularly. Textiles attract dust and dust mites.

Before we began, let's cross out the few reasons why is there so much dust in your house. You have vacuum at least once a week, CHECKED. Your home is very well organized and tidy, CHECKED. You are not staying by the roadside or your neighbor is having a mass renovation, CHECKED. There is no epidemic forest burning, volcanic eruption or other natural disasters, CHECKED. Then the below points as may be the answer to your dusty house conundrum.

Why Is There So Much Dust in My House?

  1. Check your HVAC filters - A dirty filter is the biggest contributor to a dusty house. Most HVAC filter requires cleaning quarterly or twice yearly. Failing to do so may result in the filter overwhelmed with particles thus fine dust can slip out with ease. Always remember to perform a routine filter cleaning if you are not sure when is it last cleaned, no harm doing it now.
  2. Dirty AC filter - When is the last time you clean your air-conditioning filter? It will eventually be clogged with dust particles that impede the airflow. You will need to clean them regularly so the filter can trap any incoming contaminants from flying out. The same goes for an air purifier and dehumidifier filters.
  3. Substitute original with an aftermarket filter - To save on replacement cost, you made a harsh decision and opt for a universal filter that does not fit properly. Fine dust will now able to sneak out through the gaps. Not only that, the inferior quality does not trap as much dust particles as an original would. So go with the official filter replacement pack with higher MERV ratings.
  4. Air duct leakage - If there are punctured holes in your air duct, it will invite dust from coming in or escaping. Ensure your home’s air duct system is in great shape and if there is leakage spotted, repair or replace it as soon as you can.
  5. Low humidity - If your air is overly dry (less than 30%), more dust will be produced for a variety of reasons. Dry air will lead to drier skin thus more shedding from you and your furry friend. The increased amount of dead skin, dandruff, and pet dander will be the biggest source of the dusty home. Household objects like books, upholstery will release more fiber and lint from the extreme condition. The higher static charge also means more dust will be drawn in and stay put. So get a hygrometer to check if your room humidity is on the lower end.
  6. Too many carpet/ rug - No matter how thorough you have vacuumed the carpet, there is always more camping deep within. Imagine if you have the whole floor of carpet laying on the ground, all it takes is a quick sprint to disturb and release an avalanche of dust up in the air. So try to utilize less carpet and if possible, replace it with hardwood, tiles floor instead.

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